Geography Graduate Theses


Type Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Author Year
Ph.D. An improved segmentation and classification method for building extraction from RGB images using GEOBIA framework Chen, Dongmei Hossain, Mohammad 2023
M.Sc. Uncovering the Ground Thermal Regime of Coastal Labrador: The Influential Effects of Snow and Vegetation on Ground Temperatures Way, Robert Forget, Anika 2023
Ph.D. Parent-caregivers, Adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities, and Virtual Geographies: The Challenges of Finding Support Rosenberg, Mark Hutton, Lorraine 2023
M.Sc. Understanding Vegetation Patterns and their corresponding Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange for the Summer of 2021 on Western Axel Heiberg Island, High Arctic Omelon, Chris Gossman, Theresa 2023
M.Sc. Soil Properties and Trace Gas Fluxes in a Chronosequence of Permafrost Disturbances, Cape Bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut Scott, Neal Stanton, Thomas 2023
M.Sc. Evaluating peatland permafrost characteristics and vulnerability along the Labrador Sea coastline using uncrewed aerial vehicles Way, Robert Beer, Jordan 2023
M.Sc. Evaluating four silvicultural prescriptions for selective harvest in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest, Ontario, Canada Mabee, Warren England, Nicolae 2023
Ph.D. Nurturing Inclusive Urban Futures: Valuing the Contributions of Community Organizations in Ontario Cities Cameron, Laura Jean Nelson, Elizabeth 2023
Ph.D. Cast Out Urbanites: The Historical Problematization of Cows in Kingston Cameron, Laura Jean and Prouse, Carolyn Hirtenfelder, Claudia 2023
Ph.D. “A New Way Forward”: Reconciliation through Indigenous Social Innovation Rosenberg, Mark Barberstock, Shyra 2023
M.A. The Invisibilisation of African Canadian Histories in Public Memory: The Heritage Designation of 221-223 King Street East & The Black Absented Presence of Joseph Gutches in Kingston, Ontario, Canada  Prouse, Carolyn Hinds-Hueglin, Elizabeth 2023
Ph.D. Chilean Arpilleras, Social Reproduction and the Struggle Against Coloniality Mullings, Beverley Santos-Ocasio, Nathalia 2023
M.Sc. The Geochemical Evolution of Two High Arctic Lakes and the Recurrence of Elevated Bottom Water Conductivity Omelon, Chris Somers, Maia  2023
M.Sc. A Comprehensive Review on the Applications of Stereography and Stereophotogrammetry in Architectural Documentation Bevan, George Aalaeifar, Reza 2022
Ph.D. Integrating Social Concerns Into Regional Renewable Energy Resource Assessments: A Case Study in Rigolet, NL, Canada Mabee, Warren Carlson, Jordan 2022
Ph.D. Evaluating Industrial Activities and Its Social/Economic Impact in a Developing Country with Remotely Sensed Data: A Case Study of Eastern Economic Corridor, Thailand Chen, Dongmei Hutasavi, Sirikul  2022
Ph.D. Comparing Deep Neural Networks, Ensemble Classifiers, and Support Vector Machine Algorithms for Object-Based Urban Land Use/Land Cover Classification Chen, Dongmei Jozdani, Shahab  2022
Ph.D. Advocating for Toronto's Commercial Cleaning Industry Workers: Union and Broad-Based Campaigns, 2000-2018 Holmes, John and Kobayashi, Audrey Kamin-Patterson, Sean  2022
Ph.D. Relational Geographies of Community Care for Older People in Urban Beijing, China Rosenberg, Mark Li, Yuan  2022
Ph.D. Opportunities for forest-based biorefining to reverse decline in Canada’s forest products sector Mabee, Warren Milley, Peter 2022
Ph.D. Controls on DOC Flux in Continuous Permafrost Watersheds Lafrenière, Melissa and Mabee, Warren Momejian, Nanor  2022
M.Sc. Black Student Mental Health: An Analysis of Accessibility of Mental Health Resources at Queen’s University Rosenberg, Mark Thammachack, Ampai 2022
M.A. Bites and Bytes: An Investigation of Virtual Food Programming during the COVID-19 Pandemic Prouse, Carolyn McMaster, Kiera 2021
Ph.D. Teaching Places: possibilities and challenges of unsettling education in British Columbia, Canada Godlewska, Anne Lamb, Christopher 2021
Ph.D. An examination of the lived experiences of older people in Ghana Rosenberg, Mark Braimah, Joseph 2021
M.Sc. The Influence of Urban Heat Island Effect and its Relationship with Land Cover, Scale, and Seasonality in a Low-Density Urban Center Chen, Dongmei Burnett, Michael 2021
M.A. Is Service Provision Always Equitable? Analyzing Access to Dental Services and Oral Health of Older Adults in Ontario Rosenberg, Mark Gionnas, Danielle 2021

