Professional Services Working Group

Established under the leadership of Principal Patrick Deane, the Professional Services Working Group (PSWG) will oversee the Queen’s Renew Project – focused on identifying and prioritizing opportunities to optimize our professional and shared services in support of our academic mission. The working group, co-chaired by the Provost and Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration), made up of faculty, staff, and senior leaders, has engaged the support of international consultancy firm, Nous Group (Nous and NousCubane) to benchmark Queen’s professional service delivery and develop recommendations. In the weeks ahead, the group will establish an internal project office to support and carry out the longer-term implementation of recommendations approved by the Professional Services Working Group.

Professional Services Working Group Authority

The Queen’s Renew Project will focus on ensuring Queen's professional services are working effectively to support delivery of its academic mission. This includes ensuring that Queen's professional services staff are equipped and supported with the right tools, systems and processes.

The Professional Services Working Group (PSWG), co-chaired by the Provost and the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration), is a key part of the governance of Queen’s Renew. PSWG will make strategic recommendations to the Principal and Vice-Chancellor on the initiatives to enhance professional services at Queen’s. Recommendations will be informed by data captured through Queen’s membership in UniForum and other data, analysis and advice provided by Nous Group in support of the PSWG’s role in the Renew Project. The Principal and Vice-Chancellor will consider PSWG’s advice, along with the sequencing and timing of initiatives proposed, and decide which ones to implement in the best interests of the university in consideration of Queen’s strategic priorities.

Role of the Professional Services Working Group

The PSWG is accountable for:

Supporting the success of Queen’s Renew by:

  • Championing change and committing time, influence, and leadership
  • Securing finances and in-kind resources for the project
  • Securing support from, and holding accountable, senior leadership colleagues and portfolio leaders essential to the success of Queen’s Renew
  • Managing key project risks on behalf of the university
  • Monitoring, providing feedback and opportunities for two-way communication and regular reports to the Principal and the university community.

Overseeing the Queen’s Renew project’s success by:

  • Providing leadership, advice, and guidance to the Queen’s Renew team tasked with implementing approved initiatives and projects
  • Making strategic project decisions. Escalating, where appropriate, key issues and decisions to the Principal
  • Reviewing progress against approved project objectives

PSWG Membership

The Working Group is co-chaired by the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) and the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration).

Cathleen Crudden, Professor, Department of Chemistry
Kevin Deluzio, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Matthew Evans, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) (Co-Chair)
Michael Fraser, Vice-Principal (University Relations)
Donna Janiec, Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration) (Co-Chair)
Lynne-Marie Postovit, Professor and Department Head, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Jane Philpott, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences
Teri Shearer, Deputy Provost
Stephanie Simpson, Vice-Provost (Culture, Equity and Inclusion)
Lori Stewart, Executive Director, Provost’s Office (Committee support)

Queen’s Renew Project

The Queen’s Renew Project, with the assistance of Nous Group and through the internal Queen’s office (more information on this office will be released shortly), will help us understand where we need to invest to meet current challenges and secure future opportunities in support of our academic mission. A further goal will be a revitalized workplace, where our professional staff are well supported, with effective tools, systems and processes. In turn, their efforts will bolster the work of our faculty members, advance our teaching and research, and provide an inspired and motivating learning environment that challenges our students and sets them on course for future success.

Nous Group (Nous and NousCubane)

Nous Group (Nous and NousCubane) is an international consultancy firm that has worked with more than 100 universities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., and the U.S. to transform their ways of working, within both academic and administrative units. Their expertise lies in overseeing organizational change and delivering evidence-based recommendations.

Service Effectiveness Survey

Over the coming months, Nous will analyze our operations and recommend long-term improvement opportunities. One of their first priorities will be to conduct an internal Service Effectiveness Survey in February 2024 (launching February 5), followed by a data collection exercise in early March focused on standard service functions. Using their benchmarking tool, UniForum, Nous will then compare our data with national and global peers.

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