Tim Salomons

Tim Salomons

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

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M.Sc., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009

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Research Interests

My work aims to understand how the brain and body interact to create the experience of pain, and why some people might be prone to develop pain while others are relatively resilient. I am especially interested in the biological mechanisms that underlie cognitive and affective responses to pain and how this knowledge might help us treat pain.

Selected Publications

Montag LT, Salomons TV, Wilson R, Duggan S, Bisson EJ (In Press) Examining the Roles of Depression, Pain Catastrophizing, and Self-Efficacy in Quality of Life Changes Following Chronic Pain Treatment Canadian Journal of Pain

Yessick LR, Tanguay J, Gandhi W, Harrison R, Dinu R, Chakrabarti B, Borg E, Salomons TV (In Press) Investigating the Relationship Between Pain Indicators and Observers’ Judgments of Pain European Journal of Pain

Adams G, Gandhi W, Harrison R, Van Reekum C, Gilron I, Salomons TV (In Press) Do “Central Sensitisation” Questionnaires Reflect Measures of Nociceptive Sensitisation or Psychological Constructs? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses Pain

Salomons TV, Iannetti GD (2022) Fetal pain and its relevance to abortion policy (PDF, 887 KB) Nature Neuroscience 25, 1396-1398

Yessick LR, Gauvin SEM, Salomons TV, Pukall CF, (2022) Pain Characteristics, Sexual Script Flexibility, and Penetration Control Cognitions in Those Experiencing Anodyspareunia (PDF, 743 KB) Psychology and Sexuality, 1-16

Maunder L, Marriott E, Katz J, Salomons TV (2022) Mechanisms of heightened pain-related disability in Canadian Armed Forces servicemembers and veterans with comorbid chronic pain and posttraumatic stress disorder (PDF, 318 KB) Journal of Military, Veteran, and Family Health, e20220011

Diep C, Rosenek N, Khoo Y, Gandhi W, van Reekum CM, Ravindran AV, Ladha KS, Frey BN, Milev RV, Rotzinger S, Lam RW, Kennedy SH, Lou W, Salomons TV, Bhat V, (2022) Pain severity and pain interference during major depressive episodes treated with escitalopram and aripiprazole adjunctive therapy: a CAN-BIND-1 report Psychiatry Research 312, 114557

Maunder L, Pavlova M, Beveridge JK, Katz J, Salomons TV, Noel M (2022) Sensitivity to Pain Traumatization and its Relationship to the Anxiety-Pain Connection in Youth with Chronic Pain: Implications for Treatment (PDF, 1.4 MB) Children, 9(4), 529

Yessick LR, Jackowitch RA, Coyle SM, Salomons TV, Pukall CF (2022) Investigation of the Relationships among Self-Efficacy, Stress, and Dyspareunia during the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF, 1.4 MB) Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 11:1-14

Harrison R, Gandhi W, van Reekum CM, Salomons TV (2022) Conditioned Pain Modulation (CPM) is associated with heightened connectivity between the periaqueductal grey (PAG) and cortical regions (PDF, 512 KB) Pain Reports, 7(2):e991

Yessick L, Salomons TV (2022) The Chronic Disease Helplessness Survey: developing and validating a better measure of helplessness for chronic conditions Pain Reports 7(2):e991 LINK: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8923572/

Adams G, Gandhi W, Harrison R, , Van Reekum C, Gilron I, Salomons TV (2021) Do “Central Sensitisation” questionnaires Reflect Measures of Nociceptive Sensitisation or Psychological Constructs? Protocol for a Systematic Review Pain Reports 6(4): e962 LINK: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8547908/

Stephenson C, Malakouti N, Nashed JY, Salomons TV, Cook DJ, Milev R (2021) Using electronically delivered therapy and brain imaging to understand OCD pathophysiology: Pilot protocol JMIR Research Protocols 10(9):e30726 LINK: https://www.researchprotocols.org/2021/9/e30726

Harrison R, Kuteesa W, van Reekum CM, Gandhi W, Salomons TV (2021) Regarding Mahmud et al., 2021, Benchmarking services in outpatient hysteroscopy (OPH): A quality improvement project. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology (Letter to the Editor) 263: 231-232

Moayedi M, Noroozbahari N, Hadjis G, Themelis K, Salomons TV, Newport R, Lewis J (2021) The structural and functional connectivity neural underpinnings of body image. Human Brain Mapping 42(11), 3608-3619

Borg E, Fisher SA, Hansen N, Harrison R, Ravindran D, Salomons TV, Wilkinson H (2021) Pain Priors, Polyeidism, and Predictive Power: A preliminary investigation into individual differences in our ordinary thought about pain. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 42(3-4), 113-135

Rizvi S*, Gandhi W*, Salomons TV* (2021) Reward processing as a common diathesis for chronic pain and depression. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 127:749-760

Adams G, Salomons TV (2021) Attending Work with Chronic Pain is Associated with Higher Levels of Psychosocial Stress. The Canadian Journal of Pain 5(1): 107-116

Adams G, Harrison R, Gandhi W, Van Reekum C, Salomons TV (2021) Intrinsic attention to pain is associated with a pro-nociceptive phenotype. Pain Reports 6(2): e934

Salomons TV, Harrison R, Hansen N, Stazicker J, Grith Sorensen A, Thomas P, Borg E (2021) Is pain “all in your mind”? Examining the general public’s view of pain. Review of Philosophy and Psychology https://doi.org/10.1007/s13164-021-00553-6 LINK: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13164-021-00553-6

Park R, Mohiuddin M, Poulin P, Salomons TV, Edwards R, Nathan H, Haley C, Gilron G (2020) Systematic scoping review of interactions between analgesic drug therapy and mindfulness-based interventions for chronic pain in adults: Current evidence and future directions. Pain Reports 5(6) e868 LINK: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7690768/

Harrison R, Kuteesa B, Kapila A, Little M, Gandhi W, Ravindran D, van Reekum C, Salomons TV (2020) “Pain Free Day Surgery?”: Evaluating pain and pain assessment during hysteroscopy. British Journal of Anaesthesia 125(6), e468-e470. LINK: https://www.bjanaesthesia.org.uk/article/S0007-0912(20)30662-0/fulltext

Gandhi W, Rosenek N, Harrison R, Salomons TV (2020) Functional connectivity of the amygdala is linked to individual differences in emotional pain facilitation. Pain 161(2), 300-307

Park R, Mohiuddin M, Poulin P, Salomons TV, Edwards R, Nathan H, Haley C, Gilron G (2020) Interactions between analgesic drug therapy and mindfulness-based interventions for chronic pain in adults: Protocol for a systematic scoping review. Pain Reports 4(6):e793 LINK: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6903347/

Borg E, Harrison R, Stazicker J, Salomons TV (2020) Is the folk concept of pain polyeidic? Mind and Language 35(1), 29-47.

Harrison R, Zeidan F, Kitsaras G, Ozcelik D, Salomons TV, (2019) Trait mindfulness is associated with lower pain reactivity and connectivity of the default mode network. The Journal of Pain S1526-5900(18)30910-6

Zeidan F, Salomons TV, Farris S, Emerson N, Adler-Neal A, Jung Y, Coghill R, (2018) Neural mechanisms supporting the relationship between dispositional mindfulness and pain. Pain 159(12):2477-2485