Medieval Mayhem: A Conversation: The Sufi Mysteries Quartet


Thursday October 27, 2022
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Kingston Hall Room 201
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Medieval Mayhem: A Conversation about Islamic History, Historical Fiction, and Contemporary Culture with Dr. Laury Silvers, Author of The Sufi Mysteries Quartet, historical mysteries set in Baghdad in the early 10th century. 

Panelists: Drs. Shobhana Xavier (Religion) and Adnan Husain (History).

For more on The Sufi Mysteries Quartet, see Dr. Silvers' website.

Purchase The Sufi Mysteries here.

Laury Silvers is a North American Muslim, raised in the United States but finally at home in Canada. Her research and publications as a historian of religion focused on early Islam, early Sufism, and early pious and Sufi women. She taught at Skidmore College and the University of Toronto. Silvers also published work engaging Islam and Gender in North America in academic journals and popular venues, was actively involved in the woman-led prayer movement, and co-founded the Toronto Unity Mosque. She has since retired from academia and activism and hopes her novels continue her scholarship and activism in their own way. She lives in Toronto under Treaty 13.

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