SURP Master's Theses and Reports

Type Report/Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Author Year
Report (pdf, 1.4MB) Reimagining the Right-of-Way: Opportunities for Enhancing Urban Agriculture in Toronto’s Hydro Corridors Graham Whitelaw Khan, Safia 2023
Report (pdf, 28kB) Reconstruction Ahead: School Streets and Street Reclamation in Ontario Patricia Collins Koenig, Nico 2023
Report (pdf, 78kB) An Evaluation of Minister’s Zoning Orders and Environmental Land Use Planning: The Case of the Fallis West Lands, Town of Cavan Monaghan, Ontario Graham Whitelaw Wen, Vincent 2023
Report (pdf, 339kB) Assessing Millennial Travel Behaviour and the Implications of Gender: A Case Study of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Ontario Ajay Agarwal Rashid, Fathimah Tayyiba 2023
Thesis (pdf, 144kB) Aging but not Forgotten: An Analysis of Older Adult Health Care Access in Elliot Lake Maxwell Hartt Barber, Rachel 2023
Report (pdf, 123kB) Fresh Ideas: Pop-ups and Planning for the City of Calgary Farm Stand Program Patricia Collins Cantlay, Stephanie 2023
Report (pdf, 92kB) An Examination of Practitioner Perceptions of Older Adult Play in Victoria, British Columbia Maxwell Hartt Empey-Salisbury, Madison 2023
Report (pdf, 609kB) How the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation Influenced Suburban Community Planning and Design in Post-WWII Canada David Gordon Harding, Matthew 2023
Report (pdf, 251kB) COVID Commuting: Examining the Commute Patterns of Queen's University Employees Throughout the Pandemic Patricia Collins Holmes, Keith 2023
Report (pdf, 104kB) Playing in Place: An Analysis of Enabling and Limiting Play Environments Through the Lens of Older Adults in Victoria, B.C. Maxwell Hartt Vincent, Ellory 2023
Report (pdf, 94kB) An Examination of Watershed Planning and Headwaters Bioregionalism: The Case of the Oak Ridges Moraine, Ontario Graham Whitelaw Carrier, Michel 2022
Report (pdf, 61kB) Deindustrialization, Gentrification, and Displacement in Toronto's Leslieville and South Riverdale Maxwell Hartt Donolo, Michael 2022
Report (pdf, 90kB) Organic Growth: Sustainable Settlement Planning for Displaced Populations in Developing Countries Warren Mabee Hoque, Shahida 2022
Report Exploring Eco-gentrification as a result of Urban Linear Park Developments: A Case Study of The Meadoway in Scarborough, Ontario Patricia Collins Hynes, Michaella 2022
Report (pdf, 265kB) The Canadian Dream? Comparing the Densities of Modernist and New Urbanist Suburban Development – A Comparative Case Study of Don Mills, Toronto and Cornell, Markham David Gordon Lima, Justin 2022
Report (pdf, 126kB) A “Capital” Journey? Improving the Interprovincial Transit User Experience in Ottawa-Gatineau Ajay Agarwal Saslove, Evan 2022
Report (pdf, 180kB) Urban Morphology as a Measure of Sprawl Repair Potential in Ottawa, Ontario David Gordon Saunders, Evan 2022
Report Exploring the Planning and Implementation of a School Street Initiative in Canada: A Pilot Study in Kingston, Ontario Patricia Collins Smith, Laura 2022
Report (pdf, 87kB) Bridging Urban Planning and Public Health: Investigating the Relationship Between Land Use Change and Vector-Borne Disease Risks in Ontario John Meligrana Treash, Janelle 2022
Report (pdf, 1.0MB) How the Community Planning Association of Canada Influenced the Development of Planning in Canada, 1946-1964 David Gordon Virginillo, Miranda 2022
Report (pdf, 61kB) A Made-in-Muskoka Approach: An Evaluation of Official Plan Policies related to Land Use Policies and Tools in the District Municipality of Muskoka Graham Whitelaw Fior, Kassidee 2021
Report (pdf, 497kB) Content Analysis Comparing Canada’s Two Earliest Town Planning Journals David L.A. Gordon Goodman, Jasmine 2021
Report (pdf 108kB) Citizen Science, Community-based Monitoring and Urban Planning: Exploring Ideas to Extend Conceptual and Theoretical Implications of Public Participation Graham Whitelaw Kent, Benjamin 2021
Report (pdf, 269kB) Where Did the Neighbourhood Go?  A Look into the Spatial Distributions of Students Across Ontario Mid-Sized Cities David L.A. Gordon Lauzon, Matthew 2021
Report (pdf, 123kB) Making Space for Physical Distancing in Canada's Urban Centers: A Case Study of Vancouver's Slow Streets Patricia Collins Lee, Claire 2021
Report (pdf, 35kB) Transit Agency Responses to COVID-19: A review of challenges and opportunities for continued service delivery Ajay Agarwal McGowan, Ellen 2021
Report (pdf, 134kB) Revisiting the Reclaimed Street: An analysis of Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sundays’ initiative as an exercise in community participation John Meligrana Mitchell, Ryan 2021
Report (pdf, 71kB) Anaerobic Digestion as a Residential Food Waste Management Method Patricia Collins Culley, Christina 2020
Report (pdf, 106kB) Inspiring Thoughtfulness, Creativity, and Togetherness in Communities: The Role of Public Art Master Plans in Facilitating Placemaking Leela Viswanathan and John Meligrana Evans, Katherine 2020
Report (pdf, 40kB) Regulating Urban Residential Development on Private Road: An Ontario Case Study of Four Municipalities John Meligrana Gordon, Mark 2020
Report (pdf, 96kB) Exploring the impacts of the GPNO and the Far North Act on Official Plans and a Community-Based Land Use Plan Leela Viswanathan and Graham Whitelaw Lamontagne-Dupuis, Leena 2020
Report (pdf, 844kB) A More Sustainable Suburb? Analyzing the Relative Sustainability of Garrison Crossing in Chilliwack, British Columbia David L.A. Gordon Luymes, Gavin 2020
Report (pdf, 514kB) Community-Driven Solutions in Public Transit-Deprived Regions: A case study of Rural Rides, a community transportation initiative in southeast New Brunswick Leela Viswanathan and Ajay Agarwal MacKnight, Rachel 2020
Report (pdf, 372kB) Making Heritage Community Centres Accessible for an Aging Population in Peterborough Leela Viswanathan and Patricia Collins Nabuurs, Hayley 2020
Report (pdf, 123kB) The Cannabis Quandary: Exploring the Provincial Role in Regulating Cannabis Production as a Land Use in Ontario John Meligrana Reaburn, Chloe 2020
Report (pdf, 40kB) An Exploratory Comparative Case Study of Repurposed Elementary Schools in Highly Deprived Communities in Ontario Patricia Collins Schneider, Jaclyn 2020
Report (pdf, 83kB) Declaring a Climate Emergency. Initial Impacts on Operations in the City of Kingston and the Town of Halton Hills  John Meligrana Sutton, Jennifer 2020
Report (pdf, 4.7 MB) Supportive Housing Case Studies: How supportive housing in Ontario and British Columbia is developed and operated  Patricia Streich Tanner, Kyla 2020
Report (pdf, 428kB) The Role of Business Improvement Areas in Community Economic Development: An exploratory study of BIAs in Toronto  John Meligrana Ahluwalia, Gurraj 2019
Report (pdf, 111kB) Planning for Sustainable Development: An Analysis of the State of Planning in the City of Kingston through an Official Plan Evaluation John Meligrana Armstrong, Natalie 2019
Report (pdf, 131kB) The Development of Modern Urban Planning in Quebec between 1946-1973 David Gordon Desforges, Vincent 2019
Report (pdf, 96kB) Students and Seniors: Intergenerational Homesharing in Kingston, Ontario  Patricia Collins Fraser, Carling 2019
Report (pdf, 265kB) Deindustrialization and Economic Development in St. Catharines, Ontario  Betsy Donald Kurylovich, Dmitry 2019
Report (pdf, 161kB) Names Versus Numbers: Exploring how planning for social inclusion could help alleviate the stigmatization of poverty in a small town  Leela Viswanathan MacDonald-Plummer, Taylor 2019
Thesis (pdf, 26kB) The Role of Municipal Level Government in Accelerating 100% Renewable Energy Use: a Case Study of Oxford County, Ontario Graham Whitelaw Murray, Matthew 2019
Report (pdf, 63kB) From Marketing to Master Plan: An Environmental Sustainability Analysis of Toronto’s East Harbour EcoDistrict  Leela Viswanathan Robinson, Bryanne 2019
Report (pdf 119kB) Safer Stops: Increasing Public Perceptions of Safety through Bus Stop Design in the City of Greater Sudbury  Leela Viswanathan Smith, Vanessa 2019
Report (pdf 33kB) A Socio-Spatial Analysis of Communities Affected by Public School Closures in Ontario  Patricia Collins Snow, Gabrielle 2019
Report (pdf, 696kB) Suburban growth in the Toronto CMA, 1996-2016: A Case of Johnny Town-Mouse and Timmy Willie David L.A. Gordon Willms, Christopher 2019
Report (pdf, 101kB) Reacting to Change: Exploring the Potential Impacts of School Closures on Households and Neighbourhoods in Kingston, Ontario  Patricia Collins Allman, Lindsay 2018
Report (pdf, 328kB) Secondary Dwellings:  An Integrated Housing Option for Seniors in Small Municipalities Patricia Streich Birdi, Chanti 2018
Report (pdf, 28kB) Full Disclosure: The Effects of Energy Benchmarking & Reporting Programs on Promoting Efficient Buildings  John Andrew Ezzio, Sarah 2018
Report (pdf, 85kB) Age-Friendly Built Environment: Examining the Downtown Core of the City of Kingston, Ontario Ajay Agarwal Geladi, Anna 2018
Report (pdf, 369kB)

Estimating suburban population growth: A study of the Ottawa-Gatineau CMA, 1996-2016 

David L.A. Gordon Goldney, Emily 2018
Report (pdf, 75kB)

Shifting to More Progressive Parking Policy: An Examination of Parking Management Strategies to Complement the City of Ottawa’s Updated Minimum Parking Requirements

Ajay Agarwal Hanifi, MIchael 2018
Report (pdf, 85kB) Leveraging Better Policy for Long-Term Sustainability in Northern Ontario: New Approaches to Planning for Decline Leela Viswanathan Kuhl, Nicholas 2018
Report (pdf, 286kB) Bridging the Gap Between Disaster/Emergency Management and Urban Planning in Vancouver Island Communities Leela Viswanathan Lumley, Sarah 2018
Report (pdf, 73kB) Enhancing First Nation and Métis Involvement in Land Use Planning in Southern Ontario: The Case of Ontario's Greenbelt Plan Review Leela Viswanathan Morris, Meg 2018
Report (pdf, 65kB)

The notable role of planners in community energy plans

Warren Mabee Peachey, JoAnn 2018
Thesis (pdf, 117kB) Internet-based Planning in First Nations Communities: Challenges and Opportunities Graham Whitelaw Polyzois, Konstantine 2018
Report (pdf, 1.63MB)

Our Physical Environment, Our Choices?: A comparison of urban design and pedestrian patterns along Kingston’s Princess Street

David L.A. Gordon Prell, Phillip 2018
Report (pdf, 102kB) Exploring the Reasons Why Queen's Employees Have and Have Not, Shifted to Commuting by Public Transit in Kingston Patricia Collins Rees, Joanna 2018
Report (pdf, 174kB) Growing Pains: Exploring the implications of Urban Vertical Growth on Emergency Fire Service delivery in Toronto, Ontario Leela Viswanathan Sharp, Laurel 2018
Report (pdf, 154kB) The State of Urban Intensification in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Graham Whitelaw Tasfi, Sydney 2018
Report (pdf, 518kB)

Unearthing Recognition: Examining Indigenous Agency in the Land Development Process

Leela Viswanathan Alain, Scott 2017
Thesis (pdf, 262kB)

Art and Soul in the Exchange District of Winnipeg, MB: Planning for Arts, Culture and Creativity

Betsy Donald Bell, Paul 2017
Report (pdf, 535kB)

Security, Crime Prevention and Capital Planning: A Study of Two Embassies in Canada’s Capital

David L.A. Gordon Coyle, Emilie 2017
Report (pdf, 55kB) School Closures & Community Hubs: Examining Livability in Ontario through School Closures and the Community Hubs Framework Patricia Collins Cranston, Sarah 2017
Report (pdf, 93kB)

The Impact of Employment Status on the Travel Behaviour of Millennials: Assessing the Potential for Promoting Sustainable Transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

Ajay Agarwal Giallonardo, Michael 2017
Report (pdf, 476kB) ‘It’s Only Water - Triple Bottom Line Analysis for Planners and Policy Makers about Direct Potable Reuse in Canada. John Meligrana Kennedy, Aidan 2017
Report (pdf, 299kB)

"Making Green Roofs Happen" in Toronto: Policy Analysis

John Meligrana Lee, Joanne 2017
Report (pdf, 493kB)

Visitability in Social and Affordable Housing Developments in Kingston, Ontario - Practice, challenges, impacts, and policies

Patricia Streich Libera, Sarah 2017
Report (pdf, 357kB)

Attitudinal Variables Influencing Transit Ridership: Measuring the Impact of Express Bus Service in Kingston, Ontario

Patricia Collins MacFarlane, Robert 2017
Report (pdf, 57kB) Checking Kingston's Equity Pulse: An application and critical evaluation of the Urban HEART@Toronto methodology to investigate the intra-city social and health inequities of Kingston, ON Patricia Collins Pakeman, Kyle 2017
Report (pdf, 357kB)

Comparing Form-Based Codes and Urban Design Guidelines in the Central Areas of Two Mountain Resort Towns

