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Text in Dark Green denotes completed objectives.

May-November - Preliminary literature review and field work.
November 1 - Strategic Grant awarded!

Collection of samples for paleolimnology LRTAP acidification projects (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick).
Collection of samples for modeling on LRTAP lakes.
Collection of samples from Halifax eutrophication lakes (paleolimnology).
Collection of samples from half of Nova Scotia brook trout lakes (paleolimnology).
Start of sample analysis.

November 5 - TEAM Website launched!

Collection of samples from LRTAP lakes in Cape Breton Highlands - March
Second sampling season for Nova Scotia brook trout lakes - July
Second sampling season for modeling on LRTAP lakes - June-August

Start modeling on NS Brook Trout lakes.
Sample analysis continues.

Collection of samples from study lakes in Cape Breton, Kings County, Halifax, and other areas for eutrophication studies.
Sample lakes and catchments for DOC model

First results from acidification study on NS lakes!
Sample analysis continues

Sample analysis continues

More results!

Field sampling of NS and NB lakes for MAGIC models and final paleo sampling.

Completion of TEAM!
Final results from all studies!