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Read below for the latest updates and links regarding projects on this grant.  To view our timeline, click HERE!

May, 2007

Completion of BSc Honours Theses by Joshua Thienpont and Alexandra Gerber (Congratulations Josh and Alex!!).

January, 2007

Presentation by Thiyake Rajaratnam at Annual Meeting of Society of Canadian Limnologists, Montreal QC.

October, 2006

TEAM receives fifth year of funding from NSERC.

The 'What's New' Archives!

July, 2006

Letters of Support for Progress Report due at NSERC on July 15.

Final field season for paleo and modeling data collection.

June, 2006

Presentations at 10th International Paleolimnology Symposium (Duluth, MN) and Keji-MTRI Research Conference (Maitland Bridge, NS) by Brian Ginn.

Distribution of Progress Report #2 to Partners

May, 2006

Completion of MSc thesis by Mike Rate (Congratulations Mike!) (see 'Completed Theses' in ) on chrysophyte-based acidification trends in NS and NB lakes.

Completion of PhD dissertation by Brian Ginn on diatom-based changes in NS acdification study lakes.

Completion of BSc Honours thesis by Laura Grace (Congratulations Laura!) on environmental changes in Atlantic Whitefish lakes.

Progress meeting of TEAM at Queen's University to discuss integration of paleo and modeling results, plan summer field work, and work on second (and final) progress report.

February, 2006

Presentation by Marta Wolniewicz at modeling conference in Gananoque, ON.

January, 2006

Completion of MSc thesis by Laura Lawlor (Congratulations Laura!) on chironomid-based environmental changes in NS Brook Trout lakes.

November, 2005

Presentation by Laura Lawlor at 25th Annual International Symposium of North American Lake Managment Society (Madison, WI).

July, 2005

Completion of MSc thesis by Anne Harris (congratulations Anne!) (see 'Completed Theses' in ).

Field sampling focusing on Cape Breton Highlands National Park and Halifax Region (and other area) lakes.

June, 2005

Completion of MSc thesis by Colin Whitfield (congratulations Colin!) (see 'Completed Theses' in  ).

Presentations at Acid Rain 2005 conference (Prague, Czech Republic) by Brian Ginn, Colin Whitfield, Peter Dillon, and John Smol.  Oral presentations summarized Brian's research (environmental changes in high and low DOC lakes between Kejimkujik and Cape Breton Highlands National Parks) and Colin's research (using biogeochemical models to track acidification and recovery in 20 headwater lakes throughout NS).  A poster presentation presented acidification-related changes in Kejimkujik Lake (based on the BSc honours thesis by Laura Stewart).

May, 2005

Completion of two more theses (Erica Johnson and Amy Tropea) (see 'Completed Theses' in  ).

January, 2005:

TEAM project meeting between Trent and Queen's Researchers held January 27 at Queen's University.

Presentations at 2005 Annual Meeting, Society of Canadian Limnologists (Windsor, ON) by Anne Harris and Laura Schrumm.

October, 2004:

Presentations at 24th International Symposium, North American Lake Management Society (NALMS), Victoria, B.C. by Anne Harris and Michael Rate.

August, 2004:

Cape Breton Highlands lake and catchment sampling completed by Trent Team.

July, 2004:

Field sampling completed by Queen's for NS Brook Trout Lakes (thanks again to NS Inland Fisheries for their support!)

June, 2004:

Presentation at Summer Meeting of American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), Savannah, GA by Brian Ginn.

April 15, 2004:

Website Upgraded!

First two theses (Calvin Chan and Laura Stewart) are completed (see 'Completed Theses' in  ).

March 19-22, 2004:

Sediment and water chemistry samples collected from 16 study lakes in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

January 7, 2004:

Presentation of research objectives and current status at annual meeting of Society of Canadian Limnologists (St. John's NL).

November 5, 2003:

TEAM (Trends in Eutrophication and Acidification in the Maritimes) Website launched! Thanks to Brian Cumming who came up with our acronym!


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