How to Join and Leave the SNID Listserv

By joining the SNID email list you will receive timely notice of upcoming SNID events. List members should expect to receive 'SNID News' once a week. This list is strictly for the communication of SNID events. By joining the list, members agree that they will not post unsolicited notices to the list server.

How to join the SNID mailing list:

1.  Send your email address with a note Please Subscribe to SNID to

2.  To self-subscribe to the SNID electronic mailing list, send mail to with the following message in the text (not the subject box and remember to switch off your signature): Subscribe SNID-L Firstname Lastname 

When you subscribe you will receive a message like this:

Your command:
                    SUBSCRIBE SNID-L Firstname Lastname
has  been received.  You must  now reply  to this  message (as  explained
below) to  complete your subscription.  The purpose of  this confirmation
procedure is to make  sure that you have indeed requested  to be added to
the list.
To confirm the  execution of your command, simply click  on the following
Alternatively, if you  have no WWW access, you can  reply to this message
and type OK as the text of your message. If you receive an error message,
try sending a new message to <>(without using the
"reply" function) and type OK 236A826E as the text of your message.
Your command will be cancelled automatically if LISTSERV does not receive
your confirmation  within 48h. After that  time, you must start  over and
resend the  command to get  a new confirmation  code. If you  change your
mind and decide that you do not  want to confirm the command, then simply
discard this message and let the request expire on its own.

How to Leave the SNID Mailing List 

Please send us an email to leave the SNID electronic mailing list, with the following command in the body of the email: UNSUBSCRIBE SNID-L Firstname Lastname

Leave the subject area blank and do not include your signature.