Current Students

[Ryan ‘Rye’ Barberstock]

Ryan ‘Rye’ Barberstock

Ph.D. Candidate

Rye is a Kanien'kehá:ka human and historical geographer examining Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe economic traditionalism and resurgence frameworks designed for the future planning of Indigenous contemporary trade and commerce systems in Canadian urban centres situated on traditional Indigenous lands.

[Claudia Hirtenfelder]

Claudia Hirtenfelder

Ph.D. Candidate

Lying at the intersection of animal, historical, and urban geographies Claudia is interested in how cows came to be absent from cities in which they were once distinct members. This is part of a broader, longer-term project of understanding ‘cow geographies’ by unpacking how different cows come to be in different places at different times and exploring what the implications of that are.

[Hannah Hunter]

Hannah Hunter

Ph.D. Candidate

Hannah is a critical, creative geographer interested in human-animal relationships, bird sounds, and the history of science. Her doctoral research explores the more-than-human histories of bird sound recording and asks how these recordings can be re-imagined and re-purposed towards abundant multispecies futures. In particular, this work follows the sounds of Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers, Atlantic Puffins, and Barred Owls.

[Elizabeth Nelson]

Elizabeth Nelson

Ph.D. Candidate

Elizabeth’s research interests focus on national identity, multiculturalism, settler-ignorance, and invisibilities in the context of municipal heritage practice and public memory. She is currently exploring walking methodologies as they relate to understanding exclusion in urban heritage landscapes.

[Sophie Edwards]

Sophie Edwards

Ph.D. Candidate

Sophie is a visual artist, writer and curator working in northeastern Ontario. Her research explores the the travel writing and visual works of Anna Brownell Jameson, author of Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada (1839). In particular she is interested in the relations between representation and place-making, and the visual/textual legacy of these creative practices.

SAPLab Alumnis

Student Name Master's/Doctorate/ Postdoctoral Degree Received Date Thesis Title
Robin Westland Doctorate 2020/8 It is I Who am Transforming: Mining, Capitalism, and the Conscious Earth
Christine Grossutti Doctorate 2018/10 Walking Towards Respect: Historical Geographies of Nature and Possibility in UNESCO MAB's Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve
Sinead Earley Doctorate 2018/2 Beetles, Forests and Climates in British Columbia, Canada: Historical Geographies of Forest Entomology and Forest Management, 1945 to Present
Peter Anderson Doctorate 2017/12 Field Experiments: Critical Historical Geographies of Canada's Central Experimental Farm
Katie Hemsworth Doctorate 2015/10 Carceral acoustemologies: Sonic enactments of space and power in prisons
Kirsten Greer Doctorate 2011/8 Redcoats and wild birds: military culture and ornithology across the nineteenth century
Emilie Cameron Doctorate 2009/9 The Ordering of Things: Narrative Geographies of Bloody Falls and the Central Canadian Arctic
Drew Bednasek Doctorate 2009/10 Aboriginal and Colonial Geographies of the File Hills Farm Colony
Matthew Cavers Master's 2008/10 Sub Quercu Felicitas: Place, Knowledge and Victoria's Garry Oaks
Andrew Baldwin Postdoctoral   Canadian Nature: Locating the Urban in the Cultural Politics of Nature, Conservation and Nation