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Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives at Queen’s invites you 6-9pm Wednesday, February 1st in 217 Watson Hall to a film screening and discussion: 

The Battle of Algiers: Occupation and Anti-Colonial Resistance (with Drs. Ariel Salzmann and Adnan Husain, History, Queen’s) (poster)

Now in its 50th year anniversary, this famous and controversial film by Gillo Pontecorvo (1967) is an important document of the histories of decolonization and inspiration to resistance movements.   It was made with the participation of Algeria’s anti-colonial nationalist party, the FLN, soon after independence from France.  Banned in France and many other countries it remains controversial and relevant today as a dramatization of colonial occupation and violence, “terrorism” and resistance.  The US Pentagon screened the film in the aftermath of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, while the film has served globally as an emblem of anti-imperial and anti-colonial resistance.  Join Drs. Salzmann and Husain in a discussion of the issues and relevant historical contexts of the film and its reception. 


All are welcome and light refreshments will be served!