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  • Queen's Department of Sociology welcomes submissions to our annual graduate student conference, Interconnections: Navigating People, Culture and Society. 

    Submission Deadline Extended: March 22

  • Dr. Nicole Myers has been quoted in the Toronto Star.

  • Toronto Star: Civil liberties association threatens legal action to block Sidewalk Labs smart city project. Dr. Murakami Wood says the project is exploitation by an American company that is largely outside of the control of law and policy in this country.

  • Dr. Thomas Abrams gave a talk on "Exploring Childhood Disability in Time" at Brandon University on March 8. Details here.

  • Dr. Norma Möllers gave a talk on March 15 at the Digital Sociology mini-conference which takes place as part of the Eastern Sociological Society's Annual Meeting. The paper's title is "The internet, digital capitalism, and the state: How the material stuff of information became a problem for state power." It also presents findings from her current SSHRC project.

  • PhD Candidate, Thomas MacDonald chatted about his research on digital media piracy in the CFRC Radio Kingston studio with Think: Digital Futures, a program on 107.3 a campus community radio station in Sydney, Australia! The talk will be available sometime in April here.  

  • Dr. David Lyon is an invited Academic Visitor at several Australian universities during the end of March. He will speak at the University of Queensland, Brisbane; the University of Sydney; the Australian National University, Canberra; Monash University, and Deakin University, Melbourne.