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Department of Geography and Planning

The Department of Geography and Planning is an integrated department that studies the earth's places, societies, environments and landscapes. The Department is unique in bridging the social sciences and humanities (human geography and urban planning) with earth system science (physical geography and environmental planning) and offers BA, BSc, MA, MSc, MPL and PhD degree programs as well as a Certificate in Geographic Information Science.

Geography and Planning puts this understanding of social and physical processes within the context of places and regions - recognizing the great differences in cultures, political systems, economies, landscapes and environments across the world, and the links between them. In earth system science we study natural processes, their interactions, and both naturally and human-generated environmental issues. In the social sciences we study a variety of social problems, with a special focus on the uneven distribution of resources and services at scales from the local to the global. In humanities research we explore how human beings have made, and continue to make, the places (physical, social and metaphorical) in which they live. In all these areas Queen’s Geography and Planning has scholars and teachers of international repute who are dedicated to making a dynamic and innovative research and teaching environment and a warm and supportive interpersonal environment for our students and faculty.

Students who choose geography and planning for their degree will develop the independent and self-directed learning skills needed to think laterally, critically and creatively. These are skills that are critical to meeting the demands of the world as they will find it, and over which they may have influence.


English:  Queen's University is situated on traditional Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory.  Kanien'keha (Mohawk): Ne Queen’s University e’tho nońwe nikanónhsote tsi nońwe ne Haudenasaunee tánon Anishinaabek tehatihsnónhsahere ne óhontsa. Anishinaabemowin: Gimaakwe Gchi-gkinoomaagegamig atemagad Naadowe miinwaa Anishinaabe aking.  For more information on the history of this land, and why it is important to acknowledge this land and its people, please see this link to the Queen's Encyclopedia page:


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