Insurance Coverage

UmbrellaYou are responsible for ensuring you have the appropriate insurance coverage, including medical and property.  Activity Planners must inform Participants of this responsibility.

Consult the Insurance & Risk Management Website for information on coverage, and see information on supplementary health insurance below. 

If you have any questions, please email or contact the Department of Environmental Health and  Safety at 

Please visit Required Reporting for information on how and when to report an incident or injury.

Please visit Register for International Emergency Support for country-specific information or out-of-country emergency assistance. 

Supplementary Health Insurance

Supplemental health insurance which covers out-of-country travel, as well as travel to remote locations, is necessary for all persons participating in out-of-country (out-of-country also includes out-of-province) and/or remote location activities to protect them from significant financial problems while abroad, and to guarantee optimal emergency health care. Supplementary health insurance plans normally require that Participants also be covered by a basic health insurance plan, (e.g., a provincial government health plan (OHIP for Ontario residents) or the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)). It is the responsibility of Participants to ensure that they are covered by a basic health insurance plan and have adequate supplementary health insurance that covers out-of-country and remote travel. Participants must ensure that they remain fully covered by their provincial, basic, and supplementary health insurance programs for the duration of their activity. Please note: Costs related to insurance (i.e. prescription refills, visit to a medical clinic) will need to be paid by the individual first and then you will submit through your insurance provider for reimbursement. 

Faculty and Staff: Please refer to the Human Resources website for information related to Supplementary Health Insurance coverage or email or telephone: 613-533-2070.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students: If you are currently covered by the AMS or SGPS Supplementary insurance policy, the initial coverage period for travel outside of Canada is for 120 days. You MUST contact the insurer prior to traveling abroad if you will be abroad for longer than 120 days or you will not receive coverage beyond the 120 days offered. You will also require a letter from your faculty exchange office or department confirming that you are leaving on an approved exchange, internship, or other university-sanctioned activity. If you are covered by another private insurance policy, it is your responsibility to ensure you contact them to confirm if they have any similar requirements prior to your traveling abroad.

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Note: Activity Planners are responsible for ensuring the Participants for whom they are responsible are aware of their responsibility to obtain appropriate supplemental health insurance.