Exploring particle accelerators in our Universe

LEMMA studies extremely powerful accelerators in our Universe with neutrino, gamma-ray, and cosmic-ray observations

Building detectors for balloon experiments

LEMMA builds astroparticle detectors for long-duration balloon experiments to measure high-energy cosmic rays

Observing high-energy gamma rays

LEMMA studies very-high-energy gamma rays from powerful accelerators in our Universe

Hunting for high-energy neutrinos

LEMMA studies high-energy neutrinos from sources throughout the Universe

Welcome to the Laboratory for Extreme Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (LEMMA)

Welcome to the Laboratory for Extreme Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (LEMMA) at Queen's University. Our Universe harbours an enormous number of objects capable of accelerating charged particles to energies much higher than anything that can be obtained by human-made accelerators. 
LEMMA aims to identify these extreme accelerators in our Universe by combining the knowledge gained from observations of many different particle messengers. To achieve this goal, the LEMMA group develops detectors for future cutting-edge cosmic-ray and neutrino experiments. The group leader, Dr. Nahee Park, is actively involved in measurements of neutrinos (with P-ONE, the Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment, and IceCube), gamma rays (with VERITAS), and cosmic rays (with HELIX).


I am currently recruiting master's and PhD students. Check out the link for details.



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