Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives

Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives

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Muslim Societies-Global Perspectives, Department of History, Philosophy Department and School of Religion would like to invite you to a double session highlighting Islamic History Month: 

“Imagining a World in which There are No Religious Others: Al-Farabi on Prophecy, Religion and the Relativity of Religious Language & Symbol”

Dr Timothy Gianotti, University of Waterloo

WAT 517 - 2:30-4:00pm

And an Open Session:

“Love, Law, and the Journey to Bliss: A Teleological (Re)Introduction to Islam”

Dr Timothy Gianotti, University of Waterloo

Richardson Lab 104 - 7:30 pm

Bio: Dr Timothy J. Gianotti is a scholar of classical Muslim thought, a contemporary Muslim theologian and interfaith advocate.

Light refreshments served at both events.

For more information please contact