David L.A. Gordon Pinchin, Ian 2017
Report (pdf, 797kB) The Potential for Culture-led Regeneration in Toronto's Port Lands:  Lessons from Hafen City, Hamburg  (Report not on QSpace;) David L.A. Gordon Sjaarda, Julia 2017
Report (pdf, 8.19 MB) Small Town Downtown Revitalization: Applying the Main Street Approach to the towns of Perth and Carleton Place, Ontario John Meligrana D'Aoust, Jessica 2016
Report (pdf, 305kB) Best Practices for the Creation of Urban Forest Management Plans: Lessons from London and Mississauga for Ontario's Large Municipalities John Meligrana Douglas, Thomas 2016
Report (pdf 806kB) Assessing the Implementation of a Secondary Plan Using a Conformance-Based GIS Method: A Pilot Project in Winnipeg, Manitoba David Gordon Fehr, Thomas 2016
Report (pdf 66kB) Measuring Solar Energy Potentials in Residential Environments: A Comparative Study of Three Neighbourhoods in Kingston, Ontario John Meligrana Gundrum, David 2016
Report (pdf, 136kB) Transitioning Towards a Development Permit System: Recommendations for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing John Meligrana Muir, Graeme 2016
Report (pdf 391kB) First Nation Successes: Developing Urban Reserves in Canada Patricia Streich Poholka, Holli 2016  
Report (pdf 36kB) Troubled Waters Ahead: An Evaluation of Shoreline Land Use Policies for Water Quality Protection in Renfrew County, Ontario Graham Whitelaw Rueckwald, Megan 2016
Report (pdf, 76kB) Energizing the Oak Ridges Moraine?  Analyzing the Policy Implications of Three Wind Energy Developments on the Oak Ridges Moraine and their Potential Impact on the Coordinated Land Use Planning Review through the Involvement of First Nations and Environmental Non-governmental Organizations Graham Whitelaw and Leela Viswanathan Salsberg, Joanna 2016
Report (pdf, 65kB) A Minor Change?: A Case Study of Carleton Place's Integration of Minor Variance Procedures into Ontario's Development Permit System John Meligrana Segal-Daly, Benjamin 2016
Report (pdf, 988kB) Rise of Rental: Encouraging the Development of Purpose-Built Rental Apartments Across Vancouver and Toronto John Andrew Shmulevitch, Michael 2016
Report (pdf, 56kB) The Application of the Precautionary Principle in the Land Use Process in Ontario Graham Whitelaw Taylor, Ashley 2016
Report (pdf, 606kB) Sydenham Street Revived: A Public Space Experiment David L.A. Gordon Tulloch, Alia 2016

Report (pdf, 746kB)

