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Vacation Calculator

This calculator is used for the purpose of determining an employee’s annual vacation entitlement in a given calendar year. Vacation entitlement is based upon an employee’s period of continuous service during the accrual period and the specific terms of their employment contract. Further information regarding the Vacation Time policy may be found on the Human Resources website.

Please note that this calculator is designed for employees who are enrolled in the University’s regular vacation plan; if you were offered a different vacation entitlement upon your hiring, please consult with your manager and/or your Human Resources Advisor.

Due to the vacation policy change on January 1 2018, this calculator is no longer accurate for any year prior to 2018. Please note that, these changes are also applicable to USW, CUPE, ONA and OPSEU bargaining units as the bargaining agents have signed agreements incorporating the changes to the Policy and Appendix A. The applicable collective agreements will be updated following the next round of collective bargaining.


Vacation Year
Calculations are based on entitlement for the full Accrual Period (January 1 through December 31) of the year entered into this field. Note that if you leave employment with the University before December 31, your entitlement for the year will be prorated.

Continuous Service Date (CSD)
The period during which an individual is employed by the University without a break in service as defined by the Employment Standards Act or the applicable collective agreement. Employment excluded from the scope of this policy is not considered continuous service (except for continuous employment as a postdoctoral fellow). To determine your continuous service date, please discuss with your supervisor for confirmation or contact your Human Resources Advisor.

Standard Hours per Day
Based on your standard number of hours worked per day (i.e. 7, 7.5, 8).

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
The percentage of time that you worked or will work during the accrual period (January 1 – December 31 of the Vacation Year indicated above).

Please indicate the number of months that you worked at the FTE, including on separate rows any number of months worked at a different FTE level. Partial months cannot be entered. The total number of months submitted must equal 12.

The calculator rounds to two decimals places. Where individuals work a partial FTE or less than 12 months, the result may be partial hours/days, such as 14.67 or 93.33. For practicality in scheduling time away, managers may round up to the nearest half hour or hour when approving time off.


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FTE: % for Months
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