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The Psychology Department at Queen's University provides internationally renowned research programs known for: the excellence and integrity of its faculty, students and training; the innovation and value of its research, scholarship, and skill development; and the fostering of leadership in the delivery of service to the community, to the field of psychology, and to society.

Lab Name


Lab Category

Key Topics

The Bully Lab

Craig, Wendy

Clinical, Developmental

bullying, victimization, healthy relationships, developmental psychopathology, interpersonal violence, teen dating violence

Cognition in Psychological Disorders Lab

Bowie, Christopher


cognitive functioning, mechanisms of cognitive impairment, mental disorders, interventions, quality of life

Emotion, Mind & Body Lab

Vine, Vera


biopsychosocial mechanisms, emotion dysregulation, emotion awareness, embodied emotion and interoception, stress, suicidal thoughts

The Mood Lab

Harkness, Kate


stress, early trauma, etiology, pathology, depression, adolescence, biomarker-environment interactions

Pain affect Cognition (PAC) Lab

Salomons, Tim


mechanisms of emotional, cognitive modulation of pain, pain vulnerability, pain, mental health disorders

Pain Research Lab

Tripp, Dean


chronic abdominal-pelvic pain diseases, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Chronic Prostatitis, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis / Bladder Pain Syndrome, pain experience, disease outcomes, related disability, relationship impact, sexuality, mood, suicidality

Queen's Emotion and Risky Behaviour in Youth (QuERBY) Lab

Stewart, Jeremy


self-destructive behaviours, suicide, aggression, youth

Relationships, Emotions, and Depression in Youth (READY) Lab

Flores, Luis


close relationships, interpersonal functioning, emotion, depression

Sexuality and Gender (SAGE) Lab

Chivers, Meredith


Sexual arousal, desire, response functioning in women, orientation, identity, concordance

Sexual Health Research (SexLab) Lab

Pukall, Caroline


sexual health

Attention Lab

Wilson, Daryl

Cognitive Neuroscience

attention, attentional control processes, perceptions, memories, actions

Cognition and Action Lab

Flanagan, Randy

Cognitive Neuroscience

planning and controlling actions, perception, learning

Lamp Lab

Wammes, Jeffrey

Cognitive Neuroscience

cognitive processes, learning, attention, memory, perception

Memory, Action, & Perception (MAP) Lab

Gallivan, Jason

Cognitive Neuroscience

cognitive and neural, decision-making, perception, memory and learning, control of action.

Motivation and Cognition (MotiCog) Lab

Olmstead, Mary C.

Cognitive Neuroscience

motivation, cognition, rewarding stimuli, learning, goal-directed behaviours, drug addiction

Music Cognition Lab

Cuddy, Lola (Emerita)

Cognitive Neuroscience

perception, cognition, emotional processes, music appreciation, understanding, nonmusical cognitive skills, musical dyslexia, aging and music, musical memories in Alzheimer's Disease

Neurobiology of Anxiety Lab

Menard, Janet

Cognitive Neuroscience

fear, anxiety, brain function, regulation

POPMEM (Poppenk Computational Memory) Lab

Poppenk, Jordan

Cognitive Neuroscience

memory organization, neural mechanisms, dysfunctional memory

Queen's Neuroeconomics Lab

Tusche, Anita

Cognitive Neuroscience

human decision-making, dietary behaviour, altruism, consumer choices

Queen's Visual Cognition Lab

Castelhano, Monica

Cognitive Neuroscience

real-world scene perception, perceptual and cognitive systems, memory, attention

Sleep and Neuroplasticity Lab

Dringenberg, Hans

Cognitive Neuroscience

sleep, declarative and non-declarative memory consolidation, quiet waking, meditation, homeostasis, rest, and recovery

Speech Perception and Production Lab

Munhall, Kevin (Emeritus)

Cognitive Neuroscience

communication, ,neural basis of language, face-to-face communication, audiovisual integration, eye movements during audiovisual speech perception, motor control of oral movement

van Anders Lab

van Anders, Sari

Cognitive Neuroscience, Social and Personality

gender/sex, sexual diversity, sex research, social neuroendocrinology, feminist and queer science

Adolescent Dynamics Lab

Hollenstein, Tom


socioemotional development, emotion regulation in adolescents

Autism Spectrum Disorders Lab

Kelley, Elizabeth


Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental, communication and language, social interactions

Development of Social & Emotional Communication Lab

Morningstar, Michele


emotional communication, development, social cognition, expression, perception, non-verbal cues

Early Experience Lab

Sabbagh, Mark


social, cognitive, neurobiological, children, understandings of the world, preschool years, theory of mind

Language and Cognition Lab

Fitneva, Stanka


language processing and learning, theory of mind development, memory, linguistics, philosophy, sociology.

The Social Cognition Lab

Kuhlmeier, Valerie


development of social cognition, origins of cognition, infants, children, dogs, through collaboration, non-human primates.  Specifically, our research focuses on the development of social cognition, intention reading, theory of mind, prosocial behaviour

Culture and Cognition Lab

Ji, Li-Jun

Social and Personality

cultural differences, perception, memory, categorization, prediction, judgment and decision making

The Fab Lab

Fabrigar, Lee

Social and Personality

attitudes, persuasion, evaluations, social behaviour, judgement

The Hauser Lab

Hauser, David

Social and Personality

judgment, social cognition, communication, inferences, preferences, reasoning

The Mac Lab

MacDonald, Tara

Social and Personality

health decision-making, romantic relationships, attitudes

Motivation and Social Cognition (MASC) Lab

Jacobson, Jill

Social and Personality

motivated social cognition, dysphoria, subclinical depression, causal uncertainty, health psychology

Thought In Context Lab

Smallwood, Jonathan

Cognitive Neuroscience

human cognition, neural, thoughts and feelings, brain analysis, patterns of ongoing thought, task driven behaviour, patterns of ongoing experience

Pereira Lab

Pereira, Effie

Cognitive Neuroscience

temporal dynamics, social attention, internal attention, computational analysis, ecological contexts