The Sustainable Campus:  A Comparison of Comprehensive Sustainability Policies in the Campus Master Plans of the University of Guelph and Queen’s University David Gordon Bang, Elizabeth 2015
Report (pdf, 67kB) Identifying and Analyzing Natural Hazard Based Appeals at the Ontario Municipal Board John Meligrana Bohan, Stephen 2015
Report (pdf, 79kB) Second to None: Secondary Suites and Affordable Housing for Seniors in Kingston, Ontario Patricia Streich Bolduc, Jacob 2015
Report (pdf, 335kB) Planning Senior-Friendly Neighbourhoods for Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: An evaluation of Macassa and Glenview West, Hamilton, Ontario Patricia Collins Coates, Victoria 2015
Report (pdf, 1.64MB) Urbanizing Suburban Downtowns: Transit-Supportive Design Guidelines for Downtown Mississauga Ajay Agarwal Dia, Ibrahim 2015
Report (pdf, 930kB) The LEEDing Attraction to the BESt: Exploring the attraction to certified, sustainable commercial office space in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada John Andrew Finkler-Kemeny, Kate 2015
Report (pdf, 507kB) Walkability of Three Southern Ontario Inner City University Campus Thoroughfare Streets: Assessing the Physical and Perceptual Qualities of the Built Environment Patricia Collins Fotino, Anthony 2015
Report (pdf, 55kB) Planning for the Flood Fringe: A Comparative Analysis of Two Zone Concept Planning Policies Used by Conservation Authorities in Southern Ontario Graham Whitelaw Gunasekara, Dhilan 2015
Report (pdf, 525kB) Kingston Inner Harbour: A Cultural Heritage Landscape Pilot Study David Gordon Holthof, Benjamin 2015
Report (pdf, 885KB) Condos, Lettuce, and Tomatoes: Factors Influencing the Provision of Food Production Spaces in New Multi-Unit Residential Developments in Toronto and Vancouver Leela Viswanathan Huang, Dilys 2015
Report (pdf, 169kB) Families, a vital resource for the planning and survival of resource towns:  Case Studies of Kitimat, Fort St. John and Tumbler Ridge Leela Viswanathan Jiang, Jessica 2015
Report (pdf, 385kB) From a lot to a lot better:  Perceptions of security and attractiveness of design features of two parking lots in the City of Kingston Leela Viswanathan Katyal, Himanshu 2015
Report Perception of Safety at Transit Stops: A Case Study of Kingston, ON David Gordon Kheir-Moghadam, Golsa 2015
Report (pdf, 19kB) Falling Down and Climbing Up the Ladder of Neighbourhood Change:  Filtering and Gentrification in Metro Vancouver, 1981-2006 Andrejs Skaburskis Louie, Vincent 2015
Report (pdf, 88kB) Addressing Core Housing Need in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick Patricia Streich MacDonald, Natasha 2015
Report (pdf, 87kB) Linking Bike Path to Train Track:  Recommendations for Improved Bicycle Parking Facilities at the Future Baseline LRT Station, Ottawa Ajay Agarwal McIntosh, Robert 2015
Report (pdf, 355kB) Comparing the Potential for Creative Clusters for Urban Regeneration John Meligrana Misiak, Andrew 2015
Report (pdf, 673kB) Planning Near-University Neighbourhoods: A Case Study of Kingston, ON and Ithaca, NY David Gordon Nadeau, Jeff 2015
Report (pdf, 2.16 MB) Exploring the factors that support cooperative and equitable municipal-First Nation relationships: A case study of the City of Calgary and the Tsuut’ina Nation Leela Viswanathan Newton, Randi 2015
Report (pdf, 154kB) Sustainability at the Urban-Rural Fringe: Assessing the implications of agriburban development for planning sustainable communities in the whitebelt of the Greater Golden Horseshoe Patricia Collins O'Neill-Kizoff, Cian 2015
Report (pdf, 91kB) Revitalizing the Beachway Park: Recommendations for Improving the Waterfront Trail along the shores of Burlington, Ontario Ajay Agarwal Romlewski, Samantha 2015
Report (pdf, 316kB) Retrofitting for sustainability: Assessing the sprawl repair potential of three commercial centres in Hamilton, Ontario John Meligrana Shuhaibar, Mazen 2015
Report (pdf, 93kB) Tackling Tactical Urbanism:  Exploring the Potential for Improved Social Spaces on Queen’s University Campus David Gordon Smith, Molly and Tejani, Shazeen 2015
Report (pdf, 43kB) Sustainability at the Urban-Rural Fringe: Assessing the implications of agriburban development for planning sustainable communities in the whitebelt of the Greater Golden Horseshoe Patricia Collins Spessot, Miranda 2015
Report (pdf, 68kB) Evaluating the Walkability of Traditional Main Streets:  A Comparative Analysis of downtown Brockville, Cornwall and Kingston, Ontario Graham Whitelaw Suffel, Jordan 2015
Report (pdf, 2.22 MB) Community Based Development in Rideau Heights:  The Case for a Community-Driven Storefront Initiative Leela Viswanathan Tan, Diane 2015
Report (pdf, 93kB) Tackling Tactical Urbanism:  Exploring the Potential for Improved Social Spaces on Queen’s University Campus David Gordon Tejani, Shazeen and Smith, Molly 2015
Report (pdf, 195kB) How Age-Friendly are Kingston's Suburban Streets? A comparative case study analysis of Kingston, Ontario Patricia Collins Thibault, Jenna 2015
Report (pdf, 605kB) Reanimating a Forgotten Crossing:  Design recommendations for the redevelopment of Ottawa’s Prince of Wales Bridge into a multifunctional rail-trail bridge Ajay Agarwal Thomassen-Darby, Corinna 2015
Report (pdf, 51kB) PARK IT - Examining urban green spaces in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario  Patricia Collins Tootoonchian, Pegah 2015
Report (pdf, 1.45MB) Woodward's: Urban Design and Public Space - Measuring a Sense of Place Leela Viswanathan von Hausen, Athena 2015
Report (pdf, 55kB) Old Buildings, Great Beer:  Lessons of Adaptive Reuse and Microbreweries in the City of Toronto Carl Bray Zuk, Daren 2015
Report (pdf, 389kB) The Effect of Provincial and Municipal Sustainability Policies on Urban Development Patterns in Markham Ontario  Patricia Collins Adeola, Damilare 2014
Report (pdf, 207kB) Redesign of Shannon and headway Parks: Improving Their Accessibility, Amenities, and Facilities Patricia Collins Aghabozororgafjeh, Sahar 2014
Report (pdf, 74kB) New Uses for Old Churches: An Examination of the Effects of Planning Regulations on the Adaptive Reuse of Church Buildings Ajay Agarwal Amayu, Ermias 2014
Report Identifying Factors for Success in Planning and Designing Supportive Housing in Ottawa, Ontario Leela Viswanathan Anderson, Graham 2014
Report (pdf, 433kB) Evaluating the Walkability of Transit-Oriented Development in Metro Vancouver's Northeast Sector Patricia Collins Beaty, Angus 2014
Report (pdf, 132kB) A Greener Future for Farmers in the Niagara Fruitbelt: Evaluating the Practicality of using Agricultural Easements in Ontario's Greenbelt Leela Viswanathan Berry, Josh 2014
Report (pdf, 398kB) Planning for Pot: Incorporating the Production of Medical Marihuana into the Zoning Bylaw of the District of West Kelowna John Meligrana Chabot, Bailey 2014
Report (pdf, 264kB) Turning the Lights Out on Light Pollution: Recommendations for the Township of Stone Mills John Meligrana Cornish, Nancy 2014
Report (pdf, 193kB) A Pilot Study for Comparing Two Inner-City Edmonton Parks in Winter? David Gordon Davies, Keith 2014
Report (pdf, 36kB) Hitting the Roads With Alternative Modes: An Evaluation of York Region's TDM Policies Ajay Agarwal Dror, Mike 2014
Report (pdf, 1.24MB) Cataraqui North, A Case Study: Kingston's Experience with the Implementation of a New Urbanist Secondary Plan David Gordon Gkotsis, Tony 2014
Report (pdf, 974kB) The Evolution of Waterfront Public Spaces: A comparative assessment of public use on Toronto's Harbour Square Park and York Quay David Gordon Grabowski, Arthur 2014
Report (pdf, 59kB) Mass Potential: Exploring crowd sourcing as a tool for public participation in urban planning Patricia Streich Hamilton, Andrea 2014
Report Reweaving the Urban Fabric: Examining Greyfield Redevelopment in the Greater Toronto Area Ajay Agarwal Herczeg, Brooke 2014
Report From Old Mould to Functional Gold: The Adaptive Reuse of Surplus Heritage Schools in Hamilton, Ontario John Andrew Hutton, Shwaan 2014
Report (pdf, 401kB) Poverty in Post-War Suburbs: Are Households Doing Better or Worse? Andrejs Skaburskis Jolicoeur, Alix 2014
Report What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Examining the Consequences of the City of Toronto Public Square By-laws on Diversity in Yonge-Dundas Square Leela Viswanathan Joseph, Kecil 2014
Report (pdf, 574kB) Cracking the Code of Small Downtowns David Gordon Lundberg, Per 2014
Report (pdf, 301kB) Collaboration Between Public Health and Planning Professionals towards the Development of a Healthy Community Policy Framework: A Case Study of the Regional Municipality of Peel Leela Viswanathan McDonell, Heather 2014
Report Finding Common Ground: Building Equitable Planning Futures with First Nations in Ontario, Canada Leela Viswanathan McLeod, Fraser 2014
Report A Planner's Online Toolbox: An Evaluation of Online Tools for Enhancing Public Engagement in the Planning Process Ajay Agarwal Meere, Mattson 2014
Report (pdf, 50kB) Get Moving to School: Comparing Influences on the Potential for Active School Travel in Four School Neighbourhoods in a Large Urban Centre in Western Canada Patricia Collins Nielsen, Sarah 2014
Report (pdf, 111kB) An Investigation about the Environmental Sustainability of the Darband Recreational Area in Tehran John Meligrana Parsijani, Farhad J. 2014
Report (pdf, 698kB) Guiding Future Suburban Development through Public Policy: A Comparative Case Study of Two Arterial Mainstreets in Ottawa, Ontario David Gordon Poulton, Ryan 2014
Report (pdf, 796kB) Designing for a Safer Public Housing Community: A Case Study of Chester Le, Toronto David Gordon Qi, Hongyan (Ivy) 2014
Report (pdf, 357kB) Is Everyone in the Pool? Lessons on Access and Equity from Toronto's Regent Park Aquatic Centre Leela Viswanathan Rac, Michael 2014
Report (pdf, 174kB) Revitalizing the Vancouver Viaducts: Recommendations for Implementing Parks and Public Space Beneath the Georgia and Dunsmuir Street Viaducts in Vancouver, British Columbia Ajay Agarwal Redpath, Nicholas B. 2014
Report (pdf, 311kB) Assessing the Impacts of Planning Regulations on Residential Impervious Coverage in Amherstview, Ontario John Meligrana Sands, Jason 2014
Report Planning for green infrastructure in municipal right-of-ways: A comparative case study analysis Leela Viswanathan Summers, Meghan 2014
Report (pdf, 197kB) The Ethics, Feasibility, Opportunities and Challenges of Adopting a Facility Accessibility Design Standard (FADS) for Queen's University Leela Viswanathan Tan, Rebecca K. 2014
Report (pdf, 297kB) Downtown Suburbia? Assessing the Development of a Suburban Mixed-Use Centre Andrejs Skaburskis Taylor, James 2014
Report (pdf, 140kB) Effects of Power Centre Retail on Inner-City Areas: The Case of the Centre on Barton in Hamilton, Ontario John Andrew Tchisler, Gerry 2014
Report (pdf, 125kB) The Evolution of Vancouver's Laneways: Assessing the Pedestrian Environment of Three Vancouver Laneways within Regions Zoned to Permit Laneway Housing Ajay Agarwal Whitehead, Russell 2014
Thesis (pdf, 9kB) A study to examine the boundary expansions of Kingston from a legal and land perspective, with emphasis on the 1998 amalgamation John Meligrana Willes, Frances Mary 2014
Report (pdf, 1.39MB) The Establishment of Urban Open Spaces to Meet Users Needs: A Comparative Case Study of Two Neighbourhood Parks in Abuja, Nigeria David Gordon Akubueze, Nnamdi 2013
Report (pdf, 117kB) The City in Colour: Alternative Approaches to Graffiti Management for Kingston, Ontario Leela Viswanathan Alger, Morgan 2013
Report (pdf, 74kB) Rural Housing Affordability: A Location-based Investigation of the Characteristics of Those Experiencing Housing Affordability Problems in Ontario Andrejs Skaburskis Atfield, Marika 2013
Report (pdf, 84kB) Getting Safety on Track: Expanding Edmonton's LRT Design Guidelines to Improve Women's Perceptions of Safety at Transit Stations Leela Viswanathan Brown, Radhika 2013
Report (pdf, 87kB) The Battle for Mobility: An Evaluation of Metrolinx compliance with its pedestrian focused Mobility Hub Guidelines at Danforth, Pickering and Milton GO stations Ajay Agarwal Caiger, Cassandra 2013
Report (pdf, 482kB) Trees and Priority Investment Neighbourhoods: Implications & Opportunities for Environmental Equity in Toronto John Meligrana Chang, Diana 2013
Report (pdf, 411kB) An Evaluation of the Pedestrian Environment of Princess Street in Kingston, Ontario from the Perspective of the 'Great Street' Concept Patricia Collins Cruceru, Ana 2013
Report (pdf, 83kB) Optimal Methods of Collecting Community Benefits from Developers When Higher Density is Granted: A Case Study in the City of Toronto John Andrew Danesh Heidari, Hossein 2013
Report (pdf, 275kB) Bylaws and Brothels: An analysis of Toronto's adult entertainment governance strategy Leela Viswanathan Danford, Nicholas 2013
Report (pdf, 92kB) The Positive Impacts & Best Practices of Youth Participation in Planning - Strengthening Theory & Application through Diverse Contexts: The Community Design Initative Case Study in the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park Priority Neighbourhood Scarborough, Ontario Andrejs Skaburskis Gawor, Jennifer 2013
Report (pdf, 46kB) Can You Dig It? Accessibility in Community Garden Policies and Lessons from Two Canadian Cities Leela Viswanathan Gradeen, Lindsey 2013
Report (pdf, 319kB) Analyzing the Impacts of Transit Investments: Examining Change in Two Toronto Transit Neighbourhoods Ajay Agarwal Graham, Kaitlyn 2013
Report (pdf, 1.21MB) From Low-Rise to High-Rise: A Comparison of Techniques for the Integration of Tall Buildings into Three Suburban, Transit-Adjcent Locations in Ottawa David Gordon Grove, Jennifer 2013
Report (pdf, 65kB) Assessing the Economic Impact of an Oil and Gas Firm's Head Office Relocation to Calgary, AB Andrejs Skaburskis Huffman, John 2013
