It Takes All of Us

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It Takes All of Us is an online learning program developed by KnowledgeOne and the Queen’s Sexual Violence and Prevention Response Service. Completing this program demonstrates a commitment to creating a safe and inclusive living and learning environment for everyone at Queen’s University. The following topics are reviewed in the program:

  1. Sexual violence
  2. Sexual consent
  3. Bystander intervention
  4. Supporting survivors

The module addresses a topic that may be uncomfortable for individuals who have experienced sexual violence. If some of the content is difficult to review, you can skip various modules. You can also contact the Sexual Violence and Prevention Response Services if you require assistance with the content.

Audience: Undergraduate and graduate students.

Note: The learning program takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. It is best viewed on a desktop or laptop using Google Chrome. Completing the module in less than 45-minutes will result in an INVALID error.


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