Department of French Studies FAQs

Course Registration

If you are missing a prerequisite and have training or experience (other than the prerequisite) that you think makes you well qualified to take a course, you can contact to see if you are eligible for a prerequisite override.

Please note that prerequisite overrides are at the discretion of the Undergraduate Chair/instructor, and cannot be granted by the Faculty Office.

In Class Search, be sure to check both the “Undergraduate” and “Undergraduate Online” options beside 'Course Career' in SOLUS to ensure you are seeing all courses offered this year.

Some courses are not offered every year. If you see a course in the Academic Calendar that is not listed in SOLUS through either 'Course Career' in SOLUS, it is not offered this year.


Queen’s Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) has carefully reviewed its academic program offerings through Arts and Science Online (ASO) and regrettably has decided to no longer accept new admissions to its fully online degree and certificate programs, as of January 2024. 


The Faculty Arts & Science Course Registration webpage contains answers to many FAQs including finding your enrolment appointment time, course waitlists, registering for online courses, and so on. 

The Office of the University Registrar has a comprehensive Student Registration Guide which includes helpful information for all Faculties and specific student groups.

Scroll down to Step 2: Selecting your Courses where you will find information about Enrolment Appointments, Open Enrolment or Adding/Dropping/Swapping etc. In that section you will also find Course Selection SOLUS Tutorials.

Degree Plan Requirements

To review the degree requirements for your French Plan, please select the appropriate link in the Academic Calendar: French Studies Programs and Plans.

For questions about course requirements and the Placement Test and general inquiries, please email the Undergraduate Assistant

For specific inquires related to transfer credits, AP credits, exchange opportunities, and special permissions, please contact the Undergraduate Chair, Julien Lefort-Favreau.

The Academic Progress Report (APR) in SOLUS is designed to give you advice on what courses you will need to take to complete your degree, as well as warn you if you have broken any of the various rules that govern which courses may be used in a particular degree program. This report was formerly called the "AAR" or "Academic Advisement Report."

Watch this helpful video on How to Read and Understand your Progress Report. This report will show you what courses you have taken that count towards your Degree Plan(s) and what courses you still need to take to fulfill your degree requirements.

NOTE: While the APR is a useful guide, the ultimate authority on all academic requirements in the Faculty of Arts and Science is the Arts and Science Calendar; if there is a discrepancy, the online Calendar requirements take precedence.

French Placement Test

The French Studies Placement Test is required for students enrolling in FREN 150. Taking the test helps to ensure that your proficiency in French is suitable for the course. FREN 150 is an intermediate level course and is the prerequisite (gateway) course for all FREN plans.

If you are at a beginner level, please visit our Getting Started webpage to determine which 100-level French course you are eligible to take.

NOTE: Misrepresenting your level of French proficiency is considered a serious departure from academic integrity. Taking a course that is below your current level, or any such misrepresentation of your ability, will be referred to the Associate Dean's office.

If you are having difficulty accessing the French Placement Test, please try the following:

  1. Try enrolling into the course via the self-registration page: French Placement Test FW2023/24 - Discover - onQ ( Once you are on that page, select “French Placement Test FW2023/24.” This will enrol you into the “course,” and you should then be able to access the course via onQ to take the test.
  2. Try accessing the test from your onQ home page. Click on the waffle icon then select “French Placement test FW23/24” from the course list. This will take you directly to the quiz tool and the test will be visible.

Looking for Non-Academic Support?



Student Wellness Services (SWS) is located in Mitchell Hall (main floor). They offer confidential health and wellness services to all students. Services include publicly funded physical, sexual, and mental health care, accommodation planning and advocacy for students with disabilities, and peer-led health promotion activities.  

The Student Affairs website provides a comprehensive list of places you can go for academic, emotional, social, cultural, spiritual, physical or career-related support. Please visit their Student Resources webpage.