Report (pdf, 541kB) A Comparative Analysis of Public Access Along the Waterfront Walkways of Kingston and Belleville, Ontario David Gordon Ikram, Ali 2013
Report (pdf, 502kB) The Revitalization of Traditional Mainstreets Through Design: Notre-Dame Street, Lachine, QC Ajay Agarwal Ippersiel, Matthew 2013
Report (pdf, 75kB) Programming and Services for Youth in North Kingston Parks: A Community Assessment Patricia Collins and Patricia Streich Jamal, Shairoz 2013
Report (pdf, 341kB) A Pilot Study of Sprawl Repair Potential in Kingston, Ontario David Gordon Johnston, Jeremy 2013
Report (pdf, 91kB) Everything Tastes Better Standing Up: A Comparative Analysis of Food Truck Enterprise Bylaws in Vancouver and Toronto Leela Viswanathan Kukic, Mladen 2013
Report (pdf, 66kB) Putting the Brake on Minimum Parking Requirements: Exploring Minimum Parking Requirements and Policy Alternatives in Barrie, Ontario Ajay Agarwal Marshall, Carly 2013
Report (pdf, 194kB) Strong Employment Lands, Strong Communities: An Evaluative Framework and Comparative Case Study of the Region of Niagara's Gateway Employment Lands Study (2011) and the Region of Waterloo's Industrial and Business Park Vacant Land Inventory and Demand Analysis (2006) John Meligrana Martel, Kelly 2013
Report (pdf, 94kB) Moving Industry Up: Examining the Potential for Intensification of New & Cultural Industries in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant Industrial District John Meligrana Morgan, Hillary 2013
Report (pdf, 3.34MB) Mixing in Mid-Rise: An Analysis of the Key Factors in the Redevelopment of Vancouver's Neighbourhood Shopping Streets John Meligrana Pradinuk, Jonathan 2013
Report (pdf, 2.60MB) Food for Thought: A Case Study Analysis of the Food Retail Site Selection Process John Meligrana Raso, Vincent 2013
Report (pdf, 1.19MB) Gordon Stephenson’s 1960 Plan for London, Ontario: Noble Intentions, Unfulfilled Promise, and Lasting Influence David Gordon Robinson-Mushkat, S.W. 2013
Report (pdf, 149kB) Evaluating Ontario Wind Turbine Decommissioning Plans Graham Whitelaw Stecky-Efantis, Alex 2013
Report (pdf, 327kB) Planning for Urban Biodiversity: An Examination of the relationship between Integrated Community Sustainability Planning principles and novel ecosystem formation Graham Whitelaw Stuart, John 2013
Report (pdf, 74kB) Assessing the Bicycle Compatibility of Princess Street in Kingston, Ontario: Evaluating the Physical Environment and Roadway Characteristics of the Street Ajay Agarwal Talarico, Marisa 2013
Report Integrated Community Sustainability Planning: A Comparative Case Study Patricia Collins Williams, Brandon 2013
Report (pdf, 542kB) A Streetcar Suburb for the 21st Century: Transit-Supportive Design Guidelines & Policy Recommendations for Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto Ajay Agarwal Anders, Brian 2012
Report (pdf, 765kB) Planning Senior-Friendly Neighbourhoods: A Comparative Analysis of James Bay and Fernwood, Victoria, British Columbia Leela Viswanathan Bendle, Johannes 2012
Report (pdf, 622kB) The Cult of the View: Comparing and Evaluating the Effectiveness of View Corridor Protection in Montreal and Vancouver David Gordon Bingham, Sarah 2012
Thesis (pdf, 44kB) Examining the Existence of Collaborative Planning and Sustainable Development in a First Nation Community-Based Planning Context  Leela Viswanathan Callahan, Christopher 2012
Report Neighbourhood Analyses for Fostering Active and Safe Routes to School: A Comparative Case Study of Four Elementary Schools in Kingston, Ontario Patricia Collins Chris, Laura 2012
Report (pdf, 53kB) A Comparative Case Study of Urban Forest Planning in Oakville and Kingston, Ontario John Meligrana Cziraky, Julia 2012
Report Social Media and the Role of the Planner: A Practical Approach Leela Viswanathan Doyle, Amy 2012
Report (pdf, 381kB) Implementation of Natural Heritage Systems: Recommendations for Prince Edward County Graham Whitelaw Froehlich, Anna 2012
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Report (pdf, 152kB) City of Kingston's promotion of LEED Certified Buildings for Private Landowners Patricia Collins Hasler, Brittany 2012
Report (pdf, 79kB) Comparing Gentrification in Montreal and Toronto Andrejs Skaburskis Hommik, Anthony 2012
Thesis Planning for the Memorialisation of the Indian Residential School System: A Case Study of the Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, Ontario Leela Viswanathan Hovey, Christina 2012
Report (pdf, 481kB) The Impacts and Implications of Irish National Economic Crisis Recovery Policy on Municipal Planning Policy John Andrew Jarus, Kevin 2012
Report The Chill of Outdoor Plazas: A comprehensive comparison of two outdoor plazas in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan under the premise of access, use, image, sociability & climate-conscious design David Gordon Jones, Megan 2012
Report (pdf, 360kB) Evaluating Downtown Design: A comparative assessment of Cornwall and Belleville, Ontario David Gordon Leclerc-Desjardins, Youko 2012
Report (pdf, 753kB) Streets as Leisure and Social Spaces: Exploring the Relationships between Street Life and the Physical Environment in Two Vancouver Neighbourhoods David Gordon Lo, Arthur 2012
Report (pdf, 69kB) Challenges, Opportunities, and Factors of Success in Greyfield Redevelopment: An Examination of the Bay Ridges Plaza in Pickering, Ontario Andrejs Skaburskis Michael, Nick 2012
Report (pdf, 55kB) Intensifying the Urban Growth Centre in Brantford, Ontario: Opportunities and Possibilities John Meligrana Miles, Eric 2012
Report The Characteristics of Declining Neighbourhoods in Toronto  Andrejs Skaburskis Nelson, Kris 2012
Report (pdf, 522kB) A Comparison of the RFP Procurement Processes for the Revitalization of Regent Park David Gordon Nicholson, Michelle 2012
Report (pdf, 438kB) Urban Lighting: Planning for Public Spaces in Vancouver's Southeast False Creek Ajay Agarwal Paskovic, Anya 2012
Report (pdf, 41kB) The Acquisition and Redevelopment of Surplus Schools in Toronto, Ontario: An Assessment of the City of Toronto's School Lands Property Acquisition Policy  John Andrew Rasanu, Simona 2012
Report Barriers to the Woody Biomass Energy Industry in British Columbia John Meligrana Renney, Andrea 2012
Report (pdf, 97kB) The Efficacy of Wildlife Crossings as Constructed Corridors: Lessons for Planning Natural Heritage Systems in Ontario Graham Whitelaw Sott, Anita 2012
Report (pdf, 35kB) Planning for Complete Streets: A Comparative Evaluation of Three Transportation Master Plans Ajay Agarwal Skoworodko, Carolyn 2012
Report (pdf, 69kB) Creating a Safe and Vibrant Downtown Guelph: Determining Elements of the Built Environment that will Enhance Women's Feelings of Safety Leela Viswanathan Spears, Tara 2012
Report (pdf, 74kB) Assessing the Pedestrian Environments of Three Toronto Streets: Bloor Street, Queen Street West, and Yonge Street John Meligrana Sukumaran, Sharlad 2012
Report Laneway Housing: Planning and the Rebuilding of Toronto's Lanes John Meligrana Terpstra, Nigel 2012
Report (pdf, 67kB) Recommended Best Practices Regarding Natural Heritage Protection in the County of Peterborough Graham Whitelaw Walker, Korey 2012
Report (pdf, 224kB) Planning for healthy communities: A study examining the City of Kingston's Official Plan as a means to facilitate health friendly environments Patricia Collins Wood, Jennifer 2012
Report (pdf, 102kB) Planning For Places of Worship: Facilitating the Development of Urban Churches - A Case Study of Hamilton, Ontario   Adema, Justin 2011
Report (pdf, 1.25MB) Canadian Football League Stadium Location: A Comparative Analysis of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Facility and Winnipeg Stadium   Assie, Scott 2011
Report (pdf, 318kB) Mixed-Use as a Tool for Suburban Town Centre Office Space Development in Metro Vancouver: A Case Study in Port Moody, BC   Barer, Justin M. 2011
Report Brampton Soccer Centre and Cassie Campbell Community Centre: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Two Suburban Recreation Facilities from Brampton, ON, Canada Using the Urban Design Compendium as a Basis   Boutassis, Antonios 2011
Report (pdf, 616kB) "Reviving the Old Traffic Circle": A Proposal for a Context Sensitive Roundabout Design for the Princess, Bath, and Concession Streets Intersection   Brett, Adrian 2011
Report Using Smart Growth Criteria to Evaluate Alternative Zoning Methods in an Existing Neighbourhood   Burgess, Annamarie 2011
Report (pdf, 112kB) Bishop's University: the Past, the Present and the Future - A Case Study in Promoting Heritage Campus Planning at Bishop's   Chan, Hoi Kei Phoebe 2011
Report (pdf, 137kB) Adaptive Reuse of Office Space to Residential Units in Kingston, Ontario   Chook, Suman 2011
Report (pdf, 446kB) Evaluating the Role of Fare Structures in Improving Public Transportation Systems: What Lessons can Toronto, Canada Learn from Zurich, Switzerland?   Gagnon, Kristie 2011
Report (pdf, 632kB) These Stations were made for Walking: Recommended Guidelines in Pedestrian-Oreinted Facility Design at Rapid Transit Stations for Victoria, BC   House, Kevin 2011
Report A Comparison of Neighbourhood Designs for Detachment Jericho   Isaak, Carl 2011
Report (pdf, 455kB) Pushing the Boundaries - Examining the Role of Advisory Committees in Fringe Planning: A Kelowna Case Study   Janzen, Mark 2011
Report (pdf, 3.60MB) Sustainability and Aggregate Resource Extraction in Southern Ontario: A case study of the proposed St. Marys Cement Inc. Flamborough Quarry   Jeffrey, Ryan 2011
Report (pdf, 7kB) Affordability of Purpose-Built Rental Housing for Young Adult Singles in Vancouver, British Columbia   Johnson, Tristan 2011
Report (pdf, 54kB) It's Getting HOT in Here: A Case Study of the SR-91 in California   Lee, Jordan 2011
Report Filling a Gap in Toronto's Regional Transportation Network: An Evaluation of the Planned Air Rail Link from Union Station to Lester B. Pearson International Airport   Leonard, Amanda 2011
Report (pdf, 376kB) An Evaluation of LEED-ND Project Certification: An Investigation of 22 Certified LEED-ND Projects   MacMartin, Drew 2011
Report (pdf, 373kB) An Application of Systematic Natural Heritage Planning for Biodiversity Protection in the National Capital Greenbelt Region   Maxwell, Laura 2011
Report Fitting the Knowledge Economy Jigsaw Piece for Belleville, Ontario: Benchmarking performance with Canadian Cities and Underpinning the Role of Downtown   McCrady, Brook 2011
Report Brownfield Redevelopment: An Analysis of Key Variables in the Development Process   McQueen, Henry 2011
Report Backyard Chicken Policy: Lessons from Vancouver, Seattle and Niagara Falls   Miller, Kieran 2011
Report (pdf, 117kB) Exploring Bus Rapid Transit: A Comparison of York Region and Ottawa's BRT Systems   Moebs, Laura 2011
Report (pdf, 126kB) Planning for Partnerships under the Neoliberal Paradigm: A Study of the Bedford Waterfront Development's Public Consultation Process   Morrison, Blaise 2011
Report Walkability of Three Downtown Vancouver Streets: Evaluating the Physical and Perceptual Qualities of the Built Environment   Nakazawa, Andrew 2011
Report Creating a Cycling Culture Among University Students - Examining Behaviour, Perceptions, Experiences, and Options: A Case Study of Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada   North Ashley 2011
Report (pdf, 1.01MB) Urban Open Space Design to Meet Users Needs: A Comparative Case Study of Springer Market Square and Confederation Park in Kingston, Ontario   Orovan, Sarah 2011
Report Greening the Greenfield: Planning Natural Heritage Systems in New Subdivisions   Posen, Jaime 2011
Report (pdf, 55kB) Social Mix in the Making: Implications to Social Housing Redevelopment   Postnikoff, Heidi 2011
Report Evaluating Stakeholder Input in Environmental Decision Making: ENGO contributions to the BC Water Act reform   Reaney, Natasha 2011
Report Evaluating Ontario's New Brownfields Regulation as a Step Toward Policy Maturity   Reynolds, Devin 2011
Report (pdf, 95kB) Business Improvement Areas in Metro Vancouver: The Convergence of Economic Development and Social Responsibility   Schaal, Darin 2011
Report (pdf, 1.55MB) Comparing the Design of Two Yaletown Open Spaces: An Evaluation of Design Elements and the Physical Environment   Sherstone, Andrew 2011
Report Abiotic, Biotic and Cultural Resource Survey for Land Planning Along the Rideau Canal   Stephenson, Sarah 2011
Report (pdf, 415kB) An Evaluation of Ontario's Green Energy and Green Economy Act of 2009: Exploring the Role of Indicators in Community Energy Planning   Stuermer, Ana 2011
Report An Analysis of the Types and Characteristics of Capital Cities in West Africa: Comparison of Ghana and Nigeria   Takyi, Stephen Appiah 2011
Report (pdf, 452kB) Public Power in the Planning Process: An Evaluation of Access, Deliberation, and Accountability in the Decicion-Making Processes Used to Create the Lansdowne Partnership Plan   van Koughnett, Claire 2011
Report (pdf, 53kB) Addressing the Needs of Homeless Youth Through Housing, Education, and Career Services in Kingston, Ontario, Canada   Yang, Sumi 2011
Report Rails of Change: The Hickson Trail Cultural Heritage Landscape Study   Yeoman, K. Paul 2011
Report (pdf, 230kB) A Pilot Study for Bicycle Lane and Intersection Design on Queen Street in Kingston, Ontario Using Canadian and Dutch Design Guidelines   Belina, Dorothy 2010
Report (pdf, 964kB) Transit-Oriented Development in Smiths Falls, Ontario: A Comparison Between Two Sites   Bentley, Adam 2010
Report (pdf, 45kB) The Potential for District Energy Systems to Contribute to Municipal Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Planning: Lessons from Ontario Municipalities   Brown, Sarah 2010
