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At Queen’s University, the employment experience is as diverse as it is interesting. We have opportunities in multiple areas of globally recognized research, faculty administration, engineering and construction, athletics and recreation, power generation, corporate shared services, and more. Explore the opportunities below to find the right job for you. 


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An executive at Queen's directs, plans, and coordinates operational activities, policies, and strategies to meet the university's goals and support the academic mission. 


To further enhance research and innovation, the student experience, and diversity on campus, Queen's is hiring 200 Tenured or Tenure-track faculty positions across all disciplines over a five-year period. Explore the faculty positions that are currently available online. 

Faculty Positions


Academic-related positions directly support the academic mission of the university and include positions such as Academic Assistants, Graduate Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, and Postdoctoral Fellows. For full details on academic-related positions at Queen's, please visit the respective Faculty Offices' websites.

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Currently registered Queen's students and recent grads can explore job opportunities through Career Services.

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Your journey could start here. Part-time opportunities are available during the academic year and the summer months.


Successful Candidates

Congratulations to the following individuals who were the successful candidates in recent job competitions.

Job Title: Intake Coordinator (USW 2010)
Department: Queen's Accessibility Services
Competition: J1122-0022 (term)
Successful Candidate: Melisa O'Meara (Queen's Accessibility Services)

Job Title: Accounting & Office Operations Assistant (USW 2010)
Department: Mathematics & Statistics
Competition: J0623-0304 (term)
Successful Candidate: Angela Yao

Job Title: Brand Coordinator
Department: Integrated Communications
Competition: J0723-0847
Successful Candidate: Ruiqi Li

Job Title: ServiceNow Administrator
Department: ITS
Competition: J0723-0361
Successful Candidate: Nkechi Mbuko (ITS)


Job Title: Executive Director, Development, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Department: Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Department of Development, Office of Advancement
Competition: J0523-0494
Successful Candidate: Candace Harrington

Job Title: Director, Student Information System operations
Department: Office of the University Registrar
Competition: J0423-0263
Successful Candidate: Caroline D'Alessio (ITS)

Job Title: Mental Health Therapist (USW 2010)
Department: Department of Student Counselling Services
Competition: J0723-0124 (term)
Successful Candidate: Wendy Morrison (Department of Student Counselling Services)

Job Title: Assistant Director, Residence Life & Services
Department: Department of Housing & Ancillary Services
Competition: J07623-1325
Successful Candidate: Parmveer Mundi (Department of Housing & Ancillary Services)

Job Title: Videoconference Network Analyst
Department: Smith Videoconferencing
Competition: J0623-0477
Successful Candidate: Paul Doutre

Job Title: Mental Health Therapist- Graduate Studies (USW 2010)
Department: Student Affairs
Competition: J0723-0246 (term)
Successful Candidate: Akilli Sevda (Student Affairs)

Job Title: Receptionist and Group Administration
Department: Canadian Cancer Trials Group
Competition: J0623-0798
Successful Candidate: Brandon Parks

Job Title: Graduate Studies Assistant
Department: Department of Biology
Competition: J0623-0121
Successful Candidate: Rebecca Lariviere (Student Services)

Job Title: Research Projects Advisor (USW 2010)
Department: University Research Services
Competition: J0523-0641
Successful Candidate: Merline Fonkwe (Family Medicine)

Job Title: Research Contracts Facilitator (USW 2010)
Department: Research Legal Services
Competition: J0523-0977
Successful Candidate: Ibrahim Haidar

Job Title: Project Manager (USW 2010)
Department: Department of Facilities
Competition: J0723-0270
Successful Candidate: Andrew Willott

Job Title: Program Coordinator (USW 2010)
Department: Postgraduate Medical Education
Competition: J0723-0256
Successful Candidate: Christine McCallum

Job Title: Program Associate (USW 2010)
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Competition: J0623-0176
Successful Candidate: Rahul Purohit

Job Title: Archives Processing Technician
Department: Queen's University Library
Competition: J0523-0903
Successful Candidate: Molly McGowan

Job Title: Director, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigenization
Department: EDII Office
Competition: J0323-1199
Successful Candidate: Darius Sookram

Job Title: Business Automation Specialist
Department: e-Learning Services Office
Competition: J0723-0886
Successful Candidate: Robert Adams

Job Title: Desk Services Representative
Department: Department of Residences
Competition: J0723-0295
Successful Candidate: Xiangwen Luo

Job Title: Metadata & Discovert Technician
Department: Queen's University Library
Competition: J0723-1286
Successful Candidate: Shinde Indraneel (Queen's University Library)

Job Title: Desk Services Representative (Overnight) (USW 2010)
Department: Housing and Ancillary Services
Competition: J0723-0294 (term)
Successful Candidate: Laurie Bronson (Residences)

Job Title: Desk Services Representative (Mail Room) (USW 2010)
Department: Housing and Ancillary Services
Competition: J0723-0296 (term)
Successful Candidate: Jennifer Willis (Community Housing)

Job Title: Desk Services Representative (Mail Room) (USW 2010)
Department: Housing and Ancillary Services
Competition: J0723-0296 (term)
Successful Candidate: Jennifer Willis (Community Housing)

Job Title: Financial and Graduate Assistant(USW 2010)
Department: Film & Media
Competition: J0623-0577
Successful Candidate: Helga Smallwood

Job Title: Instructional Design Assistant
Department: Professional Development and Educational Scholarship
Competition: J0623-1269
Successful Candidate: Katherine Heikkila

Job Title: Program Manager
Department: Executive Education
Competition: J0723-0445
Successful Candidate: Sharon Nunoo

Job Title: Practicum Placement Assistant
Department: Faculty of Education
Competition: J0723-0408
Successful Candidate: WITHDRAWN

Job Title: IT Business Analyst
Department: Faculty of Education
Competition: J0623-1169
Successful Candidate: WITHDRAWN