Laboratory of Organic Photonics and Iontronics

Laboratory of Organic Photonics and Iontronics
Laboratory of Organic Photonics and Iontronics


Yang Liu (Visiting Ph.D. student, Feb-Mar 2017)

Faleh AlTal (Ph.D., 2017)

Shulun Chen (M.Sc. 2017)

Kevin Shi (Undergraduate researcher, summer 2016)

Natalie Gervasi (McMaster co-up student, summer 2015)

Xiaoyu Li (Ph.D., 2013, co-supervised with G. Liu)

Bathilde Gautier (M.A.Sc., 2013)

Alex Inayeh (M.A.Sc., 2013)

Yufeng Hu (Ph.D., 2011, M.A.Sc., 2006)

Cara Chenman Yin (Undergraduate researcher, summer 2011&12)

Bryce Dorin (Undergraduate researcher, summer 2010&11)

Bathilde Gautier (B.Sc. full-time researcher, 2011)

Salima Alem (PDF, 2007-2008)

Gabriel Nijkang (PDF, 2008, co-supervised with G. Liu)

Yanguang Zhang (Ph.D., 2009)

Donna Hohertz (M.A.Sc.)

Hellen Hui Jin (Visiting Ph.D. student, six months in 2007)

Wayne Bonnet (M.Sc.Eng. 2008)

Corey Tracy (M.Sc., 2007)

Justin Dane (M.Sc.Eng., 2005)

Prof. Guillaume Wantz, University of Bordeaux , visiting professor, three months, 2011)

Prof. Feng Teng, Beijing Jiaotong University, visiting professor, six months, 2010)

Prof. Xiaoming Wu, Tianjin University of Technology, visiting professor, six months, 2013)

Also: >40 Engineering Physics, Physics and Chemistry undergraduate thesis supervisions 

Major Student Awards: 

Governor General's Academic Gold Medal (AlTal)

Marie Curie Fellowship (AlTal and Li)

Engineering Physics Design Prize (Kanko and Ravkov)


Full Professorship (Y. Hu and X. Li); Staff Research Officers at National Research Council of Canada (Alem and Zhang); Xerox Research Canada, Nemalux LED Lighting (Tracy); JDS Uniphase, Ciena (Bonnet); OZZ Solar (Gautier), Avalon Holographics, Evolution Optiks Ltd. (AlTal)