Research Team

Dr. Elizabeth Anne Kelley

I received my BAH in Psychology from York University in 2000 and my PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 2006. I am interested in the development of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and how all aspects of development (social, perceptual, cognitive, and linguistic) interact in individuals with ASD, intellectual disabilities, and typically developing individuals across the life span.

In my spare time (what spare time?) I enjoy spending time with friends (especially eating good food or activities near or on water), watching movies with my cats, shoe- shopping, traveling, and reading. And last but certainly not least, my favourite ice cream flavour is Edy’s low-fat French Silk (one of the only things I miss about living in the States). Faculty Page | Curriculum Vitae (PDF, 267 KB)

Samantha Jones, Honours thesis student

I am in my fourth year at Queen’s University and am working towards getting my BScH majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biology. I am currently completing my honours thesis in the ASD studies lab after volunteering here for the past year. I am very interested in the social world of individuals with ASD as well the use of animals for treatment purposes. My honours thesis is looking at the associations between victimization, depression, theory of mind and interpersonal support in typically developing children as well as children with ASD. When it comes to my biology minor I am very interested in ecology and fisheries. In my spare time at Queen’s I enjoy spending time with my friends, cooking, drawing and finding any way to be outdoors.

Ethan Rinaldo, Honours thesis student

I am a fourth-year student completing my Bachelor of Science in psychology and am very excited to be doing my honours thesis in the ASD Studies Lab. For my thesis I will be examining the relationship between anxiety, intelligence and language in children with ASD. I first became passionate about working with people with special needs when I began volunteering with the special Olympics in high school and hope to continue that passion in the ASD studies lab. On my spare time I like a bit of playing guitar and listening to music alongside a lot of watching Netflix in bed.

Maya Albin, Directed lab student

I am currently in my fourth year of my BAH, majoring in Psychology. I have worked with individuals with special needs in a variety of contexts over the past 6 years, both in and outside of the lab. For example, have been a camp counsellor for young adults with special needs, including ASD, started a vocational education program for young adults with special needs. This year I am completing a special directed lab with Dr. Kelley, focusing on data collection for Q-POND - a province-wide study investigating the etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders. When I'm not in the lab, I enjoy spending time with my friends, working out at the ARC, and volunteering.

Kate Hollingshead, Directed lab student

Hi! My name is Kate and I am a third student at Queen’s pursuing my BAH in psychology. I have a passion for working with kids and have recently developed an interest in atypical development. I was an RA in the ASD lab this summer and now am working on a directed lab. In my directed lab, I will learn about the association between nutrition, the microbiome and ASD symptoms. In my spare time at school, I enjoy spending time with friends, baking, volunteering with Q Success and practicing yoga.

Lauren Hook, Directed lab student

I'm a fourth year Psychology student here at Queen's doing a directed labs course this fall. My interest in the ASD studies lab was sparked after taking an Atypical Development course last year. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work in the lab. I'll be gathering some valuable experience no doubt, and I hope to gain some insight into the realm of ASD related research. My own project will focus on reviewing current literature surrounding the unmet employment needs of adults with ASD. If I'm not in class or at the library, you'll likely find me enjoying the outdoors, drinking coffee at a local cafe, or binge watching a Netflix series (my latest: Peaky Blinders). If you see me around, feel free to say hi, ask me any questions, or share your favourite Netflix show!

Jenn McNeil, Directed lab student


Paige Wright, Directed lab student

I am currently in my fourth year of my BscH. in Psychology. As an RA in the ASD lab, I loved engaging with topics surrounding developmental psychopathology and I am excited to be investigating the presentation of comorbid depression in populations diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as a directed lab student this fall. When I am not in Humphrey Hall (the lab), I love to get outside and spend time hiking or out on the water with friends and family! I also love participating in my many volunteer commitments, including Queen's Soul Food and Telephone Aid Line Kingston.

Emily Deszpoth, Research Assistant


Emily Doto, Research Assistant


Sylvie Glisinski, Research Assistant


Jessica Jackson, Research Assistant


Tatiana Kravchenko, Research Assistant