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Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives

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  • February 6th: The Traffic in Iranian Pilgrims: Historicity and Sociality of Saint Visitation across the Middle East 
    Dr.Emrah Yildiz, Northwestern University
    Stirling Hall Rm 414 @ 6:00 pm

  • January 28th: Explaining the Wars and Conflicts in the Middle East: A Public Teach-In 
    Dr. Ariel Salzmann, Dr. Adnan Husain, Canan Sahin, Queen's University
    Dunning Hall Rm 14 @ 6:00 pm

  • Dr. Daniel Gullo

    January 21st - Dr Daniel Gullo, Hill Museum and Monastic Library - HMML
    "Understanding Manuscript Databases: vHMML and Mediterranean Manuscript Studies"
    Mac-Corry D201 @ 4:00 pm  

  • January 14: Radical Play. Without Sports, I would be lost: Orientalism in TSN's Radical Play 
    Dr. Adam Ali, University of Toronto
    Mac-Corry D215

  • November 14: Shireen Ahmed and Sara Abood - Panel Discussion
    "Muslim Femininities and Sport"
    Miller Hall 105, 4:00 pm 

  • Dr Ulrike Al-Khamisi

    October 24: Dr Ulrike Al-Khamisi (Director, Collections and Public Programs, Aga Khan museum)
    “Light from Within: An Alternative Approach to Islamic Art"
    Agnes Etherington Art Centre at 6:30 pm

  • Islamic History Month

    October 3: Farzad AttarJafari  and Dr Amir Koushkhani
    Sufi Whirling Workshop 
    3 pm - Rotunda Theatre, Theological Hall

  • October 29: Film Screening of Wajd: Songs of Separation featuring Oud accompanist Fahd Zeinuddine & Director, Amar Chebab 
    Walter Light Hall, Rm 210 4:00 pm

  • Muslim Societies-Global Perspectives invites the campus community to a panel discussion “Responding to Islamophobia and Racism at Queen’s: Local Perspectives on a Global Phenomenon” on Wednesday, March 8 in Dunning Hall 14 at 6:30pm.

    As the University considers measures to implement from past panels and reports, please join 2 former (Amita Zamaan, founder of QCRED; Safiah Chowdhury, AMS President), a current PhD student (Sanober Umar, History) and Dr. Adnan Husain (History, MSGP Director) to discuss the experiences, issues, and remedies needed at this educational institution.

    This panel is organized with QUMSA as part of Islam Awareness Week 2017

  • Muslim Societies-Global Perspectives, Department of History, Philosophy Department and School of Religion would like to invite you to a double session highlighting Islamic History Month: 

    “Imagining a World in which There are No Religious Others: Al-Farabi on Prophecy, Religion and the Relativity of Religious Language & Symbol”

    Dr Timothy Gianotti, University of Waterloo

    WAT 517 - 2:30-4:00pm

    And an Open Session:

    “Love, Law, and the Journey to Bliss: A Teleological (Re)Introduction to Islam”

    Dr Timothy Gianotti, University of Waterloo

    Richardson Lab 104 - 7:30 pm

    Bio: Dr Timothy J. Gianotti is a scholar of classical Muslim thought, a contemporary Muslim theologian and interfaith advocate.


Welcome to the Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives (MSGP) initiative at Queen's!

MSGP is an interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to connecting the cosmopolitan and pluralist legacy of Islamic communities past with contemporary experiences of Muslims in multicultural societies and across transnational diasporas. Our initiative embraces the study of Muslim cultures that span the globe.