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FREN 499


Taught exclusively in French, FREN 499 complements existing course work in both French Studies and the Faculty of Education by allowing students to gain training in methods for teaching French as a Second Language. Students enrolled in FREN 499 will also have the opportunity to practice these skills as they lead first year French language tutorials in FREN 150 for credit. 

Because enrollment is limited to 9 students, FREN 499 provides students unique opportunities for continuous individualized feedback as well as mentorship from an experienced instructor in the department.


Priority is given to concurrent education students entering their fourth year (or students currently in their fourth year who will stay for an extra year to complete their degree). Students also need to be registered in a plan in French Studies (Major, Medial, Minor).



Application Calendar

Fall Semester:

Complete the brief expression of interest form found here:

Students who complete the expression of interest form will receive emails about the information session in January.


  • Attend an Info Session to learn more about FREN 499 from the instructor and current FREN 499 students.


  • Complete the written épreuve de sélection, meant to test your ability to identify errors in a first-year student’s written work.
  • Prepare the oral épreuve de selection, a brief recorded video explaining your interest in the position.


  • Candidates who earn high scores across both épreuves de selection will be invited to an interview with the selection committee to describe the skills they will bring to FREN 499.

Late March:

  • Hear back from the selection committee and learn which students were selected to participate in FREN 499.


Featured Testimonials:

FREN 499 is truly a course unlike any other. But, you don’t have to take our word for it, here are a few video testimonials from recent graduates of the course (for the most part instructors now themselves).


Oshynne Lee Loy (2018-2019)


Anastasia De Zorzi (2016-2017)


Erica Lewick (2019-2020)




Anastasia De Zorzi / Gillian McMurray


Nisha Dawan / Masen Malone / Éva Pandy-Szekeres


Oshynne Lee Loy / Sophia Klymchuk


Erica Lewick / Nicole Pede

Course Requirement

Queen's Concurrent Education teacher candidates are required to complete the equivalent of 6.0 units in oral French course at the 100-level or above in order to fulfill the teaching subject preparation requirements for French as a first or second teaching subject. FREN 219 (3.0 units), FREN 320 (3.0 units) and FREN 499 at Queen's have been approved by the Education Registrar's Office to count toward satisfying this requirement.

Requests for equivalencies for this requirement will be determined on a case by case basis at the Faculty of Education.

The Department of French and the Faculty of Education will use the following process in order provide clear advising to Queen's Concurrent Education teacher candidates seeking exemption or equivalencies for the oral communication French course requirement for the Concurrent Education Program.

  1. The French Department will conduct an oral communications assessment with the teacher candidate to determine if an equivalency will appear on the teacher candidate's Queen's Transcript for FREN 219 and/or FREN 320 or if an exemption will be granted by the French Department for FREN 219 and/or FREN 320.
  2. The French Department will send the Concurrent Education Assistant in the Education Registrar's Office an email outlining that a French oral communications assessment was conducted by the French Department, the reasons the course exemption was granted for FREN 219 and/or FREN 320, and identifies the French course exemption granted to the teacher candidate.
  3. The Education Registrar's Office will review this information.
  4. The Concurrent Education Assistant will email the teacher candidate and outline any equivalencies granted by the Education Registrar's Office for the oral communications French course requirement for the Queen's Concurrent Education Program. In this email, the Concurrent Education Assistant will advise the teacher candidate of any outstanding French course requirements which must be completed by the student in order to satisfy the French as a teaching subject course preparation requirements.

Upon completion of a one year (two term) exchange at a French speaking university, students are provided an exemption for FREN 320. In this case, the French department will verify successful completion of a one year exchange and exemption for FREN 320 using the process outlined above.

If a Concurrent Education teacher candidate contacts the Concurrent Education Assistant seeking an exemption for FREN 219/FREN 320, the Concurrent Education Assistant will direct the student to have an oral French communications assessment completed by the French Department at Queen's. The above process will be followed.

For more information, please contact:

Education Registrar's Office, Faculty of Education
Main Phone 613-533-6205 | Fax 613 533 6203
Office Hours 8:30am to Noon and 1:00pm to 4:30pm
Duncan McArthur Hall, Room A112
511 Union St., Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario K7M 5R7