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  • Congratulations Class of 2021

    Congratulations Class of 2021! You have demonstrated grit, determination, resilience, a love of learning, a willingness to explore ideas and shared your passion. Take the time to reflect and celebrate all of the hard work and the accomplishments that have brought you to this moment.

    Read the full Graduation story and watch the video here

  • Feature Story Banner - Valerie Kuhlmeier June 2021

    Dr. Valerie Kuhlmeier of the Social Cognition Lab, part of the Child and Adolescent Development Group, says that she and her lab feel incredibly privileged to be able to work safely from home during the pandemic, as they looked for ways to measure prosocial behaviour remotely.

    Read Valerie's full story here

  • Feature Story: Sari van Anders May 2021

    Congratulations to Dr. Sari van Anders on being one of the recipients of the first ever "Distinguished Sexual and Gender Health Revolutionary" award from the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Program in Human Sexuality (PHS).

    Read Sari's full story

  • Feature Story: Christopher Bowie, April 2021

    Faculty of Arts and Science professor Christopher Bowie is the first Queen’s University researcher to receive the Dr. Samarthji Lal Award, an annual award of $25,000 that is given to a researcher who is making an outstanding contribution in the field of mental health.

    Read Christopher's full story here

  • Feature Story: Alumni Michael Seto

    ALUMNI SUCCESS SERIES - Recently Queen’s Psychology alumnus Dr. Michael Seto along with colleague Elizabeth Letourneau and their respective teams, received a US$10.3 million grant from the Oak Foundation for a five year program of work to translate knowledge to action in child sexual abuse perpetration prevention.

    Read Michael's full story here

  • Feature Story: Caitlin Atkinson March 2021

    Due to physical distancing regulations surrounding COVID-19, Caitlin Atkinson, MSc has had to shift the methods of her study. To do this, Caitlin and her team of researchers in The Early Experience Lab are now collecting data from participants through PowerPoint over Zoom.

    Read Caitlin's full story

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