Centre for Nanophotonics

Shastri Lab
Light-based processor for artificial intelligence and neuromorphic computing.

Centre for Nanophotonics

Hughes Group
Image showing topological edge state modes in photonic crystal waveguides.

Centre for Nanophotonics

Ultrafast Laser Lab (Fraser Group)
Ultrafast tunable optical parametric oscillator outputting yellow pulses.

Centre for Nanophotonics

Dignam Group
Pump mode field in a photonic crystal three-cavity defect. Image created by grad student Dylan Van Eeden.

About the Centre

Welcome to the Centre for Nanophotonics at Queen's University, in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, and also the Department of Chemistry.

The Centre for Nanophotonics was initially funded through a Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Grant with additional funding from Queen's University. The initial purpose was to set up state of the art laboratories and collaborations on various research themes in nanophotonics and light-matter interactions. The labs include optical, nano-mechanical, and computational tools.

Our Mission

As background, photonics continues to be a key technology driver of the 21st century in much the same way that electronics was for the 20th century. However, as devices and optical structures continue to shrink, we have started to enter a new realm of optical technology termed "nanophotonics", wherein the behavior of light on the nanometre (nm) scale, and of the interaction of nm-scale objects with light is qualitatively different. In particular, light confined to a nm-scale volume allows unprecedented control and characterization of matter and light-matter interactions at the fundamental quantum level, unlocking an entirely new set of technologies. By bringing together a leading team of experimentalists, theorists, chemists, physicists, engineering physicists, and CFI funded infrastructure, with key collaborations, we research, develop and exploit the optical science that will underpin next-generation nano and quantum optical technologies.

Our groups attract some of the best students, postdocs, and Faculty in Canada. We invite you to join us or collaborate with us on the exciting fields of nanophotonics, nano-optics, and quantum optical science