Associational Density

The density of the associational sphere is a characteristic of minority life that provides a useful assessment of the opportunities available to minority members for participating in social activities and networsk. A high associational density may facilitate civic engagement and increase social capital, encouraging political participation. Alternatively, low associational density may provide fewer opportunities for building social capital and decrease the likelihood of participation in the political system.

We define minority associational density as the ratio of minority organizations to the demographic size of the minority measured as a proportion of the number of organizations per 1,000 members of the minority community. This measure allows for comparisons across minority communities, even though they vary in size, historical legacy, and other characteristics.

Overall Associational Density

The table presents calculated scores for minority associational density.

Minority group Density of minority organizations Number of minority organizations Minority population
Hungarians in Romania 7.66 9,477 1,237,746
Hungarians in Slovakia 8.49 3,582 422,065
Poles in Lithuania 1.92 306 159,263
Russian speakers in Lithuania 1.47 320 217,939
Russian speakers in Estonia 1.30 468 361,379
Russian speakers in Latvia 0.93 511 549,031