Surface and Materials Electrochemistry, and Electrocatalysis Lab


Group picture taken in 2020

Welcome to Dr. Jerkiewicz Research Group

We study phenomena driven by the application of an external electric field that occur at the electrode surface (single-crystal and polycrystalline surfaces) and within the electrode's 3D matrix (micro- and nano-structured materials).

Kinetics and mechanisms of electrochemical processes depend not only on the nature of the reagent to be transformed or the product to be generated, but also on the electrode's chemical composition, physical properties and atomic-level structure.

Electrochemical reactions can change the electrode's:

  1. chemical composition;
  2. 2D and 3D structure;
  3. electronic, magnetic, mechanical and optical properties; and
  4. other characteristics.

>> Surface and materials electrochemistry, molecular-level corrosion science

We study the mechanisms and kinetics of electrochemical reactions (e.g. electrolytic H2 and O2 generation, ethanol electro-oxidation, eletrocatalytic hydrogenation of achiral and prochiral unsaturated organic compounds) at the atomic/molecular level.

>> Molecular electrocatalysis