People playing the drums and bagpipes

Professor Amitava Chowdhury

This seminar is designed to provide an advanced level introduction to the methodological field of Global, World, and Transnational History based on the study of global problems, processes, patterns or issues. The course will cover the major trends in historiography, examine the primary epistemological issues, and explore how commodities, people and the environment serve as interesting and important methodological avenues. This course will also engage with the foundational debates in the field, and consider its pragmatic and epistemological challenges.

Professor Ishita Pande

This course examines the history of imperial formations and colonial contact in the British empire in the east in the 19th and 20th centuries, with a focus on the interdisciplinary and theoretical approaches of postcolonial criticism. Themes include statecraft and governmentality, colonial development, race and diaspora, power and archives, decolonization and the afterlives of colonialism.

Professor Donald Akenson

An exploration of topics in the social, cultural, political and economic history of Ireland from the Rising of 1798 onwards.

Professor Karen Dubinsky

This course explores the transnational “emotional economy”: that is, familial and intimate relations of power created in and by empires, in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The readings are thematic and interdisciplinary, drawn from national and transnational contexts, primarily in the Americas. Topics include colonial knowledge formation, tourism, visual cultures, racialization, sexual politics and other bonds of affect.