Samantha King

Samantha King


PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champlaign

Kinesiology and Health Studies

Queen's University

613-533-6000 ext. 74688

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KINE 206J & 301V

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Trained in cultural studies and sociology, I am an interdisciplinary scholar of the body, health and sport.  I work with feminist, queer, and critical race theories to research a broad variety of topics ranging from drugs to food.  My first book, Pink Ribbons, Inc:  Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy, is the subject of an NFB documentary by the same name. 

Sample Publications

  • Ali, A. & King, S. (Accepted). “He could be dangerous”: Orientalism, the “migrant crisis”, and the ‘risky’ representation of Muslim boxers in TSN’s Radical Play. Sociology of Sport Journal.
  • King, S. & Weedon, G. (Accepted). The nature of the body in sport and physical culture: From bodies and environments to ecological embodiment. Sociology of Sport Journal.
  • King, S. (2020). Towards a multispecies sport studies. In Newman, J., Thorpe, H., & Andrews, D. L. (Eds.), Sport, Physical Culture, and the Moving Body: Materialisms, Technologies, Ecologies (pp. 193-208). Rutgers University Press.
  • King, S., Carey, R. S., MacQuarrie, I., Millious, V.N., & Power, E. M., (Eds.). (2019). Messy Eating: Conversations on Animals as Food. New York: Fordham University Press.
  • King, S., & Weedon, G. (2019). Embodiment is ecological: The metabolic lives of whey protein powder. Body & Society. 26(1):82-106.
  • King, S. & Weedon, G. (2019). Enacting bodies: The multiplicity of whey protein and the making of corporealities. In M. McDonald & J. Sterling (Eds), Sports, Society, and Technology – Bodies, Practices, and Knowledge Production (pp. 175-194). Palgrave-Macmillan.
  • King, S. (2017). Feminist cultural studies. In L. Mansfield, J. Caudwell, B. Watson & B. Wheaton (Eds.), Palgrave Handbook of Feminisms in Sport, Leisure and Physical Education. London: Palgrave.
  • Adams M.L., Davidson, J., Jamieson, K., Helstein, M., Kyoung-Yim, K., King, S., McDonald, M.G., & Rail, G. (2016). Feminist cultural studies: Uncertainties and possibilities. Sociology of Sport Journal, 33, 75-91.
  • King, S. (2014). Oxy in Ontario: The multiple materialities of prescription drugs. International Journal of Drug Policy, 25, 486-493.
  • King, S., Carey, R.S., Jinnah, N., Millington, R., Phillipson, A., Prouse, C., and Ventresca, M. (2014). When is a drug not a drug? Brett Favre, prescription painkillers, and the National Football League. Sociology of Sport Journal, 31, 249-266.
  • McDonald, M. and King, S. (2012). A different contender? Barack Obama, the 2008 presidential campaign and the racial politics of sport. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 35(6), 1023-1039.
  • King, S. (2009). Virtually normal: Mark Bingham, the war on terror, and the sexual politics of sport. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 33, 5-24.
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  • King, S. (2008). Offensive lines: Sport-state synergy in an era of perpetual war. Cultural Studies ~ Critical Methodologies, 8, 527-539.
  • King, S. (2006). Pink Ribbons, Inc: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press

Works In Progress

  • King, S., Carey, S., MacQuarrie, I., Millious, V., & Power, E. M. (Eds.) (submitted for review). Messy Eating: On Theory, Politics, and Animals as Food.
  • King, S. & Weedon, G. Protein Ecologies: Whey, Waste, and Wasting in the Anthropocene.