Undergraduate Programs

Geography offers BA and BSc degree options, each of which can be pursued as a Major, Medial, or Minor. Students can also choose to complete a 3-year General BA or BSc degree. The department features Certificates in Geographic Information Systems and Urban Planning Studies, where undergraduate students from any discipline can earn additional academic credentials while completing their degree requirements.

PAF-GPHY-M-BAH (pdf, 116kB)

PAF-GPHY-M-BSH (pdf, 120kB)

PAF-Joint Honours (pdf, 111kB)

PAF-GPHY-Z-Minor (Sci) (pdf, 109kB)

PAF-GPHY-G-BA (pdf, 148kB)

PAF-GPHY-G-BSC (pdf, 109kB)

PAF-GISC-C-GIS (pdf, 209kB)