"The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance’s Teaching Excellence Awards recognize educators who excel at unlocking the potential of Ontario’s young people. Successfully engaging individuals in the learning experience depends on an instructor's ability to spark students' curiosity and desire to learn, and this has never been more true than what we have witnessed over the past few years." 

OUSA’s 17th Partners in Higher Education Dinner and 2024 Teaching Excellence Award Recipients

F Fiore getting award

Dr. Fiore has been an esteemed member of the Faculty of Arts and Science academic community since her professorial appointment in 2016. Prior to this, she had completed her MA at the University of Toronto and her PhD in French Literature at Queen’s. In her courses, she instructs students about the classical and enlightenment periods, with an intentional focus on female writers to centre their voices and ensure they are never overlooked.

Dr. Fiore embodies the values of an instructor seeking to foster a sense of belonging in her classroom and demonstrates the passion that drives undergraduate education at our institution. By nominating students, she is cited as an instructor who makes students feel as though their individual voices truly matter and makes content engaging, whilst always encouraging open discussion.