Research Team

Back Row (L to R): Dominique Mielnik, Devon Widrig, Calum Thompson, Erika Peter
Middle Row (L to R): Serenna Silva, Sarah Bryenton, Katelyn Biak, Jenna Brown, Shana Needham, Laura Radford
Front Row (L to R): Ailish Connors, Kelsey Rozema, Jessica Lefevbre, Robbie Wong, Katrina McGeorge, Jill Jacobson, Ph.D.
Not pictured: Andrew Nguyen, Nea Okada, Meera Landau, Rachael Padustch, Julian Willming

Research Team

Jill Jacobson, Ph.D.
Laboratory Director

Jill Jacobson Full CV (PDF, 291 KB)

Shana Needham, M.A.
Current Year: Ph.D. 3

My passion for research began as an undergraduate at Oregon State University where I worked as research assistant examining the social-cognitive aspects of meditative practices. As a master’s student at Oregon State, I studied the effects of causal uncertainty within the context of close relationships, and at Queen’s for my dissertation, I am investigating the effects of causal uncertainty on people’s perceptions of their romantic partner and romantic relationship.

Andrew Nguyen, M.Sc.
Current Year: PhD. 2

My research interests within social psychology are varied, ranging from persuasion to interpersonal attraction to personality and humor; I just like research and talking about research in general. My current research focuses on humor specifically examining what kind of humor do people like, what kind of people prefer certain kinds of humor, and what are the personality profiles of people who love puns versus people who love dirty jokes? I investigate these and other questions in the MaSC lab.

Erika Peter, M.Sc.
Current Year: Ph.D. 1

I study facial recognition judgments of individuals with dysphoria, and investigate if theory of mind reasoning plays a role in the social failures of these individuals. My masters research was in the BBCS area and my thesis investigated individual differences in episodic memory performance.

Current Honours Students:

Dominique Mielnik
Current Year: 4th year B.A.

I am a fourth-year undergraduate psychology student (BaH) and I am interested in various aspects of social psychology. I am now working on my Honors Thesis in the Motivation and Social Cognition Lab. I am investigating the relationship between causal uncertainty and empathic accuracy.

Kelsey Rozema
Current Year: 4th year B.A.

I am a fourth-year psychology student (BaH) with a minor in global development. My research interests include causal uncertainty and how it influences conflictual situations. After graduation, I hope to attend graduate school for either clinical or counselling psychology.

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Fall 2017

  • Ailish Connors
  • Calum Thompson
  • Devon Widrig
  • Jenna Brown
  • Jessica Lefebvre
  • Julian Willming
  • Katelyn Baik
  • Katrina McGeorge
  • Laura Radford
  • Meera Landau
  • Nea Okada
  • Rachael Padutsch
  • Robbie Wong
  • Sarah Bryenton
  • Serenna Silva

Lab Alumni

* Received CPA award for the best thesis or dissertation
Received the McGhie Prize for top psychology PhD student

