Prof. Nahee Park
Dr. Nahee Park
(Photo from Engineering and Applied Science)

Dr. Nahee Park is featured on the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science website. In the article, she describes her journey to becoming a particle astrophysicist and her work using the latest technologies to delve into the origins of cosmic rays. Dr. Park is a new faculty member in the Particle Astrophysics group in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics, and Astronomy at Queen's.

Prof. Park on her research:

High-energy astrophysics has been evolving really, really quickly. Around the time when I was earning my PhD, there was a general idea of what we expected to see, but we couldn’t detect high energy neutrino sources, or diffuse neutrino flux, or anything like that.
I think these new technologies* have the potential to really pin down some of these questions that we have been seeking for over a hundred years. It is exciting, in a way, because you know you are making history.
*Such as VERITAS (gamma ray) and IceCUBE (neutrino) observatories, and future high energy observatories...

For the full article, please visit Dr. Nahee Park is working to shed light on the origins of “cosmic rays”



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