Know Your Responsibilities

Who is this Policy for?

The Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP) applies to all members of the Queen’s community (e.g., students, staff, and faculty) involved in university-sanctioned activities that take place off-campus.

What does the Policy cover?

OCASP defines the responsibilities of Participants and those in the chain of responsibility with respect to safety in Off-Campus Activities.

How do I know what my responsibilities are under the Policy?

To understand what you are responsible for under OCASP, you need to know your role.  This page provides an overview of the various roles. Once you know your role(s), consult the OCASP for your responsibilities. Review the Procedures for the steps you must complete to fulfill your responsibilities under OCASP.

Review the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy and Procedures


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  • The person responsible for planning and/or leading an Off-Campus Activity.
  • The Activity Planner can be a student, staff, or faculty member.
  • If you are leading a group activity, you must provide advance briefing(s) and establish a clear chain of responsibilities that is communicated and understood by all Participants.
  • The Activity Planner may also be a Participant and must fulfill the responsibilities of both roles.

  • Any student, staff, faculty member, and/or Authorized Volunteer who takes part in an Off-Campus Activity.
  • As a Participant, you must ensure you understand and comply with the safety plan outlined by the Activity Planner, attend preparatory briefings, complete all required training, ensure you have all required insurance, visa(s), and immunizations, and report any newly identified hazards and/or incidents as they occur to the Activity Planner.
  • A Participant may also be an Activity Planner and must fulfill the responsibilities of both roles.

  • Is an individual who is not a University Member but who participates voluntarily in an Off-Campus Activity with the approval of the Activity Planner and the Person in Authority.
  • Authorized Volunteers are considered Participants in the activity and must comply with the Participant Responsibilities.

  • In most cases, this will be the Department/Unit Head or Program Director to whom the Activity Planner reports.
  • The Person in Authority is responsible for approving the Off-Campus Activity under this Policy, including the level of risk assigned and any required safety plan.
  • The Person in Authority educates members of the Department/Unit under their supervision on their roles and responsibilities under the Policy, monitors compliance, and reports time-sensitive incidents to the appropriate university office.

  • Educate their Departments/Units about the provisions of this Policy and the Procedures and Guideline and manage any non-compliance.

  • Manages the implementation of the Policy, including providing information, guidance, and training.
  • Investigates health and safety incidents, fulfills external reporting requirements, and disseminates information that may be relevant to the broader university community about hazards identified or incidents that have occurred during a specific Off-Campus Activity.