On November 29, 2023, Ph.D. Candidate Ryan Karonhiowanen Barberstock successfully defended his doctoral thesis, “Reawakening the ‘Dish With One Spoon’: The Haudenosaunee and Michi Saagiig Economies of Southern Ontario Past, Present and Future.” Rye’s thesis was completed under the academic supervision of Dr. Laura Jean Cameron. The Thesis Examination Committee included Chair Dr. Dan Cohen, Supervisor Dr. Laura Cameron, Head’s Delegate Dr. George Lovell, Internal Examiner Dr. Thohahoken Michael Doxtater, Internal/External Examiner Dr. Warren Mabee from the School of Policy Studies, and External Examiner Dr. Bettina Schneider from the First Nations University of Canada. Well done, Rye!

R. Barberstock Thesis Examination Committee

(pictured l to r: G. Lovell, W. Mabee, T.M. Doxtater (top), B. Schneider (bottom), R. Barberstock, L.J. Cameron, D. Cohen)

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