Undergraduate Programs

The Department offers BA and BSc degree options. Both these options can be done as a Major, a Medial, or a Minor. Students can also do a 3-year general BA or BSc degree. They can also complete a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems at the same time as completing their degree requirements.

PAF-GPHY-M-BAH (pdf, 38kB)

PAF-GPHY-M-BSH (pdf, 41kB)

PAF-Joint Honours (pdf, 33kB)

PAF-GPHY-Z-Minor (Sci) (pdf, 32kB)

PAF-GPHY-G-BA (pdf, 30kB)

PAF-GPHY-G-BSC (pdf, 32kB)

PAF-GISC-C-GIS (pdf, 26kB)