  • Harmony Jarvis (MSc Social-Psychology): “Causal Uncertainty and Social Rejection"
  • Kevin Rounding (PhD Social-Personality): “Religion and Self-Control"
  • Maddie D’Agata (MSc Social-Personality): The Effect of Lying on Self-Control Depletion”
  • Carly Parsons* (Honours Thesis):“Investigating the Role of Kinship Cues in the Response to Social Rejection”
  • Allyson Smith (Honours Thesis): The Role of Attributional Biases in the Relationship Between Dysphoria, Theory of Mind, and Social Functioning
  • Julia Gordon (Honours Thesis): “Examining the Effects of Social Influence on Face Recognition Accuracy of Individuals with Dysphoria”
  • Janine Haq (Honours Thesis): The Effects of Causal Uncertainty on Self-Regulation Depletion in Dyadic Interactions”
  • Alessia Milano (Honours Thesis): The Relationship Between Causal Uncertainty and Roommate Rejection
  • Kristen Blackler (MSc Social-Personality): “The Effect of Adaptive Perfectionism, Maladaptive Perfectionism, and Feedback on Procrastination Behaviour”
  • Nathalie Côté (Honours Thesis): “Examining the Implication of Feedback on the Relationship between Dysphoria and Theory-of-Mind Abilities”
  • Jacob Deodato (Honours Thesis): “The Role of Gender in the Relationship between Causal Uncertainty and Mimicry”
  • Kevin Rounding* (MSc Social-Personality): “Compounding Effects of Dysphoria and Mood Stability on Eyewitness Identification”
  • Sarah Shallwani (Honours Thesis): “Mimicry and Mental State Decoding Accuracy in Undergraduate Students with Dysphoria”
  • Eliane Boucher* (PhD Social-Personality): “Causal Uncertainty in Social Interactions: The Impact of Interpersonal Expectations and Uncertainty Reduction on Liking”
  • Meghan McPhie (Honours Thesis): “An Examination of the Relationship Between Accuracy of Mental State Decoding and Dysphoria in University Students”
  • Jennifer Passey (PhD Social-Personality): “Causal Uncertainty and Self-Regulation Abilities”
  • Rachel Ruttan (Honours Thesis): “The Relationship Between Causal Uncertainty and Nonconscious Mimicry”
  • Emilie Chan (MSc Clinical): “The Roles of Theory of Mind and Empathy in the Relationship between Dysphoria and Poor Social Functioning”
  • Carly Ainlay (Honours Thesis): “Causal Uncertainty and Social Information Seeking”
  • Rebecca Brown (Honours Thesis): “Responses to Medical Tests with Uncertain Results”
  • Kimberly Thomson (Honours Thesis): “Nonverbal Mediators of the Relationship between Causal Uncertainty and Liking”
  • Michelle Vitti (Honours Thesis): “Causal Uncertainty and Stop Rules in Dyadic Interviews”
  • Alexandra Wilson (Honours Thesis): “The Influence of Involvement, Source Credibility, and Message Strength on Responses to Pro-Attitudinal Messages”
  • Stacy Crosson (Honours Thesis): “Longitudinal Effects of Life Experiences on Causal Uncertainty”
  • James Doiron (Honours Thesis): “An Analysis of Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms in Parents of Autistic Children”
  • David Duong* (MA Clinical): “Dysphoria and Theory-of-Mind Abilities: The Role of Cognitive Processing”
  • Rebecca Hockin (Honours Thesis): “An Analysis of the Relationship between Maternal Depression and Infants’ Theory-of-Mind Abilities”
  • Jennifer Passey (MA Social-Personality): “Causal Uncertainty and Social Rejection”
  • Graeme Rassenti (Honours Thesis): “Communication Accommodation in CMC: Investigating the Role of Anticipated Future Interaction on the Use of Emoticons”
  • Kyla Bondy (Honours Thesis): “The Effect of Causal Uncertainty on Empathic Accuracy in Computer-Mediated Communications”
  • Eliane Boucher* (MA Social-Personality): “Examining the Effects of Causal Uncertainty in Face-to-Face and Computer-Mediated Interactions”
  • Angela Collins (Honours Thesis): “Life-Sustaining Treatment Preferences as a Function of Context”
  • Shannon Currie (Honours Thesis): “The Role of Causal Uncertainty in Empathic Accuracy Judgments”
  • Elizabeth Donnery (Honours Thesis): “The Effect of Unrealistic Optimism and Culture on Health in People Living with HIV/AIDS”
  • Chiara Papile (Honours Thesis): “The Effects of Causal Uncertainty on Ego Depletion in Dyadic Social Interactions”
  • Elena Ballantyne (Honours Thesis): “Life Events and Health Outcomes of Older Adults”
  • Jennifer Laforce*† (PhD Clinical): “Experience of Parenting: Parenting Strategies and their Relationship with Parental Self-Efficacy, Perceptions of Control, and Parental Affect”
  • Anna Ebel-Lam* (MA Social-Personality): “Optimism, Self-Mastery, and the Perceived Controllability of a Health Threat as Moderators of Reactions to Negative Feedback About One’s Health”
  • Veronica Legnini (Honours Thesis): “A Cross-Cultural Evaluation of a Health Threat in Canadians and Asians”
  • Nina Rytwinski (Honours Thesis): “The Relationship Between Causal Uncertainty and Roommate Rejection in University Students”
  • Michelle Lafrance (Honours Thesis): “Theory of Mind and Dysphoria: Investigating Memory Perspective and Emotion Projection”
  • Sharon Lin (Honours Thesis): “Temporarily Activated Causal Uncertainty Beliefs and Stop Rule Usage”
  • Nisanne Tadman (Honours Thesis): “Effects of Causal Uncertainty and Judgement Objectives on Stereotyping”
  • Jessica Bloomfield (Honours Thesis): “The Relationship Between Causal Uncertainty, Reassurance Seeking, and Depressive Symptomatology”
  • Sarah Reiss (Honours Thesis): “The Effects of Self-Construal on Motivated Skepticism”

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