Report (pdf, 191kB) A Comparative Analysis of Two Urban Squares in Downtown Toronto: Trinity Square and Yonge- Dundas Square   Covello, Vanessa 2010
Report (pdf, 85kB) Diversifying a Forest-Dependent Community: Planning Recommendations for Mackenzie, British Columbia   Crosby, Bryan 2010
Report (pdf, 366kB) Lake Ontario Park: Evaluating existing connectivity and accessibility and proposed changes in the 2009 Master Plan   Elliott, Tasha 2010
Report (pdf, 161kB) An Evaluation of the Municipal Development Plans of the City of Calgary and Rocky View County for Conformity to the Calgary Metropolitan Plan   Gilchrist, Theresa 2010
Report (pdf, 72kB) Gentrification: Agent of Social Mix or Displacement?   Higgins, Joscelin 2010
Report (pdf, 1.24MB) A Critical Evaluation of Two New urbanist Communities in Calgary: A Comparison of McKenzie Towne and Garrison Woods   Hindson, Carmen 2010
Report (pdf, 96kB) Recommendations for Agricultural Land Preservation Policy in Ontario   Illingworth, Trevor 2010
Report An Exploration of Agricultural Urbanism   Lake, Devin 2010
Report (pdf, 40kB) Selling the City: Municipal Websites as a Means of Place Brand Identify Communication   Lynes, Meredith 2010
Report (pdf, 42kB) Evaluating Residential Impervious Surfaces in the City of Peterborough: Opportunities for Water Sensitive Planning and Low Impact Development   MacIsaac, Christie 2010
Report (pdf, 554kB) Towards a Determination of Good Regional Transportation Planning: A Comparison and Evaluation of the Metrolinx and Translink Regional Transportation Plans   Morton, Andrew 2010
Report (pdf, 80kB) Walk This Way: Bringing Active School Travel Plans to Ontario School Boards   Perepeluk, Krystal 2010
Report A Comparison of Land-Use Designs for the UNB Woodlot   Neill, Warren 2010
Report (pdf, 316kB) A Site Analysis and Land Use Recommendations for the Former Oakville Trafalgar High School (OTHS) and the Current Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) Site   Plexman, William 2010
Thesis (pdf, 266kB) The Influence of Science on Conservation Planning in Long Point Region: Characterizations of Science Affect Conservation Applications   Ramey, Sarah 2010
Report (pdf, 41kB) Urban Agriculture from the Fringe: Pursuing a Greener Toronto   Ryan, Bartholomew 2010
Report (pdf, 1.98MB) Defining the Suburbs: A Case Study of the Thunder Bay CMA   Sandham, Jennifer 2010
Report (pdf, 216kB) Evaluating Aboriginal Community-Based Land use Plans: Development of a Comprehensive Evaluation Tool to Help Communities Reach Their Goals   Schuk, Carla 2010
Report Addressing the Medical Health Needs of Homeless Male Adult Population through Medical Outreach Services: A Case Study of the City of Kington, Ontario, Canada   Singh, Bramhanand 2010
Report Greyfield Redevelopment in the GTA: Lessons Learned from Don Mills   Smith, Sarah 2010
Report (pdf, 261kB) Broadway or Bust: Cultural Facilities and the Future of Downtown   Sullivan, Kristen 2010
Report (pdf, 49kB) Cycling in the City: A Comparative Analysis of the City of Kingston and the City of Ottawa   Szilagyi, Michael 2010
Report Studentification, Neighbourhood Change and the Role of Planning in Kingston, Ontario [Presentation]   Thomas, Teresa 2010
Report Placemaking in Two Downtown Vancouver Public Squares: A Comparative Evaluation   Vorell, Bita 2010
Report Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Buildings in Toronto, Ontario: Evaluating Criteria for Determining Building Selection   Wilson, Corey 2010
Report (pdf, 218kB) Greyfield Redevelopment and Smart Growth: An Evaluation of Three Redevelopment Sites in the Greater Toronto Area   Wintle, Lesley 2010
Report (pdf, 37kB) Conflict North of the Greenbelt: A Comparative Evaluation of Growth Management in Barrie & Simcoe Country   Barnett, Natalie 2009
Report Ill Winds A' Blowin: An Investigation of Local Opposition to Wind Energy and the Planning Response on Wolfe Island, Ontario   Bourhill, Iain 2009
Report (pdf, 11kB) The Reuse of Surplus School Sites in Ottawa, Ontario: An Examination of Community Interests and Public Participation in the Acquisition, Planning and Conversion of Surplus School Sites   Button, Jessica 2009
Report (pdf, 1.09MB) Inclusionary Zoning for the Provision of Affordable Housing: A Comparative Analysis of Vancouver and San Francisco   Chang, Nellie 2009
Report Assessing Housing Affordability Among Key Workers: A Comparison Study Between Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa, 1991- 2001   Gaus, Emily 2009
Report (pdf, 97kB) Identification and Analysis of Predominant Trends of Ontario Municipal Board Decisions in 2007   Gibson, Laurel 2009
Report (pdf, 640kB) Downtown Hamilton Transit Terminal: Transit-Supportive Urban Design Guidelines   Golden, Alissa 2009
Report An Approach to Downtown Revitalization: Case Study 0 North Bay, Ontario   Gravelle, Ashley 2009
Report (pdf, 66kB) Assessing the Potential Value of Landscape Character: Assessment in Improving the Lake Planning Process   Hendren, Michael 2009
Report Tenant Perceptions of Green Office Buildings   Juknevicius, Romas 2009
Report Stormwater Management: A Comparison of Toronto, Halifax, and Vancouver's Practices   Levin, David 2009
Report (pdf, 93kB) Design Review: A Comparison Between the National Capital Commission and City of Ottawa   McCreight, Andrew 2009
Report (pdf, 64kB) Strategic Environmental Planning at the Grassroots Level: Applying the SWOT Analysis technique to the Green Committee of Tamworth / Erinsville, Ontario   Meek, Christopher 2009
Report A Comparative Evaluation of Two Downtown Toronto Waterfront Parks   Miranda, Charlene 2009
Report Evaluation of the Application of Compatible Land use Planning Around an Airport: A Case Study of Lester B. Pearson International Airport   Park, Kyungaie 2009
Report Developing a Strategy for the Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites: Guiding Developers and Municipal Planners through the Brownfield Redevelopment Process in the Province of Ontario   Pitre, Pascal 2009
Report The Greenbelt Edge and Its Effect on Housing in the Greater Toronto Area from 2001 to 2006   Semple, Ian 2009
Report (pdf, 459kB) Municipal Conformity to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe : An Evaluation of Future Density Potential Along the Fairview Street Intensification Corridor in Burlington, Ontario   Shih, Melissa 2009
Report Helping or Hindering? Mental Health Service Integration and the Creation of Local Health Integration networks in Ontario   Slaunwhite, Amanda 2009
Report (pdf, 1.16MB) Community- Based Lake Planning in Ontario's Cottage Regions: Developing a Comprehensive Tool for Making Better Plans   Spang, H. Elizabeth 2009
Report (pdf, 119kB) Urban Design in the Parliamentary and Judiciary Precincts and its Impact on Site Security   Touw, Mark 2009
Report (pdf, 100kB) Coping Without a Car in Kingston, Ontario: Transportation and Mobility Challenges for Senior Citizens   Tran, Tara 2009
Report (pdf, 10kB) Approaches towards Sustainable Community Development: An Investigation of Eco-Designed Condominiums   Trottier, Catherine 2009
Report (pdf, 377kB) Looking for the Suburbs: A Pilot Study of the Ottawa-Gatineau Census Metropolitan Area   Vandyk, Christopher 2009
Report (pdf, 1.69MB) Improving Heritage Conservation in Toronto: A comparison of five urban residential Heritage Conservation Districts   Wong, Michael 2009
Report (pdf, 51kB) Should Westmount Become a Heritage Character District? Using Ontario's Standards to Evaluate a Quebec Municipality's Heritage-Protection by Laws   Wood, Robert Tyler 2009
Report Public Art Program Development: A Comparative Evaluation of Ottawa and Vancouver   Woodside, Claire 2009
Report Mitigating Terrorism within Canadian Cities: A Critical Inventory of Anti-Terrorism Measures Implemented in Belfast and Central London   Boyanchuk, Andrej 2008
Thesis Towards a multiparty Policy Monitoring Framework for Evaluating Infrastructure Environmental Assessments   Broughton, Katrina 2008
Report Greening Our Neighbourhoods: An Investigation of Neighbourhood Development, Green Design, and the Marketing Strategies of Lora Bay and The Shipyards   Cann, Amy 2008
Report An Analysis and Evaluation of the City of Kingston's Parks and Open Spaces   Dakin, Michael 2008
Report Community Mall Greyfields in the City of Toronto: An Opportunity to Advance Planning Objectives   Dissette, Alexandra 2008
Report The Village of Rockcliffe Park Heritage Conservation District (HCD), Ottawa, An Assessment of Building Project Compliance with HCD Plan Management Guidelines (1998-2006)   Dolezel, Julie 2008
Report Market Demand for Environmentally Sustainable Residential Developments   Fitzpatrick, David 2008
Report An Examination of the Toronto Class A Office Market: 1988 and 2007   Fraser, Stewart 2008
Report A Comparative Evaluation of Two Downtown Vancouver Waterfront Parks   Grottenberg, John 2008
Report Women's Safety on Campus: Queen's University's AMS Walkhome Service   Gummo, Andrea 2008
Report Application of a Context Sensitive Design Approach to the Redevelopment of Upper Princess Street, Kingston ON   Henderson, John 2008
Report An Evaluation of Public Consultation Processes Used in the Vancouver Agreement   Holme, Matthew 2008
Report An Evaluation of Environmental Stewardship in Canadian Mountain/Ski Resort Communities   Johnson, Dallas 2008
Thesis The Value of Design: A Study of Pedestrian Perception in New Delhi, India   Kumar, Pooja 2008
Report Analysis of Toronto's Rental Vacancy Rate   McMurdy, Andrea 2008
Thesis Cultural Preservation and Self-Determination Through Land Use Planning: A Framework for the Fort Albany First Nation   Minkin, Dan 2008
Report (pdf, 22kB) Responding to ethno-cultural diversity through planning policy and practice: An analysis of five select municipalities in the Toronto CMA   Newman, Greg 2008
Report Negotiated Space: The Case of Three Privately Owned Public Spaces in Toronto?s Financial District   Oppedisano, Andrea 2008
Report Sustainable Planning Principles and Their Impact on Urban Form: A Post Occupancy Study of Clayton Village in Surrey, British Columbia   Perry, Adam J. 2008
Report Downtown management in Chatham, Ontario: A Case Study of the Historic Downtown Chatham Business Improvement Association (not for release)   Puzanov, Benjamin 2008
Report A Study on the Effectiveness of Supportive Communities Partnership Initiative - SCPI Funding in the City of Kingston   Ramos Cortez, Carola 2008
Report Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP) By-Law in the Pointe-Claire Village   Reid, Kristen 2008
Report (pdf, 375kB) Urban Design and Planning Features of Urban Open Spaces: An Evaluation of Three Case Studies in Downtown Richmond, BC   Rutherford, Tiffany 2008
Report Physical Activity and the Built Environment: What We Know   Sibanda, Prince Fiso 2008
Report Energy-Integrated land Use Planning: Lessons from Toronto's West Don Lands   Sparkes, Katherine 2008
Report A Home Away From 'Home': Native Women's Perspectives on City Living   State, Hannah 2008
Report Linking Green Commercial Building Design and Urban Form: An Evaluation of LEED-NC Canada, a Case Study of the Child Development Centre, Calgary, AB   Szpecht, Amanda 2008
Report (pdf, 45kB) Gardens That Fit: Factors for Successful Community Gardens in Hamilton, ON   Van Dorp, Jakob 2008
Report A Critical Review of Home Ownership Programs for Low and Moderate Income Households in Ontario in the 1970s   Wei, Jie 2008
Report King Liberty Village and Regent Park: An Evaluation of Two Urban Redevelopment Plans from Toronto, Canada on the Basis of British Best Practices in Urban Design   Zamodits, Paul 2008
Report St. Lawrence, Ataratiri, and the West Don Lands: A Comparison between Urban Regeneration Case Studies from Toronto, Canada and British Best Practices for Urban Design   Caldwell, Emily 2007
Thesis Benchmarking and Development of WebGIS in Ontario: Implications for Public Use in Kingston   Chan, Calvin 2007
Report Natural Hazards at the Ontario Municipal Board: An analysis of Ontario Municipal Board decisions between 2001 and 2005 on planning applications with a significant natural hazard component   Chandler, Jocelyn 2007
Report Local Attitudes Towards Tourism, Conservation and Development: A Case Study of the Thousand Islands Parkway Corridor   Chen, Caihong 2007
Report Defining a Watershed Ethic for Private Landowners in the City of Kingston, ON   Dickinson, Tim 2007
Report How to Increase Recycling Rate in High-Rise Apartment Buildings in Kingston, Ontario   He, Qiaoyi 2007
Report A Baby Boom Apartment Boom? The Need for Elderly Apartments in the City of Toronto, 2031   Kambo, Rajbir Rocky 2007
Report Community Improvement Planning in Small and Medium-Sized Municipalities: An Assessment of Content and Resource Adequacy   Leishman, Mary 2007
Report Mental Health Service Provision for Immigrant Women in York Region   Maximattis, Jennifer 2007
Report A Comparison of Two Ontario Active Adult Retirement Communities, with Implications for Planning   McCready, David B. 2007
Report Manufacturing a Brownfield: A Case Study of Kingston's Davis Tannery and an Assessment of Brownfield Policy and Planning Tools (1976-2007)   McNicol, Kelly 2007
Report An Evaluation of Three Downtown Vancouver Parks   Meads, Sasha 2007
Thesis Evolution of Urban Form and Travel Behaviour in the Greater Toronto Area, 1986-2001: An Overview   Mitra, Raktim 2007
Report Application of McHarg's Method of Land Use Suitability Analysis for First Nation Planning and Land Management   Moore, David P. 2007
Report Reurbanization within Durham Region   Moore, Ryan 2007
Report Waterfront Redevelopment in Victoria: Three Cases Evaluated According to Their Political, Financial and Design Elements   Schiller, Gilbert 2007
Report Mid-Rise Development: Creating Opportunities for Reurbanization in Toronto   Taggart, Michelle 2007
