SURP Alumni Spotlight

SURP students under the downtown Kingston fountain

Most of our graduates enter professional planning jobs. The buoyant employment situation in the last few years has meant that search time has been relatively short, usually two to three months after completion of the program. Some had job offers even before finishing their degrees.

Most graduates go to the public sector, in which municipal planning jobs are an important component. Some students find jobs in quasi-government and non-governmental organizations. We have established ourselves in the federal government sector and are breaking into the corporate and investment real estate sector.

Part of our success has to be attributed to the vibrant internship program which has provided valuable professional experience before graduation. Many graduates have found long-term employment with the agencies in which they had worked as interns.

Although most graduates go into professional practice, some have chosen to pursue further graduate studies. In the last few years, our graduates have entered Ph.D. programs at Oxford, USC, UBC, Toronto, Waterloo and Manitoba. During the same period, our graduates have received tenure-track appointments at the Universities of Toronto, Waterloo, Western Ontario, Brock and Queen's.

This page contains the stories and testimonials of a few graduates.