Using this Website

This website is intended to support you in understanding and meeting your responsibilities under the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP).​

Step 1: Determine your role under the OCASP. You may have more than one role. For example, an Activity Planner can also be a Participant in an activity. Once you have identified your role(s), you should review your responsibilities under the OCASP.

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Step 2: Determine the level of risk associated with your activity. Please note: activities that involve international travel by undergraduate students (i.e., students in first-entry baccalaureate or professional (J.D., MD, B.Ed.) programs) are automatically considered high risk.​ The exception is travel back to a student’s home country where the student is relying on or can rely on support from their family and the activity is not considered high risk. (e.g., students taking summer courses under an International Letter of Permission over the summer). 

Low risk off-campus activities conducted within the Kingston area do not require a record in START (or with the participant’s department). There are other circumstances where low risk activities would not require a record in START. Refer to the Low Risk Off-Campus Activity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Step 3: Complete the steps required by the OCASP for the risk level assigned to your activity. These steps are outlined in the Low-Risk Off-Campus Activity Procedure and the High Risk Off-Campus Activity Procedure. This will include registering your activity using START.

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Step 4: At any time - before, during, and after - your activity, there may be an incident, and/or you may have safety concerns. Review the reporting requirements to ensure you can obtain the appropriate support.

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For support with these steps, please refer to the Checklists, Examples, and Resources section or you may contact the Queen's University Off-Campus Activity Health and Safety Team.​

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Before any international travel, please register with ISOS

Before travelling please review the information on obtaining support when off-campus and the Support when Travelling Domestically or Internationally Guideline.