Report A Comparison of the City of Kingston's Accessibility Planning Process with Current Best Practices   Thompson, Karen 2007
Report Calgary Community Associations: Community Association Attributes and Strategies Used to Influence Land Use Planning in Calgary   Trzaska, Karen 2007
Thesis (pdf, 205kB) The Post-Gentrification Trajectories of Toronto Census Tracts, 1971-2001   Turner, Alex 2007
Report Housing Affordability: The Situation for Winnipeg and Winnipeg Aboriginal Households, 1991-2001   Ward, Bryan 2007
Report Transit Oriented Development in Calgary: Recommendations for the Redevelopment of Anderson Station   White, Josh 2007
Report Street Design Study for Bur Oak Avenue Within the Cornell Centre District   Zheng, Yan 2007
Report Second Homes and Land Use Planning in the State of Vermont   Adams, John 2006
Report Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Issues and Challenges Faced by Sri Lanka in Achieving a Sustainable Recovery After the 2004 Tsunami   Bandara, S.B. Kapila 2006
Report North York Centre: How Planning Policy Shaped the Form and Function of a Suburban Downtown in Toronto   Bird, Darryl 2006
Report An Approach to Downtown Revitalization: Case Study - Mission, British Columbia   Blackwood, Leanne 2006
Report An Analysis of the Redevelopment of Toronto's Distillery Historic District   Copping, Melissa 2006
Thesis Planning for Long-Term Care: A Qualitative Study of the Past, Present and Future of Long-Term Care in the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Area   Coyle, Alison 2006
Report Benefits and Barriers to Implementing and Managing Well Rooted Community Gardens in Waterloo Region, Ontario   Dow, Cheryl 2006
Report Urban Containment Policy in North America: A Comparative Analysis of Portland's Urban Growth Boundary and the Greater Golden Horseshoe's Places to Grow and Greenbelt Acts   Hadwin, Christopher 2006
Report Wherever Money Takes You: A Comparative Life Cycle Cost Assessment of Diesel Buses and Electric Trolleys for Edmonton Transit System Route 9   Hui, Annika 2006
Thesis Examining Public Land Banking and Urban Growth: A Case Study of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   Lithwick, Sharon 2006
Report An Analysis of the Home Ownership Made Easy Plan   Marinakis, George 2006
Report An Evaluation of Peel and Waterloo Region's Official Plans: A Comparison to the Ontario Government's Places to Grow Plan   Martins, Ricardo 2006
Report A History and Analysis of the Impact of the Agricultural Land Reserve in British Columbia   McLeod, Maureen 2006
Thesis The Spatio-temporal Variation of Residential Real Estate Values and Social Change: A Toronto Case Study   Moos, Markus 2006
Thesis The Iron House in Turmoil: Modernity, Political Economy, and Urbanism in the Foreign Concessions of Shanghai   Neault, Guillaume 2006
Report The Influence of Planning Regulations on Residential Impervious Surfaces: A Case Study of Kingston, Ontario   Pisani, Teresa 2006
Report World's Fairs and Urban Development: Case Studies in Achieving Waterfront Redevelopment Following an International Exposition   Sajecki, David 2006
Report Growth Management in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe: An Evaluation of the Places to Grow Plan   Sanfilippo, Michael 2006
Thesis Canadian Buildings Turn Green: An Investigation of the Role of Municipalities in Implementing Green Roof Technology in Kingston and Halifax   Simmons, Marney 2006
Report Addressing the Health Needs of Homeless Individuals through Outreach Services: A Case Study of Kingston   Soonarane, Trina 2006
Report Condominium Development and the Livability of Inner City Neighbourhoods; A Case Study of Midtown (Calgary, AB)   Steell, Tara 2006
Report Transportation Demand Management on Campus: A Case Study of Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario   Zhang, Xian 2006
Report The Last Step Before the Street: Single Room Occupancy Housing in Winnipeg, Manitoba   Bloom, Jennifer 2005
Report An Evaluation of the Level of Service of Outdoor Recreation Facilities in Hamilton, Ontario   Carou, Barbara 2005
Report Heritage Conservation in the East Annex District, Toronto: Assessing the Effectiveness of the East Annex Heritage Conservation District Designation   Choi, Yvonne 2005
Report Employment Planning for a Smart Growth Community: A Case Study of Seaton, Ontario   Deeks, Jocelyn 2005
Thesis The Effect of Women's Changing Employment Prospects on Housing Location and Commuting Patterns: An Exploratory Look at Toronto   Dionne, Melissa 2005
Report Green Roofs: An Exploration for Policies and Incentives   Janzen, Hilary 2005
Report The Transit Village: A Case Study of Kingston Centre   Kader, Mohammad Mahfuzul 2005
Report High Tech Firm Locations and the Implications for Employment Area Planning In Ottawa   Kozuskanich, John C. 2005
Report An Exploration of Public Participation in China's Land Use Planning   Nguyen, Hieu 2005
Report A Model for Predicting Condominium Proportion in the Housing Market: A Study of Halifax Condominium Owners' Demographic Characteristics and the Prediction of Condominium Proportion in 2011   Nitsche, Kersten 2005
Report Guiding Residential Intensification: Infill Design Guidelines for Low-rise Multiple Dwellings in the City of Mississauga   Reid, Allison 2005
Thesis Urban Form and Public Transit Use: A Study Examining the Relationship Between Urban Form and Public Transit Use in the Greater Toronto Area in 2001   Riekko, Hans William 2005
Report Redevelopment of the Former Texaco Refinery in Mississauga, Ontario: Three Development Scenarios and the Role of Property Tax- Based Financial Incentives   Sacret, Andrew 2005
Report Office Floor Space Per Worker Ratios: A Case Study of Toronto   Shortall, Kristy 2005
Report Environmental Indicators and Sustainable Communities: A Case Study of Southeast False Creek   Smith, Jason 2005
Report Pedestrian Public Spaces in the Nation's Capital: The Sparks Street Mall and the ByWard Market   Topping, Erin 2005
Report Assessing the ethical issues surrounding multi-disciplinary practices: the impact of MDPs on the profession of urban planning in Canada   Wandell, Robert 2005
Report Enhanced Waste Diversion in Multi-Unit Residential Dwellings in the City of Toronto, Ontario   Whitfield, Katherine 2005
Report Urbanizing an Auto-Oriented Suburban Downtown: A Transit Oriented Development Plan for Richmond City Centre   Wolinsky, Lorne 2005
Report Designing an Urban Waterfront: A Case Study of the Portlands, Toronto   Xu, Lily Yuan 2005
Report Affordable Housing Public-Private Partnerships: Case Studies from the Region of Waterloo   Addai, Isaac 2004
Report An Analysis of Groundwater and Aquifer Vulnerability to Pollution in the Greater Kingston Area   Alam, Mohammad 2004
Report Agricultural Land Protection in Ontario: A Case Study of the Former Townships of Clarence and Ramsay in the Ottawa Valley Region   Arulcheyan, Juliet 2004
Report Modeling Urban Rural Fringe by Using GIS: A Case Study of Land Use Districts in Regional Districts of Nanaimo (RDN), Vancouver Island, B.C.   Asghar, Tanveer 2004
Report Evaluation of the Feasibility of Two Growth Options in Selfoss, Arborg   Björnsson, Jóhann Haukur 2004
Thesis Feminist Theory in Practice: A Qualitative Study of Feminist Organizations in Kingston   Cadue, Sarah 2004
Report Kingston's Urban Legend: The Remediation & Redevelopment of Block D   Clark, Scott 2004
Report Source Separation of Market Waste: Attitudes and Opinions of Market Vendors in Vientiane, Laos   Evangelista, Laura 2004
Report - Joint The Redevelopment of CFB Rockcliffe: An Affordable Housing Strategy   Foster, Pam 2004
Thesis A Lifetime of Caring: An Examination of the Service Needs of Older Caregivers Caring for Adults Who Have Developmental Disabilities in the City of Kingston   Garfin, Elizabeth 2004
Report Affordable Housing in Resort Mountain Communities: Blue Mountain, Ontario   Hakala, Kalle 2004
Report (Joint) Funding for Public Property Maintenance: Common and Best Maintenance Practices, and the Factors that Affect Cost   Hayward, Wesley 2004
Report Evaluating Legibility of Montreal's Underground City and Toronto's Underground City   Imanishi, Emi 2004
Report - Joint The Redevelopment of CFB Rockcliffe: An Affordable Housing Strategy   Johnston, Geraldine 2004
Report The Regeneration of Hulme, Manchester and Crown Street, Glasgow: Case Studies in Urban Design from the United Kingdom   Klukas, James 2004
Report - Joint Funding for Public Property Maintenance: Common and Best Maintenance Practices, and the Factors that Affect Cost   Langman, Daniel 2004
Report Gentrification and Post-Gentrification Development in Kitsilano, Vancouver   Malkoc, Braco 2004
Report Drinking and Wastewater Management: Planning for Long- term Municipal Water and Wastewater Systems   Peacock, Erica 2004
Report Cornell Versus Armadale: A Post Occupancy Comparison of a New Urbanist Community and a Conventional Suburban Community in Markham, Ontario   Stevens, Lorraine 2004
Thesis Streets as Social Spaces: A Comparison between Sparks Street Mall in Ottawa, Canada and Murray Street Mall in Perth, Australia   Susai, Olivia 2004
Report Realty Asset Development in Canadian Forces Base Kingston   Tremblay, Serge 2004
Report The Greater Kingston Trade Winds Project: An Environmental Impact Statement for a Wind Farm   Valentine, Summer 2004
Thesis An Evaluation of Farmers' Attitudes and Behaviours Towards Rural Groundwater Contamination Risks in Southwestern and Eastern Ontario   Watt, Heather 2004
Report A New Direction of Regenerating Hong Kong's Urban Environment - The Hong Kong Urban Renewal Authority   Wong, Cho Wa (Ivy) 2004
Report Opportunities for Enhancing the Public Use of Robson Square   Abrahamson, Barbara 2003
Report (pdf, 148kB) The Evolution of the World Bank's Water Policy: An Explanation of the Policy Through an Examination of Changing Development Models   Anderson, Heather 2003
Thesis An Investigation of Best Practices for Improving Urban Cycling Conditions in Canada   Bickis, Lija 2003
Report Rural Land Severance Activity & the Occurrence of Non-Agricultural Development: A Case Study of the Former Townships of Kingston and Pittsburgh   Bolton, Sonya 2003
Report (pdf, 155kB) Seniors Residence Evaluation Matrix: Defining Critical Distance and Quality Measures   Brodeur, Marc-Antoine 2003
Thesis A Post-Occupancy Evaluation of the Cornell New Urbanist Community in Markham, Ontario   Bustard, Paula 2003
Report Planning Best Management Practices for Stormwater Retention Ponds: A Case Study of St. Elizabeth Village   Carte, Teresa 2003
Report A Study of the Port of Toronto Redevelopment   Gao, Lang 2003
Report - Joint Feminism in Planning Education: A Review of the Integration of Feminism in Canadian Planning Programs   Guererra, Carla 2003
Thesis Family Physicians and Community Development: A Qualitative Study of Community Sponsored Contracts in Northeastern Ontario, Canada   Harper, Janice 2003
Report A Policy Framework for the Siting of Cellular Towers   Hawkins, Trevor 2003
Report Critical Evaluation of Three Neighbourhoods: Analysis of New Urbanism Principles in Auguston, Bois-Franc, and Cornell   Hildebrand, Nathan 2003
Report The Adaptive Reuse of Churches into Condominiums in the City of Toronto   Hirshberg, Naomi 2003
Report - Joint Feminism in Planning Education: A Review of the Integration of Feminism in Canadian Planning Programs   Horner, Melissa 2003
Report (pdf, 333kB) Redeveloping Canadian Forces Base Downsview: Towards a Cultural Campus Development Model   Komarnicky, Zdana 2003
Report (pdf, 298kB) A Pilot Study Evaluating Techniques for Comparing Roundabouts to All-Way Stop Controlled Intersections   Lawrence, Brad 2003
Report (pdf, 107kB) Kingston Inner Harbor (KIH) Redevelopment Study and Concept Plan   Li, Dong 2003
Report Why People Prefer Living in Downtown Kingston   Lu, Yang 2003
Report Downtown Revitalization: A Case Study of the Management and Operational Strategies and Practices of the Times Square Business Improvement District and the Implications for the Yonge-Dundas Business Improvement Area (Toronto)   Maddalena, Peter 2003
Report (pdf, 237kB) A Comparative Design Analysis of Two Medium-Sized Urban Waterfronts: Thunder Bay and Windsor   Magierowicz, Marc 2003
Report (pdf, 670kB) Assessing the Effectiveness of the Barriefield Heritage Conservation District Designation through Project Design Guideline Compliance from 1993-2002   Marlatt, Chad 2003
Report (pdf, 750kB) Can Automobile Dependence be Reduced in Markham Centre?   Mercer, Asher 2003
Thesis Disaster Resistant New Urbanist Communities: The Merging of New Urbanist and Disaster Resistant Community Paradigms to Create Better Communities   Mitchell, Gregory 2003
Report Building a Smart City: Recommendations for the City of London   Mitchner, Tanya 2003
Report - Joint (pdf, 241kB) Secondary Plan: Rideau Community - 'Special Study Area'   Moore, Sean 2003
Report (pdf, 290kB) An Evaluation of the Sparks Street Mall in Ottawa, Ontario   O'Neill, Jeffery 2003
Report An Assessment of Brownfield Policy and the Government's Role in Brownfield Redevelopment   Santo, Amanda 2003
Report An Analysis of Public Participation Processes Used in the Development of York Region's Human Services Strategy   Schoemaker, Jessica 2003
Report (pdf, 618kB) From Rhetoric to Reality: Transforming Toronto's Waterfront, An Evaluation of the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation   Stasyna, Stephanie M. 2003
Report (pdf, 686kB) Sustainable Residential Redevelopment: An Evaluation of CFB Calgary East Using the City of Calgary's Sustainable Suburbs Study   Thiessen, Jeffrey 2003
Report - Joint (pdf, 241kB) Secondary Plan: Rideau Community - 'Special Study Area'   Wijesooriya, Anil 2003
