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Queen's is one of Canada's leading research-intensive universities - a place many of Canada's most outstanding researchers call home. From the humanities and social sciences to the physical, natural, and applied sciences, researchers across all disciplines have been recognized with the nation's highest research honours.

The Psychology Department at Queen's University provides internationally renowned research programs known for: the excellence and integrity of its faculty, students and training; the innovation and value of its research, scholarship, and skill development; and the fostering of leadership in the delivery of service to the community, to the field of psychology, and to society.

Adolescent Dynamics Lab

The Bully Lab

Disability Studies Group

The Social Cognition Group

Memory, Action, and Perception Laboratory

Music Cognition Lab

Pain Research Lab

Sexuality and Gender Lab

Go to the van Anders Lab

Early Experience Lab

Motivation and Social Cognition Research Lab

Neurobiology of Anxiety Lab

Sexual Health Research Lab

Attention Lab

Cognition in Psychological Disorders Lab

The Fab Lab

Legal Studies Lab
Legal Studies Lab

The Mood Research Lab

Neurotransmitters and Behaviour Lab

Queen's Biological Communication Centre