Referral Process and Forms

Anyone can make a referral to our Clinic (with the potential client’s consent)

  • Referrals can be made online through our secure and confidential portal on this page, located below.

  • You can also download our form here and email/fax/mail it to the Clinic.

  • Alternatively, you can call us and our friendly Clinic Team can assist you

Once we receive your referral, we review it to determine if we may be able to meet your needs

  • If we offer the type of service you are looking for, we place you on the waiting list for a Screening Call

  • If we don’t offer the service or it does not look like we can meet your needs at this time, we will offer alternative resources

This is offered over the phone. One of our Psychologists or Graduate Students will contact you to explore your hopes and needs further

  • During the Screening Session, we review confidentiality and its limits and provide you with general information about the service you are seeking. We ask both general and specific questions to determine if we can meet your needs and what level of experience our Master’s and Doctoral students should have while working under supervision. The screening call takes about 30 minutes.

Within two weeks of the Screening Call, you will be informed of the outcome of the Screening Process.

  • The Psychology team meets to review the information we have received and to see if and how soon we can meet your needs. You will either be placed on the waiting list for the Service you are requesting or provided with alternative community resources. If we are able to provide service to you, we will discuss timelines for booking your intake and other appointments, as well as fees/payment arrangements, and answer any other questions you may have.

At this time, we are accepting referrals for the following services:

For more information on these services, follow this link to our Services for Adults page.


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