Report (pdf, 88kB) An Investigation of the Dissolution of the Downtown Victoria Business Association   Aderneck, Eric 2002
Report The Evolution of the World Bank's Water Policy: An Explanation of the Policy Through an Examination of Changing Development Models   Anderson, Heather 2002
Thesis Evaluating the Co-management Institutions Created by the James Bay Northern Quebec Agreement and the Inuvialuit Final Agreement with Planning Criteria   Bickmore, Andrew 2002
Report Investigating the Impacts of the Canadian Infrastructure Works Program in a Local Setting: Kingston, Ontario   Closs, Lindsay 2002
Report - Joint (pdf, 298kB) A Diamond in the Rough: A Land Use and Design Concept Plan for the Princess and Division Streets Area, City of Kingston, Ontario   Fu, Royce 2002
Report (pdf, 61kB) A Critical Evaluation of the Conformity of Kingston's Community Strategic Plan to Ontario's Smart Growth Strategy   Heike, Christopher 2002
Report Affordable Housing in Ottawa: A Study of Governmental Policies, Regulations, Initiatives and Incentives at the Turn of this Century   Jeanneret, Loic 2002
Report - Joint (pdf, 298kB) A Diamond in the Rough: A Land Use and Design Concept Plan for the Princess and Division Streets Area, City of Kingston, Ontario   Jones, Steve 2002
Report (pdf, 131kB) Evaluation of the Hamilton Consensus Conference on Waste Mangagement   Kim, Mike 2002
Report Municipal Support for Brownfield Redevelopment: Community Improvement Plans as Vehicles for Brownfield Redevelopment   Lau, Ming 2002
Report (pdf, 252kB) Guidelines for Achieving Successful Collaborative and Coordinative Partnerships Specific to the Immigration and Settlement Services Delivery System in the Region of York   Listiadji, Sari 2002
Report (pdf, 93kB) Toronto Parkway Belt West Plan: A Spatial-Temporal Land Use Study (1978-2002)   Lyons, Darryl 2002
Report Downtown Revitalization: A case study of the Management and Operational Strategies and Practices of the Times Square Business Improvement District and the implications for the Yonge-Dundas Business Improvement Area (Toronto)   Maddalena, Peter 2002
Report (pdf, 133kB) An Analysis of Public Participation Processes Used in the Creation of Vancouver's City Plan   Mahaney, Heather 2002
Report Beyond 'Soccer Moms': Women's Assessments of Their New Urbanist Suburban Community   Markovich, Julia 2002
Report Successful Brownfields Redevelopments: A Study of What Makes a Successful Brownsfields Redevelopment Using Case Studies from Cornwall, Ontario   Martynyshyn, Mark 2002
Report Similarities, Gaps and Conflicts in Post-Amalgamation Zoning By-Law Reconciliation: A Case Study of the New City of Kingston   Muir, Kevin 2002
Report (pdf, 42kB) An Evaluation of Three Inner City Parks in Calgary, Alberta   Palmiere, Andrew 2002
Report (pdf, 112kB) An Assessment of the Service Delivery Needs of Abused Immigrant Women in Kingston   Roosendaal, Inge 2002
Report (pdf, 91kB) Prioritizing Brownfields Redevelopment in The City of Kingston, ON   Sayah, Saide 2002
Report An Analysis of Public Participation Processes Used in the Development of York Region's Human Services Strategy   Schoemaker, Jessica 2002
Report Sustainable Residential Redevelopment: An Evaluation of CFB Calgary East Using the City of Calgary's Sustainable Suburbs Study   Thiessen, Jeff 2002
Report (pdf, 90kB) An Evaluation of the Toronto Raver Info Project   Wallace, Jonathan 2002
Report (pdf, 89kB) An Examination of Car Sharing as an Environmentally Sustainable Transportation Alternative   Wheeler, Anna 2002
Report (pdf, 128kB) Housing Conditions and Housing Search Behaviour of Canadian Newcomers: A Case Study of Queen's Chinese International Graduate Students   Yeh, Joyce 2002
Report Plans for Sustainable Communities: A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Five Neighbourhood Plans from the City of Calgary, Alberta   Younger, Neil 2002
Report (pdf, 54kB) The Rural Environmental Planning SWOT Analysis: A Case of the Township of South Stormont, Ontario   Ando, Yutaka 2001
Thesis A Method to Assess the Potential Value of Railway Corridors as Recreation Trails: A Case Study of Three Nova Scotia Tail- Trails   Baker, Theresa 2001
Report (pdf, 254kB) Is Scarborough City Centre a Transit Village?   Barakengera, Martin 2001
Thesis Finding Their Place: Women's Employment Experience in Trades, Technology and Operations: A Case Study of Fort McMurray, Alberta   Bron, Ingrid 2001
Report Social Planning Challenges 2000: A Case Study of the Social Planning Council of Kingston and Area   Brown, Catherine 2001
Thesis Planning a "Capital Worthy of the Nation": The Federal District Controversy and the Planning of the Canadian Capital   Carter, Aidan 2001
Report (pdf, 230kB) An Assessment of Land-use Controls for Protecting Solar Access in Residential Areas of Canada   Kadir, Sheik 2001
Report (pdf, 53kB) The Kingston Youth Shelter Project: An exploration of the challenge of meeting the needs of homeless youth   Kuiper, Shauna 2001
Report (pdf, 65kB) Baldwin Street Improvement Plan   Maya Helm, Ute 2001
Thesis (pdf, 247kB) Can Nature Ever Really Be Our Home? Ecovillage Realities in British Columbia and Ontario   McCosh, Brian 2001
Report (pdf, 232kB) Emergency Planning for Seniors   McLean, Cynthia 2001
Report (pdf, 142kB) Immigrant Women in Kingston: A Study of Settlement Services and the Needs of Immigrant Women   Merali, Tamiza 2001
Thesis Alternative Supportive Housing and Homelessness in the City of Toronto: An Exploration or 'StreetCity' and 'Strachan House'   Mullaly, Alana 2001
Report (pdf, 71kB) Neighbourhood Revitalization: The Theory, Its Application to Ottawa's Glebe Neighbourhood, and Lessons Learned   Nowlan, Michael 2001
Report (pdf, 354kB) Public-Private Partnerships: The Secrets of Their Success?   Patterson, Steve 2001
Report Core House Needs of the senior Population: Statistical Review and Analysis of Housing Adequacy, Suitability, and Affordability Measures for the Senior Population in Canada   Pelley, Leanne 2001
Report (pdf, 235kB) Site Selection for a Spectator Arena in Kingston, Ontario   Suave, David 2001
Report (pdf, 135kB) Analysis of Adaptive Reuse for Lighthouses: 10 Great Lakes Lighthouses   Train, Steve 2001
Report Inner-City Revitalization: A Survey of Key Success Factors in Contemporary Practice   Walberg, Peter 2001
Report NRC Montreal Road South Campus Redevelopment Study   Xiao, Zhiliang 2001
Report An Examination of Sustainable Urban Design for the Civic Centre of La Pintana, Chile   Aldunate, Paul 2000
Report Winter City Design in Canada's Newest Capital   Baigent, Andrew 2000
Report Safety in Planning: A Municipal Response to Crime for Windsor, Ontario   Castellan, Melissa 2000
Report (pdf, 196kB) Rosedale: An Analysis of the Planning History of Rosedale in Comparison to the Picturesque and Garden Suburb Movements   Fletcher, Emma 2000
Report Kamloops Columbia Precinct: Highest and Best Use Study   Garbutt, Geoff 2000
Report (pdf, 69kB) Solid Waste Collection Method in the New City of Kingston   Islam, Sultana 2000
Report (pdf, 153kB) Spatial Organization, Residential Land and Housing Conditions of High-Density Rural Areas in Homna Thana, Bangladesh   Khan, Selina 2000
Report (pdf, 162kB) Planning for Student Housing in a Period of Enrolment Expansion: Enrolment Increases at Queen's University in 2003 and Beyond and the Implications for Student Housing   Leung, Janet 2000
Report (pdf, 123kB) The Causes and Character of Vehicle-Pedestrian Conflict at Montreal's Proposed Downtown Stadium Site   Luchuk, David 2000
Report University-Community Relationships as a Component of Campus Planning: A Case Study of Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario   Manzon, Mauro 2000
Report Building Heights in Downtown Ottawa   McCormick, Denise 2000
Report (pdf, 167kB) Creating Sense of Place: Guidelines for a Public Art Program for Kingston   McDonald, Catherine 2000
Report Design Considerations for Bus Shelters in Kingston   McNeil, Sandra 2000
Report (pdf, 423kB) An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Byward Market Heritage Conservation District Designation, 1990-1999   Norris, John 2000
Thesis (pdf, 191kB) Elderly Migration to Non-Metropolitan Areas: A Study of Elliot Lake   Robinson, Paul 2000
Report (pdf, 522kB) A Half Century of Capital Planning: A Case Study of the Implementation of the 1950 Plan for the National Capital   Schock, Jerry 2000
Report (pdf, 38kB) Jobs-Housing Balance in Markham   Tam, Bonnie 2000
Report (pdf, 265kB) CFB Edmonton: A Land Use Plan for the Relocation of Remaining Griesbach Activities into the Namao Site   Vespa, Thomas 2000
Report (pdf, 221kB) A Comparison of Gross Density: Conventional and New Urbanism Areas in Suburban Markham, Ontario   Vipond, Shayne 2000
Report (pdf, 226kB) Public Markets as a Downtown Revitalization Strategy: Comparing London's Convent Garden Market to the Kitchener Farmer's Market and Ottawa's Byward Market   Bancroft, Marc 1999
Report (pdf, 278kB) Intersection and Lane Design for Bicycles: Lessons from Groningen for Richmond, B.C.   Behler, Kristen 1999
Thesis (pdf, 182kB) A New Measure of Affordability: An Econometric Investigation into the Identification of Those in True Need of Housing Assistance   Burjaw, Brenda 1999
Report The Use of GIS as an Analytical Tool for the Remediation and Redevelopment of Natural Resources Canada's Booth Street Complex   Cook, Jamie 1999
Report (pdf, 314kB) Urban Design Analysis of the Atomic Energy and the Former Eldorado Sites: Tunney's Pasture, Ottawa   DeSanti, Nadia 1999
Report (pdf, 152kB) An Analysis of the Concept Plan for Kanata's Downtown Core: From the Point of View of Kanata City Council (A Subjective Approach)   Doyle, Tara 1999
Report Planning for Educational Facilities: A Case Review of the Lambton County Separate School Board   Gladdy, Jennifer 1999
Report (pdf, 200kB) Implementing the Concepts of Sustainable Development: The Case of Southeast False Creek   Hopkins, John 1999
Report (pdf, 163kB) Low-Income Housing in Accra, Ghana   Horbal, Allisa 1999
Report (pdf, 197kB) Protecting Natural and Cultural Heritage: Examining the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers as a Potential Model for an Effective and Self-Sufficient Conservation Agency in Canada   Jakubec, Lance 1999
Report Rebuilding False Creek: A Case Study in Implementing Waterfront Redevelopment in Vancouver   Lau, Patricia 1999
Report (pdf, 332kB) Exploring the Candidacy of CFB Esquimalt Dockyard for a Heritage District Redevelopment: A Comparative Case Study of CFB Esquimalt Dockyard to Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, Massachusetts and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth, England   Lee, Kristine Taylor 1999
Report (pdf, 92kB) The Home Buying Process: A Study of the Kingston New Homes Market   Leung, Terence 1999
Report (pdf, 129kB) Living in the Workspace, Working in the Living Space: A Report on Home-Based Work in Canada in the 1990s   Lynch, Hugh 1999
Report Major League Sports Facility Location: A Comparative Analysis of Ottawa's Corel Centre and Montreal's Molson Centre   Lynch, Miriam 1999
Report (pdf, 340kB) Development Alternatives for a Cyrville Transit Village: Recommendations for the Redevelopment of the Cyrville Area of Gloucester, Ontario   McRae, Rob 1999
Report (pdf, 147kB) The Prime Ministers and the Planning of the National Capital: 1948-1986   Miller, Michael 1999
Report (pdf, 262kB) The Maputo Development Corridor: Prospects of Community Level Implementation   Naidoo, Nalini 1999
Report (pdf, 140kB) Factors Affecting Open Space Use: Six Lindsay Parks   Rubino, Tony 1999
Report Speaking in Unison: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Multi-Service Centre Arrangement   Sajan, Paul 1999
Report Supply of Urban Land Under Customary Land Tenure in Ghana: An Assessment   Sorizu, Alfred 1999
Report (pdf, 126kB) Cycling in a Small Town: Recommendations for the Promotion of Cycling in Renfrew, Ontario   VanderBerg, Dave 1999
Report An Approach to Downtown Revitalization: A Case Study of Hamilton, Ontario   Cole, Michael 1998
Report (pdf, 227kB) Information Technology and Home Health Care: Examining the Implementation of an Information Technology Project for Regina Health District Home Care   Clark, Kateri 1998
Report (pdf, 1.13MB) Are Neotraditional Planning Techniques Based on Historical Precedents?: A typological analysis of three Eastern Ontario communities   Corbin, Devery 1998
Report (pdf, 55kB) Planning for Tourism and Sustainable Development   Crawford, Linda 1998
Report (pdf, 3.60MB) Increasing Municipal Responsibilities? An examination of future choices for the intergovernmental arrangements of social assistance in Ontario   Daniel, Robert 1998
Thesis Multicultural Planning: A Study of Inter-ethnic Planning in Richmond, BC   Domae, Lisa 1998
Report (pdf, 232kB) Meeting Public Accessibility and Recreational Needs in Urban Waterfront Open Space Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Mississauga and Etobicoke   Elliott, Karen 1998
Report (pdf, 147kB) Design Guidelines for The Urban Open Spaces of Kingston   Fox, Jason 1998
Report (pdf, 97kB) The Essential Factors Governing the Compatibility Between Development Projects and the Existing Urban Fabric: The Case of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood in Toronto   Joulaini, Aref 1998
Report (pdf, 84kB) Lakeshore Capacity Study and Development Policies for Raglan-White Lake: Trophic Status and Lake Trout Habitat   Kelly, Jennifer 1998
Report (pdf, 77kB) Management of Downtowns: A Case Study of the Downtown Kingston Business Improvement Area   McDonald, Jennifer 1998
Report (pdf, 179kB) Planning for Accessibility in the Centre Town of the City of Ottawa   Neves, Janet 1998
Report (pdf, 136kB) Land Use and Engineering Measures to Manage Sewage Capacity   Reade, Mark 1998

