Ice, Climate, & Environment Laboratory (ICELab)

Research focus

Under enhanced Arctic warming the glaciers of the Canadian Arctic have become a significant contributor to global sea-level rise. The ICELab research program aims to improve our understanding of glacier-climate processes and ice dynamics in the high Arctic as a means to enhance our capacity to detect and project future glacier response.

The ICELab team uses a combination of remote sensing and modelling approaches that are enhanced by field-based measurements on Canadian Arctic glaciers.


The Ice, Climate, & Environment Laboratory (ICELab) is a glacier research group dedicated to long-term glacier monitoring and investigations into the central processes driving glacier changes. Our team uses a combination of field-based, remote sensing, and modelling approaches to identify and monitor processes impacting glacier mass balance and ice dynamics, particularly in the polar regions.

Alongside individual research projects, ICELab maintains one of Canada’s oldest glacier monitoring programs at White Glacier on Axel Heiberg Island. In collaboration with the Parks Canada Nunavut Field Unit, we are working towards sustainable glacier monitoring practices in Auyuittuq National Park (Baffin Island) and Sirmilik National Park (Bylot Island).


Dr. Laura Thomson

Assistant Professor
Queen's Department of Geography and Planning


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Partners and Supporters

ICELab is grateful for the opportunity to base this research at the McGill Arctic Research Station and work in collaboration with other research teams at MARS. Our field activities would not be possible without the logistical support provided through the NRCAN Polar Continental Shelf Program.


Basal ice at White Glacier, Spring 2013
GPS measurements at one of the original survey cairns in the region (circa 1960)
Section of an ~8m firn core collected from White Glacier, Spring 2019
Conducting air photo surveys in the Expedition Fiord region
Original basecamp weather station, installed in 1960
Automatic weather station near the summit of White Glacier, Axel Heiberg Island, NU