Queen’s has a proud legacy as a top academic institution, offering an exceptional student learning experience and advancing transformative research to solve global challenges. Our success owes much to the strength of our faculty members, who carry out the academic mission, and to our professional staff, who support their work and the university’s overall goals.

Principal Patrick Deane has established the Professional Services Working Group (PSWG), co-chaired by the Provost and the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration), to lead the Queen’s Renew Project. The Queen’s Renew Project will focus on ensuring the university is structured and operating most effectively and professional services staff are well supported with effective tools, systems, and processes. In turn, we can ensure that we continue to deliver on our academic mission.

This new initiative coincides with the university’s efforts to reach a structurally balanced budget over the next two years. The difficult work to address the deficit continues within the faculties and shared services, and separately, the Queen’s Renew Project will seek to ensure we can continue to deliver on our academic mission over the long term, well beyond our current financial challenges.

This work will be supported by international consultancy firm, Nous Group (Nous and NousCubane). Nous Group has worked with many top institutions around the world, using NousCubane’s UniForum benchmarking program to compare and assess how professional services are delivered. By participating in this program, Queen’s will gain access to results from other institutions to see how we compare on the delivery of professional services, much in the same way university rankings compare academic and research accomplishments. This will help us learn from other institutions’ experiences, identify areas where we are doing well, and where we have opportunities to improve.

Updates on this ongoing work will be shared on this website.