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Psychological assessments are designed to help us understand a person’s unique strengths and needs in a variety of areas, including intellectual, academic, emotional, social, and behavioural functioning. If your loved one is struggling in any of these areas they may benefit from a full psychological assessment.

Our waitlist is currently closed, and we are not accepting referrals at this time.

Clients can refer themselves or be referred by a healthcare provider.

We accept referrals through our Electronic Referral System, located here or download our form here and email/fax/mail it to the Clinic.

For more information, please read our Description of Psychological Assessment Services

  • You (and your child, if applicable) will meet with the Psychologist and Graduate Student for a full discussion of the presenting concerns, strengths, and needs.

  • This meeting typically takes about 1.5 hours.

  • Please bring copies of past report cards and assessments to this appointment.

  • We schedule 3 assessment sessions during which the graduate student meets with the person being assessed to look over all abilities and functioning, learning strengths and challenges, as well as social/emotional areas.

  • In between sessions, the graduate student meets with the supervising psychologist to examine the findings in depth and to determine if additional assessments are needed.

  • These sessions typically take 2 hours and parents/caregivers do not need to be present during the session.

  • Approximately 2 weeks after the last assessment session, the psychologist and graduate student meet with the client (and their family, if applicable) to discuss the findings and to share any diagnoses that may be present.

  • Recommendations are made for the next steps.

  • This appointment typically takes 1.5 hours.

What to expect if your child is attending therapy

We offer Therapy Sessions in 8 to 10 Week blocks during the Fall and Winter Semesters. Booster Sessions may be offered in the Spring/Summer if indicated and there is availability.

Many people are surprised to learn that there is no actual age of consent in Ontario to access treatment or psychological services. This means that a child of any age may access (or refuse to access) services if they have the capacity to understand:

  • their needs,

  • the information given to them

  • the risks and benefits of accepting or refusing treatment.

We assume capacity at age 16 but a younger child (“mature minor") may be capable.

If there is reason to believe someone 16 or older does not have capacity to consent, we require a Substitute Decision Maker to consent on their behalf.

In all cases, however, it is important for the individual to be in agreement to participate in psychological services.

It is important that a child or youth has a confidential and safe space to explore their issues and to learn alternative ways to handle them. As such, children are provided with similar rights and limits to confidentiality when they are in therapy as adults are and specific details of what is happening in the sessions will not be shared with parents without the child’s consent. Parents do not have the right to access the child’s chart without the child’s permission.

However, we believe that it is important to foster a team approach with parents and are sensitive to the questions you may have and the emotions you may be experiencing as a parent. Therefore, we meet regularly with parents to provide updates on general progress, to discuss any concerns, and to troubleshoot with you. The child may or may not participate in the update sessions.


Note: The Clinic does not have psychiatric or emergency services on hand and therefore we do not provide services when there is a risk of frequent or severe crisis or involvement with the law. If you require urgent support please contact your local mental health crisis line. In Kingston and Frontenac, you can call 613-544-4229.


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