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Dr. Daryl Wilson
Department of Psychology
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Research Team

Graduate Students:

Geoff Harrison
• M.Sc. thesis (2015): Object substitution masking reveals the continuous nature of conscious object representations.
• Ph.D. thesis: To be determined.

Undergraduate Students:

• Lucy Digney (2016-2017)
• Paul Hodgetts (2016-2017)
• Jacob Wilde (2016-2017)

Graduate Alumni:

Andrew Mouck
• Last Known Position – IBM Canada, Business Intelligence Analyst
• M.Sc. thesis (2010): Cognitive training with video games: The role of target presentation rate and maximum target eccentricity.

Jason Rajsic
• Last Known Position – University of Toronto (Ph.D. candidate)
• M.Sc. thesis (2011): The effects of visual working memory on appearance.

Undergraduate Thesis Alumni:

Catherine Charbonneau (2007-2008): Examining the interconnection of attention and working memory.
Natalie McGlynn (2007-2008): Within-object attentional allocation biases.
• Last Known Position – University of Western Ontario (graduate student)
Jason Rajsic (2008-2009): Effect of feature-based cueing on visual spatial resolution.
Carolyn Mirotchnick (2008-2009): Effect of working memory on perceptual processing.
Tracy Cheung (2009-2010): The influence of working memory on attentional allocation.
• Last known position: University of Bristol (graduate student)
Afiqah Yusuf (2009-2010): An fMRI study on the effects of attention on speech perception.
• Last known position: McGill University (graduate student)
Yena Bi (2010-2011): Effect of different cue tasks on inhibition of return.
Jennifer Manzon (2011-2012): Influence of Working Memory on Temporal Allocation of Attention
Lindsay Nix (2011-2012): The Effects of Videogame Playing and Mindfulness on Sustained Attention
David Yoon (Life Sciences: 2011-2012): Impact of visual search training on the efficiency of saccadic deployment
Alex Duncan (2013-2014): Factors influencing attention within objects
Sarah Barton (2013-2014): Involuntary spatial allocation of attention during memory retrieval
Emily Britton (2014-2015): Perceptual and working memory effects of flanker interference.
Ruth Hobbis (2014-2015): Spatial specificity of perceptual and working memory Stroop.
Isaac Marlow-Dilworth (2015-2016): The Effects of Perceptual Load on Performance in Two Speeded-Choice Tasks

Undergraduate Directed Lab/Reading Alumni:

Theresa Lecraw (Fall 2007): Configural learning.
David Gilbert (Fall 2007, Winter 2008): Influence of perceptual load on response control.
• Last known position: University of Toronto (teacher’s college)
Andrew Mouck (Fall 2007, Winter 2008): Training of attention.
• Last Known Position – IBM Canada, Business Intelligence Analyst
Joe Viviano (Fall 2008, Winter 2009): Working memory biases of attention.
James Hayward (Fall 2009; Winter 2009): (1) Subliminal cueing to differentiate between long-term and short-term inhibition of return, (2) Working memory and the SNARC effect.
• Last known position: University of British Columbia (medical school)
Laura Rosen (Winter 2010): Assessment of attentional resources between and within hemifields in a visual search task.
• Last known position: Queen’s University (graduate student)
Yena Bi (Winter 2010):  Inhibition of return: A response retrieval account.
Stephanie Lau (Winter 2011): The effect of visual search training on the oculomotor system.
Peter Hunt (Winter 2011): An examination of hemifield independence and a review of the factors influencing successful multiple object tracking.
Eileen Guerriero (Winter 2012): Effect of response task and perceptual similarity on inhibition of return.
Rachael Quickert (Fall 2012): Object shape and size and the distribution of visual attention: Examining the center bias.
Tom Reid (Winter 2013): Attention boosts frequency regardless of task instructions.
Dorothy Yu (Winter 2013): The effects of colour memory-driven search on recall and precision.
Adrian Parlow (Fall 2014): Precision of multiple object tracking representations.
Chelsea Lau (Fall 2014): Temporal effects of object masking.
Shira Segal (Fall 2014): Within-object distribution of attention.
Adrian Parlow (Winter 2015):
Vikas Bansal (Winter 2015): Same Object Benefits for Features of Shapes
Ella Pitassi (Winter 2015): The impact of a neutral condition on a working-memory version of the Stroop task
Aurora Lu (Winter 2015): Precision and Accuracy of Object-Based Benefits in Visual Short-Term Working Memory
Melissa Dejonge (Winter 2015): Relative Location Changes in a Perceptual and Working Memory Stroop Task
Melissa Dejonge (Fall 2015):  Working memory specificity
Melissa Kang (Winter 2016): Remembering more than you can say: Re-examining “Amnesia” of Object Attributes
Donella Plastik (Winter 2016): Effect of holding task-irrelevant features in memory on the threshold of perceptual consciousness
Mairead Meyer (Winter 2016): Getting Closer: Priming in Spatial Specificity and Response Mapping in the Visual Attention System
Michael Lutsky (Winter 2016): The Effects of Varying Levels of Mind Wandering: A Prospective Study
Katrina Tripple (Winter 2016): The Relationship between Perception and Working Memory in a Flanker Task
Hannah Eisenberg (Fall 2016): Featural working memory
Mohammed Albaghdadi (Fall 2016): Eye-movement measures of mind-wandering
Michaele Corbisiero (Fall 2016, Winter 2017): Objective measurement of mind-wandering
Morgan Jeffries (Fall 2016): Impact of working memory on attention
Eden Shaul (Fall 2016): Working memory and attentional control