French Placement Test

Q: Should I take the Placement Test?

A: Before proceeding, please review the information thoroughly under each STEP below

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the statements below, you can proceed directly to the Placement Test.
  • I am proficient in French and am planning to pursue a degree plan in French (i.e. will enroll in FREN 150.*)
  • I completed Grade 11 or 12 Core French and have a strong capability in French.
  • I have a background in French Immersion or Extended French.
  • I attended a French-language school.
  • I have lived in a French-speaking environment.
  • I have completed French as a Foreign Language at the secondary level.

*The French Placement Test is required for students enrolling in FREN 150. This intermediate French course is the prerequisite for all FREN Plans.

Note: Les é francophones ne doivent pas faire le test.

The Department of French Studies offers multiple, beginner level French language courses. As a beginner you:

  • have no knowledge (or an extremely limited knowledge) of French
  • are unable to understand, speak, or read any French OR
  • may be able to understand, say, or read only a few isolated words

Your background in French will determine at which level you should begin. 

  1. If you are unsure of your level, please review the course descriptions on our Getting Started webpage to verify which course is suitable for you. 
  2. In certain situations, the placement test may be recommended to assess your level of proficiency in French.

Please contact the French Studies Department at for additional guidance.


If you have any questions about your level, taking the test, the results, or any of the information above, please contact the French Studies Undergraduate Assistant at

The Test

This test has 4 sections: Grammar, Vocabulary, Oral Comprehension and Written Comprehension

The fourth section, Oral Comprehension, has an audio component.  Please ensure that your computer volume is not muted.  We recommend using earphones (as opposed to your computer speakers).  If you are having issues with hearing the audio files, try switching browsers; and if problems persist, contact ITS 613-533-6666.

There are 29 slides and 80 questions that will be marked.

You have 1 hour and 1 attempt to complete the assessment. Once your hour is up, there will be no opportunity to revise or redo a question. Be sure to SAVE your answers as you go.

The test can be done any time at your convenience.

What to Do When Finished

When you've completed the test, be sure to "Save All Responses", then click on "Go To Submit Quiz" where you will have the opportunity to review (time permitting); then, when satisfied, scroll to the bottom and "Submit Quiz".

This will take you to your results page where you will receive your overall score, and your overall feedback; there are 5 possibilities for feedback:

  • Recommended course: FREN 106
  • Recommended course: FREN 107
  • Recommended course: FREN 118
  • Recommended course: FREN 150
  • See Advisor - contact

Please retain your results as you may be required to produce them on the first day of class.

Start the Test




To take the French Placement Test, click on the button below which will redirect you to OnQ - Self Registering Course Offerings. 

Once you are on that page, you will need to scroll down and select "French Placement Test FW2023/24."

  • This will enroll you into the "course," and you will then be able to access the course via onQ and start the test.
  • When prompted, login using your Queen's NetID (first part of your Queen's e-mail address) and password
  • Remember: You have 1 hour and 1 attempt to complete the test


start the test