Urban Design Guidelines for Residential Infill in the New Edinburgh Neighbourhood, Ottawa

  Tremblay, Miguel 1998
Report (pdf, 45kB) How Women Perceive the Queen's Physical Education Centre   Walrond, Eva 1998
Report (pdf, 65kB) The Relevance of Growth Management in the City of Kelowna, BC   Anderton, Juliet 1997
Report (pdf, 60kB) Overcoming the Zoning Barriers: Granny Flats Development as Alternative Housing for Seniors in the New City of Kingston   Bell, Martin 1997
Report (pdf, 97kB) Growth Management in Canada: A National Survey   Brunner, Bonnie 1997
Thesis (pdf, 222kB) How Do Funding Issues Affect the Provision of Service by Non-Profit Community Organizations?   Burke, Neil 1997
Report (pdf, 135kB) Urban Waterfront Redevelopment: A Case Study of Toronto's Harbour Square   Deleo, Joseph 1997
Report (pdf, 171kB) Bike and Ride: An Examination of the Integration of Cycling and Transit in Four Canadian Cities   Fritzel, Anne 1997
Report (pdf, 159kB) The Determinants of Exurban Residential Development: A Study of Rural Subdivisions in Oxford-on-Rideau Township and South Gower Township   Fullerton, Christopher 1997
Report A Land Use Plan for a Consolidated Canadian Forces Base Kingston   Gergely, Gyula 1997
Thesis (pdf, 65kB) Development Control as a Non-Structural Demand Management Tool for Dealing with Limited Sewage Capacity   Harris, Amy 1997
Report (pdf, 124kB) Changes in Residential Land Prices in Tokyo and Determinants   Hayashi, Yuriko 1997
Report (pdf, 56kB) The Business Improvement Area as a Tool for Downtown Revitalization: Support for the Designation of a BIA in the Glebe   Holowchuk, Lisa 1997
Report (pdf, 92kB) Redevelopment in a Jurisdictional Swamp: A Case Study of the Lebreton Flats   Linkletter, Peter 1997
Report (pdf, 147kB) Evaluating Criteria for Exclusions from B.C.'s Agricultural Land Reserve   McNeil, Sherry 1997
Thesis Filtering in Process: The Rental Housing Market in Ontario 2001-2031   Mok, Diana 1997
Report (pdf, 44kB) Residential Development and the Development Charge: A Case Study Analysis of the R.M.O.C.   Parkes, Jeff 1997
Report (pdf, 226kB) Contemporary Approaches to Community Economic Development: Lessons Learned from Work Alive   Spafford, Greg 1997
Report (pdf, 387kB) Ataratiri Revisited: A Financial Analysis of Ataratiri   Vanderschaaf, Paul 1997
Report (pdf, 261kB) Guidelines for Effective Communication of Planning Issues: An Evaluation of the City of Kingston's Citizen Review of the Downtown and Harbour Zoning By-Law   Wong, Tammy 1997
Report (pdf, 84kB) Housing Conditions of Chinese Immigrants in Edmonton   Zhou, Annie 1997
Report (pdf, 90kB) Regional Economic Base Analysis - Sudbury   Bell, Brian 1996
Report (pdf, 125kB) The Youth Employment Counselling Program at Kingston Employment and Youth Services: An Analysis of Female Voluntary Withdrawals   Brett, Joanne 1996
Report (pdf, 295kB) "Planting a Flower Garden in the Middle of the City": The Perception of Need for Women's Housing Projects in Kingston, Ontario   Brooks, Michelle 1996
Thesis (pdf, 95kB) Changing Roles for Northern International NGO's: Fourth Generational Development-Case Study of CUSO, Canada   Campfens, David 1996
Report (pdf, 292kB) Planning Policies and the Development of Mosques in Toronto   Chaudhry, Maghfoor 1996
Report (pdf, 295kB) Report on Naturalization: A Background Document for Naturalization Planning in the National Capital Region   Claydon, George 1996
Report (pdf, 186kB) A Review of the Waste Management Master Plan for the City/Township of Kingston   Chong, Allan 1996
Report (pdf, 30kB) Trends in the Cost of Maintaining Single Family Housing Units on Canadian Forces Bases   Fortier, Carrie 1996
Thesis Nature of Demand for Big Houses in Westside Vancouver   Geros, Dean 1996
Report (pdf, 125kB) A Highway 7 Corridor Study: Urban Design Guidelines for the Development of Highway 7 from Main Street Unionville to Markham Road   Guo, Wei 1996
Report (pdf, 128kB) Office Conversion to Residential Use Planning and Processes in the City of Toronto   Johannesson, Lynn 1996
Report (pdf, 195kB) Strategic Planning for United Nations Peacebuilding Operations   Kennedy, Donald 1996
Thesis Single Room Occupancy Housing: A Vancouver Case Study   Kojima, Rob 1996
Thesis (pdf, 299kB) The Resettlement of Somali Refugee Claimants in Ottawa- Carleton: The Housing Perspective   Kime, Anna 1996
Thesis Landfill Site Selection in the City of Guelph: Confronting the NIMBY Syndrome   Lewis, John 1996
Thesis Discourse and Design - Three Ideologies and their Effects in Space   Mackintosh, Philip 1996
Report (pdf, 82kB) Industrial Development in South Dundas: An industrial inventory of four municipalities and the implications to future development   MacQuarrie, Lachlan 1996
Report Redevelopment Process: A Case Study of the Victoria Accord   Markham, Dan 1996
Report Kids are Planners Too!: Benefits and Potential Effects of including Children in the Official Plan Review (in the Municipality of) Kingston Township, Ontario   Martin, Sarah 1996
Report Approaches to Downtown Revitalization: A Case Study of Downtown Burlington   McKeown, Marnie 1996
Report The Dupont Corridor: Urban Design Guidelines   Melissa, Dino 1996
Report An Investigation of the Impact of Emerging Retail Trends on Downtown Lindsay   Perdue, Vanessa 1996
Report The Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings: Bringing the Past into the Present with Four Central Ottawa Restaurants   Pfotenhauer, Jason 1996
Report Retail and Employment Impacts of a Brampton Power Centre   Rychliwsky, William 1996
Report Planning for Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents in Nipissing- Timiskaming   Spencer, Shelly 1996
Report Economics of Student Housing Landlords: A Case Study of Kingston, Ontario   Su, Cathy 1996
Report Planning Neighbourhood Open Spaces: The Bathurst/Bremner Neighbourhood   Tam, Bill 1996
Report The Impact of Rent Increase on Residential Mobility: A Study of the Factors Influencing the Last Move of Current Condominium Occupants   Tong, Kit-Mei 1996
Report An Analysis of the Impacts of the London-Middlesex Buffer Zone on Existing Land Use Development Patterns   Turvey, John 1996
Report Remedial Action Plans: Planning Implications in Ontario   Unger, Jason 1996
Report Business Relocations in the Greater Toronto Area: The Spatial and Environmental Impacts of the Property Tax   Vandervelde, Robert 1996
Report An Analysis of Inter-Municipal Services in Hastings County: Waste Management, Roads, Water Quality and Quantity, Watershed Planning and Land Use Planning   Zander, Tracy 1996
Report Urban Design Analysis of Two Residential Neighbourhoods in the City of Kingston: Recommendations for Improving and Supplementing the City of Kingston Zoning By-Law   Zarkadas, Dimos 1996
Report Out of the Closet and Into the Street: The Businesses and Services Along the Main Street of Toronto's Gay Neighbourhood   Archer, John 1995
Report An Analysis of the Implementation of Land Use Intensification in the Regional-Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth   Churchill, David 1995
Report An Assessment of Housing Affordability and Urban Residential Land Supply for the Township of Cumberland   Clegg, Andrea 1995
Report Factors Affecting the Demand for Emergency Services in the Greater Kingston Area   Deangelis, Tony 1995
Report Urban Intensification and the Remediation of Contaminated Sites: Ataratiri as an Example of a Conflict of Public Policies   Fischer, Jeff 1995
Thesis The Social Organization of a High-Rise Neighbourhood: The Influence of Race, Culture, Social-Economic Class and Tenure on the Community Sentiment of Kingsview Park   Grover, Kelly 1995
Report The Staying Power of Small Towns and Villages in Canada: A Study of Growth and Decline Throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s   McLafferty, Alice 1995
Report An Evaluation of the Ottawa-Carleton Opportunity Planning Pilot Project   Michaud, Chris 1995
Thesis Siting Lesbians: Issues of Sexuality, Planning and Urban Space   Nash, Catherine 1995
Report Healthy Community Indicators for the City of Kingston   Partridge, Shelley 1995
Thesis Self-Built Housing in Two Rural Townships Near Kingston, Ontario: Panacea or Luxury?   Shanks, Wayne 1995
Report Governing Urban Development on a Regional Scale: Local Governance and Regional Urbanization Patterns in the Greater Toronto Area   Wainman, Carolyn 1995
Report A Development Plan for a Proposed Shopping Centre: Site Planning and Environmental Evaluation   Wu, Yawen 1995
Report An Investigation of Muskoka's Cottage Market and Its Planning Implications   Xing, Kai 1995
Report An Urban Design Study of Toronto's East Bayfront   Zeng, Yan 1995
Thesis A State of the Environmental Report Framework for a Canadian Forces Base   Atherley-Blight, Julia 1994
Report Community Crossroads: A Maritime Evaluation   Beland, Giles 1994
Report Kingston Township Bikeway Study   Breault, Michael 1994
Report Severances and Agricultural Land Fragmentation   Burn, Patricia 1994
Report A Planner's Guide to Domestic Styles in Canada from 1750-1900   Christopher, Frank 1994
Thesis Toward Sustainable Housing: Barriers and Accelerators to Innovation in the Residential Construction Industry Kingston Case Study   Colebourne, Amy 1994
Report Planning and Development in the Ontario Small Town: A Case Model of Gananoque   Devriendt, Christopher 1994
Report Community Renewal: An Alternative Approach to Industrial Attraction: A Case of ALCAN Business Park Kingston Ontario   Garbe, Neil 1994
Report Planning for Global Climate Warming Municipal Land Use Planning Tools to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions   Harper, Kevin 1994
Report Rural Land Information Management and Its Use In Evaluating a Farm Land Preservation Program: A Review of FLIP (New Brunswick)   Hoganson, Bernard 1994
Report Aging in Place: The Development of a Community Support Program to Keep Seniors at Home - A Kingston Example   MacDonald, Cheryl 1994
Thesis Feminist Approaches to Planning Thought and Action: Practical Lessons from Women Plan Toronto   MacGregor, Sherilyn 1994
Report Municipal Housing Statements: Do They Fulfil the Objectives of the Province and the 'The Land Use Planning for Housing' Policy Statement   MacInnis, Roxane 1994
Report The Interaction Between One-Way Traffic Systems and the Functionality of the Urban Core as a Pedestrian Place   Minkiewicz, Peter 1994
Report Municipal Guidelines for Community Gardening: Kingston, Ontario   Robinson, Pamela 1994
Report Making Use of Taxis in the Provision of Regular Transit: Possibilities for the Kingston Area   Ronson, Michael 1994
Report Naturalisation Techniques for Urban Open Space: A Study of the City of Burlington's Naturalisation Program   Smith, Geoffrey 1994
Thesis Redefining Jobs-Housing Balance: A Case Study of Kanata, Ontario   Thomas, Charlene 1994
Report Residential Land Supply in the Township of Kingston Required by the Ontario 'Land Use Planning for Housing Policy Statement'Burl Walker   Walker, Burl 1994
Report Improving Coordination in Kingston: Evaluating the Grapevine Workshops   Anderson, Kathy 1993
Report The Impacts of Historic District Designation on Property Values   Assogna, Ida 1993
Report Lakeshore Capacity Study and Shoreline Development Policies for Greater Sydenham Lake   Castro, Victor 1993
Report Alternative Dispute Resolution: The Siting of a Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator   Cole, David 1993
Report The Use of Open Spaces in Downtown Ottawa: 6 Case Studies   Collings, Dana 1993
Thesis The Toronto-Based Response to AIDS: A Case Study in Coordination   Copas, Lorraine 1993
Report Residential Land Intensification and the Need for Municipal Regulatory Reform: A Case Study of the City of Kingston   Corbett, Greg 1993
Report Neighbourhood Stability in a Changing Post-War Kingston Neighbourhood   Crighton, Steve 1993
Report The Pursuit of a Pragmatic Home Ownership Housing Policy: A Case Study of the Assisted HomeOwnership Programme (AHOP) and the Five Percent Programme   Dalton, William 1993
Report Race and Homeownership in Toronto   Darko, Kwabena 1993
Report Housing Adult Developmentally Disabled Persons: Transitions from the Family Home, as Parents Age   Doyle, Carolyn 1993
Report The Environmental Values of Ottawa Planners and the Role of These Values in a Professional Code   Gowdy, Andrew 1993
Report The Suitability of Granny Flats to and Suggestions for Their Implementation in the City of Ottawa   Johnson, Judith 1993
Report Inner City Edmonton Housing Market Study: Demand for Housing and the Immigrant Population   Larke, Donald 1993
Report Housing Preferences and Satisfaction: A Case Study of the Chinese Elderly in Toronto's Chinatown   Li, Dongmei 1993
Thesis Planning a Community Support System for the Homeless from Theory to Principle: From Principle to Action   Love, Andrew 1993
Report Policy Recommendations for Managing Cumulative Environmental Effects in Banff National Park   Lundy, Sara 1993
Thesis Housing Market Efficiency: An Empirical Investigation of Housing Price Differences in Ottawa-Hull   Pilon, Michel 1993
Report Heritage Conservation and Adaptive Reuse in Kingston   Savidant, Richard 1993
Report Core Building Within a Nodal City: A Case Study of Office Location Dynamics in North York, Mississauga and Scarborough   Tadmore, Robert 1993
Report An Evaluation of Linkage Fee Programs   Troian, David 1993
Report The Role of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Funding in the Evolution of Canadian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in International Development   Anyoti, Sarah 1992
Report Population Loss Without Employment Loss: Case Study of a New Brunswick Fishing Community   Armstrong, Edwin 1992
Thesis Visionary Planning in Frankfurt Am Main 1925- 1933   Beddow, Roy 1992
Report NIMBY, Delays, and Efficiency Concerns in the Development Approvals Process for Co-operative and Private Housing Projects   Bird, Cynthia 1992
Report Building the Healthy Community: A Comparison of Public Participation in Healthy City/Healthy Community Projects in Britain and Canada   Bowering, Lynn 1992
Report Inner City Neighbourhood Change: A Case Study of Little Burgundy, Montreal   Cosgrove, Virginia 1992
Report An Assessment of the Otty Lake Association and a Recommendation for Future Policy on Lake Planning   Darroch, Kim 1992
Report Residential Intensification Case Study: Town of Oakville   Faurschou, Jonathan 1992
Report Banking on Location-Allocation Modelling to Determine Optimal Branch Locations in the City of London   Gray, Kelly 1992
Report Protection of Agricultural Land in the Era of Changing Agricultural Margins: Frontenac County as an Example.   Gumbi, Solomon 1992
Report Mediation for Land Use Conflict Resolution: The Case of the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs   Hart, Carolyn 1992
Report Housing Opportunities and Vacancy Chains: A Study of Housing Turnover in Greater Kingston   James, Martha 1992
Report (pdf, 455kB) Post-Occupancy Evaluation: A Means to Promote Usable Park Space   Jensen, Mark 1992
Report Coastal Management: An Assessment of the Province of New Brunswick's Current Approach   Johnson, Laura 1992
Report Citizen Participation in Urban Renewal: Kingston's Experience with the Neighbourhood Improvement and Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program   Johnson, Mary Ellen 1992
Report Housing Affordability and Zoning Regulations: Towards Creating An Affordable Housing Stock   Kitchen, Susan 1992
Report Ethnic Businesses As Instruments of Development   Labelle, Mark 1992
Report Municipal Environmental Assessment (MEA): Implications for Sustainable Urban Development   Leach, Kim 1992
Report A Study of Small Neighbourhood Open Spaces in the City of Kingston   Liu, Jia-Feng 1992
Report Perceptions of Local Safety and Neighbourhood Satisfaction Among Single-Parent Women Living in North End of Kingston   Parney, Jennifer 1992
Report Public Attitudes Towards User Fees for Residential Municipal Solid Waste Management in Kingston, Ontario   Philipps, Kim 1992
Report HIV/AIDS: The Challenge for Health Care Planners   Rowe, Jennifer 1992
Report Healthy Communities Projects: The Procedural and Substantive Challenges Faced by Three Canadian Projects   Sigmar, Marnie 1992
Report Co-operatives in Northern Saskatchewan: Their Economic and Social Roles   Smith, Rochelle 1992
Report An Analysis of the Site Selection Criteria Used in Planning Automated Bank Machine Locations   Thiffault, Katherine 1992
Report Improving the Housing Policy Progress in Ontario   Tomas, Nina 1992
Report Analysis and Application of Trip Distribution Models for Mississauga   Wang, Jin 1992
Report The Provision of Specialized Transportation Services in Ontario: Toward a Coordinated Approach   Watt, Douglas 1992
Thesis Local Economic Development Planning by Southern and Eastern Ontario Municipalities   Willis, Stephen 1992
Report An Assessment of the Loss of Agricultural Lands Through the Consent Process in the Regional Municipality of Niagara   Woods, Christine 1992
Report An Examination of the Municipal Housing Statement in Ontario's Exurban Towns   Wu, Naijie 1992
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Thesis The Cost of Supportive Psychiatric Housing: A Case Study of Long-Stay Hospital Units and Community-Based Programs in a Canadian City   O'Brien, Kenneth 1991
Report Rural Addressing: An Unresolved Problem   O'Neill, Maury 1991
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Report The Role of Forecasts in the Decisional Process of Planning Telecommunication Access Service Infrastructures: A Case Study in Bell Canada's Ontario Region   Proian, Charles 1991
Report An Analysis of Ontario's Waste Management Planning and Approvals Process: A Case of the Regional Municipality of Halton   Ritchie, Andrew 1991
Report Municipal Implementation of Provincial Policy: Response to the Guidelines for Wetlands Management in Kingston, Ontario   Tomcik, Kamila 1991
Report Elderly Homeowners-Turned-Renters: Are They Satisfied with Their Decision to Move?   Vida, Catherine 1991
Report Housing Search Behaviour: A Case Study of Chinese New Immigrants in Metropolitan Toronto   Xie, Jing 1991
Report Housing Costs and Their Effect on Labour Supply: A Study of the Recent Toronto Area Experience   Fay, Peter 1990
Report Theme Study for Main Street in the Village of Bath, Ontario   Geldart, Robert 1990
Report An Evaluation of the Somerset Village Streetscape Renewal Project   Herweyer, Donald 1990
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Report The Role of Technical Assistance Experts in Technology Transfer: Case Studies from Thailand   Nettasna, Chintana 1990
Thesis Planning for Sense of Community: A Case Study of Community Development with Urban Natives   Ormiston, Alice 1990
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Report Community Design in the Town of Perth: An Analysis of Routes and Perceptions for Design Alternatives   Tyson, Russell 1990
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Thesis Auto Versus Transit: The Modal Choice Decision in Commuting to a Suburban Commercial Centre in Greater Vancouver   Chin, Eugene 1989
Thesis Using Computer-Based Assessment Data in Municipal Planning Case Studies of Two Municipal Planning Departments   Domagala, Mary 1989
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Thesis The Influence of Industry Organization on the Supply and Price of Residential Land in the City of Mississauga   Zubowski, Louis 1989
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Report Small and Large Developers Under Regulation   Munro, Andrew 1987
Thesis Emergency Planning in High Threat Regions: An Organizational Analysis of Emergency Planning and Response Agencies   Royer, Gaetan 1987
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Report Centralization of French-Language Services in Metropolitan Toronto: A Planning Perspective for the Delivery of Services   Lacroix, Pierre 1988
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Thesis The Quality of Open Space in Residential Neighbourhoods: Ten Case Studies in Rome, Italy and Ottawa, Ontario   Simmons, Laura 1986
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Report Approaches to Public Facility Location: A Case Study in the Location of Schools   Mellon, James 1984
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Report New Condominium Construction and Housing Turnover in the Greater Kingston Area: A Vacancy Chain Approach   Sarniak, Joseph 1984
Report An Examination of Middle-Income Housing Consumers: How Do They Cope with High Housing Costs and What are the Impacts of Having to Cope?   Swib, Lucy 1984
Report The Economic Impact of the Arts in Small Communities: A Case Study of Kingston, Ontario   Wereley, Richard 1984
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Report Evaluation of a Water Conservation Programme in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo   Howard-Ferreira, Sandra 1983
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Thesis An Assessment of Spatial Decentralization as a Strategy for Rural and Regional Development: A Case Study of Tanzania   Mmari, Ida 1983
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Report Migration and the Smaller Community: A Case Study of Picton, Ontario and Surrounding Rural Hinterland   Taylor, Robert 1983
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Report Environmental Mediation" Negotiating Local Land Development Projects   Iannucci, Delio 1981
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Report A Procedure for the Evaluation of the Natural Environmental Effects of Pit and Quarry Operations   Moore, Kathryn 1981
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Report Transportation in Rural Areas: A Case Study of North Frontenac County   Todd, Kenneth 1981
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Report Public Service Expenditures and Population Dynamics in Small Towns in Southern Ontario   Morassut, Renzo 1980
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Report Neighbourhood Preferences of the Urban Elderly   Weary, Sandra 1980
Report Neighbourhood Change: A Case Study of Whitepainting in Sydenham Ward, Kingston   Zajac, Linda 1980
Report Planning for Cross-Country Ski Trails: Trail Design Criteria and Requirements   Bergeron, Marie-Helene 1979
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Report Planning for Senior Citizens: Preliminary Profiles of Seniors and Their Needs for Housing and Social Services   Heaney, Brenda 1979
Report The Spatial Impact of Queen's University on Kingston's Urban Field   Heseltine, John 1979
Report Zoning for Commercial Strip Development in Ontario   Hobbs, John 1979
Report Community Need Analysis: A New Tool in Urban and Regional Planning   Lanteigne, Carmen 1979
Report Trends and Prospects of Industrial Parks in For Non-Metropolitan Communities in Eastern Ontario   Lowe, Christopher 1979
Report Planning and the Natural Environment: A Case Study of the Davis Tannery Development in Kingston, Ontario   McGuire, Tom 1979
Report Growing Old a Woman: Poor Planning   McTavish, Isabella 1979
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Report Problems and Prospects of Tourism Development for Kingston and Area   Adnur, Prakash 1978
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Report Planning for Small Rural Communities: A Case Study   Blakney, John L. 1978
Report The Prospects for Expanding the Forest Industry in North Frontenac County   Burnham, David 1978
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Report The Changing Federal Role in National Capital Area Planning   Crombie, Mary 1978
Report The Financial Impact of Subdivision Development: A Case Study of Kingston Township   Gummo, Alan P. 1978
Report Re-development of Slums in Lagos, Nigeria: A Search for Policy   Ilechie, Michael 1978
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Report Mobile Home Parks - Some Key Issues   Sweet, Pamela 1978
Report The Role of Tourist Accommodation Businesses in the Economy of the North Frontenac Region   Campbell, Douglas 1977
Report A History of Small Town Development: A Case Study of Newburgh   Feldbruegge, David 1977
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Report Sites and Services: An Appraisal of Its Suitability for India   Mathur, Brijesh 1977
Report The Measurement of Lake Capacity for Cottage Development in Frontenac County, Ontario   Minnes, W.A. 1977
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Report An Appraisal of Municipal Industrial Development Policy: A Case Study of the Kingston Township Industrial Park   Hill, Bryan O. 1976
Report An Assessment of the Use of Transfer of Development Rights as a Means of Preserving the Niagara Fruit Belt   Krushelnicki, Bruce 1976
Report The Prediction of Demand and Evaluation of Policy Measures for Bus Work Commuters in Ottawa   Lambert, William G. 1976
Report Recent Physical Development of Small Towns and Villages in Canada   Nijsse, Donald 1976
Report Housing Need Assessment in Northern Ontario Indian Communities: An Approach to Inter-Community Comparison   Reed, Robert G. 1976
Report Zoning for Single-Family Detached Houses   Singh, Kulbir 1976
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Report Kingston Bikeway Study   Cleland, F. Michael 1975
Report The Nature of Citizen Participation in Regional Planning   Dykeman, Floyd W. 1975
Report Residential Land Use and the Traditional Models: A Case Study of Lagos, Nigeria   Eka, Victor 1975
Report The Problems of Enforcing Property Standards: By-Laws in Older Residential Neighbourhoods   Fawcett, Elizabeth 1975
Report Airport Neighbours: Planning for Noise Pollution and Airport Vicinity Activities   Goyette, David P. 1975
Report Kingston Bikeway Study   Guzzi, Brian F. 1975
Report Land Values, the Land Conversion Process and the Role of Public Policy in Ontario   Kardish, David 1975
Report Some Planning Implications of Heavier Land Value Based Taxation   Laycock, William 1975
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Report Local Land Use Planning in Ontario: Provincial Policy and Legislation vs. Municipal Performance   Marin, Pierre 1975
Report Planning Implications of Recent Trends in High Order Retailing in the City of Kingston   Morgan, W. Scott 1975
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Report Citizen Participation in Urban Renewal: Kingston's Experience with the Neighbourhood Improvement and Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Programs   Baxter, Donald M. 1974
Report A Review of the Transportation Planning Technique and Their Relevance to Developing Countries: Case Study - The Caribbean Region   Conyette, Charles 1974
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