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Future Courses

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Students in the Lab for Research Credit

Generally, I work with students who have taken a class of mine or have volunteered in the lab. Students interested in working on independent research courses for credit should contact Dr. van Anders first with a query email. After making contact, click on the 'join the lab' tab above for more info on how to apply.

Reference Letters

I will be happy to write you reference letters given that you have been in my lab and/or a class with me and your performance has been good. Consider asking any potential referee (including me) whether the referee can provide you with a strong reference. Remember: the reference letter will relate to many aspects of your class involvement, including your class participation, group work, writing abilities, etc.

Please provide at least two weeks' notice, unless an emergency or very special situation arises. Once I have agreed to write a reference letter for you, have the following prepared in one PDF document or folder:

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