Department of Geography and Planning

Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning

Financial Matters: The School of Urban and Regional Planning Awards

The Stanley Lash Award

An award for student excellence established in honour of the first Director of the School, Stanley Lash. The award is given to the student who has written the best term paper in a SURP course in the preceding calendar year.
Recipients of this award over the past ten years:
2014 - Joanna Salsberg (pdf, 1.46MB)
2013 - Corinna Thomassen-Darby (pdf, 1.28MB) ('15)
2012 - Kelly Martel (pdf, 753kB) ('13)
2011 - Carl Isaak (pdf, 539kB) ('11)
2010 - Ashley North (pdf, 321kB) ('11)
2009 - Laura Maxwell ('11) and Niall Oddie ('10)
2008 - Carla Schuk (pdf, 884kB) ('10)
2007 - Hannah State (pdf, 800kB) ('08)
2006 - Katherine Sparkes (pdf, 1.13MB) ('08)
2005 - Pooja Kumar ('08)

The Ida Mmari Memorial Award

Established in memory of a distinguished alumna Ida Mmari ('83) following her death after a brief illness on May 17, 1985 in Tanzania. The award is given to the graduating student who completes the program in two years and has the highest grade point average.
Recipients of this award over the past ten years:
2015 - Miranda Spessot ('15)
2014 - Michael Rac ('14)
2013 - Shairoz Jamal ('13)
2012 - Carolyn Skoworodko ('12)
2011 - Natasha Reaney ('11)
2010 - Sarah Ramey ('10)
2009 - Ian Semple ('09)
2008 - Kristen Reid ('08)
2007 - Raktim Mitra ('07)
2006 - Markus Moos ('06)

Sue Hendler Graduate Fellowship

Established with an estate gift from Sue Hendler and gifts from family and friends, this academic fellowship will be awarded to graduate students in Urban and Regional Planning in the School of Graduate Studies who are working on planning ethics or women/gender and planning.

Please make a donation to the Sue Hendler Graduate Fellowship.

Tara Spears (Class of 2012) was the inaugural recipient of the Sue Hendler Graduate Fellowship for 2011-2012. The fellowship exists to recognize SURP students who have distinguished themselves academically and are conducting research on planning ethics or women and gender in planning. Tara's Master's report is "Creating a Safe and Vibrant Downtown Guelph: Determining Elements of the Built Environment that will Enhance Women's Feelings of Safety". Full Story

Other winners of the Sue Hendler Graduate Fellowship:
2012-2013 - Radhika Brown ('13)
2013-2014 - Rebecca Tan ('14)