Ice, Climate & Environment Lab (ICELab)

Ice, Climate, & Environment Laboratory (ICELab)


The Ice, Climate, and Environment Laboratory (ICELab) specializes in glacier research applications including field-based, remote sensing, and modelling methods. Our field-based instrumentation includes: 1) Glaciological tools including ice coring and drilling systems, and essential glacier travel/safety equipment; 2) Automatic weather stations (Campbell Scientific and Onset) and related instrumentation necessary for energy balance studies in the accumulation and ablation areas of glaciers; 3) Geophysics tools including high (250-1000 MHz) and low (10 MHz) ice-penetrating radar systems; 4) Survey instrumentation including multi-frequency Trimble GPS systems and air-photo quality camera systems for producing georectified 3D models. These tools support investigations into Arctic glacier dynamics across a variety of spatial and temporal scales, and provide insight into the key processes driving glacier changes. The ICELab facilities host high-quality computing systems that support our GIS, Remote sensing, statistical analysis, and modelling activities, as well as the bench-space and tools required for the development and calibration of field instruments.

High-elevation GPS station on White Glacier, spring 2017.High-elevation GPS station on White Glacier, spring 2017.