The Infrastructure Trade: Built Relations of the Detroit River Border Region

Viswanathan, Leela and Mullings, Beverley Haffner, John 2021
Ph.D. Controls on terrestrial carbon and nutrient cycling in Arctic permafrost environments Treitz, Paul, and Scott, Neal Hung, Jacqueline 2021
M.Sc. Characterization of dissolved fluvial carbon from landscape characteristics across High Arctic headwater streams Thomson, Laura, and Lafreniere, Melissa Koncewicz, Evan 2021
M.Sc. Surface features of the cold/temperate transition zone at White Glacier terminus, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut Thomson, Laura Lee, Jeremiah 2021
M.A. ‘Aging in the Right Place’: An Analysis of the Demographic Profile and Residential Relocation Patterns of Older Adults Living in Residential Facilities in Kingston, Ontario Rosenberg, Mark Levy, Gabriela 2021
M.Sc. Spatial and Temporal Trends in Range-Use by the Bathurst Caribou during a Population Decline, 1997-2019 Danby, Ryan Mennell, Robin 2021
M.Sc. The Role of Land Cover Classes and Rainfall Events on the Active Layer Thermal Regime in the High Arctic Lamoureux, Scott Rahman, Tabatha 2021
Ph.D. Indigenous-State Relations in the Peruvian Amazon: Between Autonomy, Integration, and the Absent State Lovell, W. George Ramos Cortez, Carola 2021
M.Sc. Impact of Land Cover Change on Surface Water Temperature from 1985-2020 in Eastern Ontario Chen, Dongmei Senyshen, Matthew 2021
M.Sc. Exploring measurement and ground thermal influences of snow depth in Nunatsiavut, NunatuKavut and Nitassinan Way, Robert Tutton, Rosamond 2021
M.Sc. Seasonal Responses of Soil Nitrogen and Carbon Cycling Processes to Cold Season Warming in High Arctic Wet Sedge Tundra Scott, Neal Uzel, Baris 2021
Ph.D. (Re)storying the More-than-human City: Urban Coyotes in Canada Hovorka, Alice Van Patter, Lauren 2021
M.A. Illuminating Community Experience and Perception of Modern Treaty Implementation Through Photovoice: Photography and Stories From Huu-ay-aht First Nations Castleden, Heather and Lovell, W. George Aarssen, Jonathan 2020

Quantifying Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Potential with Socio-Economic Factors: A Case Study for Kingston, Canada

Mabee, Warren Alexander, Alyssa 2020
Ph.D. Building resilience in forest-dependent communities through sustainable forest bioeconomy development Mabee, Warren Blair, Jean 2020
M.Sc. Impact of Environmental Variability on Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange from 2008-2018 at a High Arctic Mesic Tundra Site Treitz, Paul and Scott, Neal Braybrook, Christina 2020
Ph.D. Quantifying and qualifying ecosystem services to enhance Natural Heritage System Planning: A case study in Halton, Ontario Canada Mabee, Warren DeLoyde, Carolyn 2020

The Healthy Immigrant Effect on Older Chinese immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area

Rosenberg, Mark Deng, Xiaojun 2020
M.A. Growing concern: The evolution of urban agriculture in the context of Montréal, a gentrifying city Donald, Betsy Frendo, Christina 2020

Labour Geographies and the Digital Transformation of Work: Self-Employment, Collective Organizing, and the New York Taxi Workers Alliance

Mullings, Beverley and Holmes, John Johnston, Hannah 2020

Hydrological and Hydrochemical Responses From Thawing Permafrost in the Canadian Arctic

Lafrenière, Melissa and Lamoureux, Scott Lamhonwah, Daniel 2020
Ph.D. The Spectacular Environmentalism of Cecil the Lion Hovorka, Alice McCubbin, Sandra 2020
Ph.D. Placing Person-Centred Care Rosenberg, Mark Plumb, Kyle 2020
M.Sc. Best Practices When Using Multi-Rotor Consumer UAVs for Photogrammetric Mapping: Limitations and Possible Solutions Chen, Dongmei and Bevan, George Radford, Chris 2020
M.Sc. Seasonal ground surface change detected by DInSAR at Cape Bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut Treitz, Paul and Lamoureux, Scott Robson, Greg 2020
M.A. Bringing everyone to the table: the rise of community fresh food programs in Ontario’s small and medium-sized cities Donald, Betsy Sage, Morgan 2020
M.A. Microaggression and the Consumption of Poverty: A community's resistance to invasive walking tours in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Godlewska, Anne Skands, Seraphina 2020
M.A. Academic Loitering: Observations from Sitting in Three Toronto Parks Donald, Betsy Southey, Basil 2020

Firn Pack Changes on White Glacier, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut

Thomson, Laura and Copland, Luke Stephenson, Dana 2020
M.Sc. Predicting the Downstream Impacts of Headwater Burial in Kemptville Creek Watershed (Ontario) using the SWAT Model Scott, Neal Su, Emily 2020
Ph.D. Assembling Zibi: How Profits, Property, and Policing Undermined Algonquin Urban Land Reclamation at Asinabka in Canada’s National Capital Region Castleden, Heather Sylvestre, Paul 2020

An Exploratory Analysis of Access to Specialist Dermatological Care in Ontario

Rosenberg, Mark Towle, Curtis 2020

'It is I Who Am Transforming': Mining, Capitalism, and the Conscious Earth

Cameron, Laura and Lovell, W. George Westland, Robin 2020
Ph.D. Uncharted Paths: The Use of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) among Sub-Saharan Africans living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Rosenberg, Mark Amegbor, Prince 2019
Ph.D. Evolving High Arctic Landscapes: A Fluvial Geomorphic Perspective Lamoureux, Scott Beel, Casey 2019
Ph.D. Holocene paleohydrological variability and change in the Timmins region, Ontario, Canada Lamoureux, Scott Boreux, Max 2019
Ph.D. Communicating Places, Ideas, and Canadian Identity In A Changing World: A Social Biography of Thomas Clarence Cummings, 1904-1996 Osborne, Brian and Schwartz, Joan Campeau, Mary 2019
Ph.D. The Impacts of Disruptive Technological Change in the Southern Ontario Automotive Parts Industry Holmes, John Carey, Jeffrey 2019
Ph.D. Impact of aerosols on surface solar radiation and gross primary productivity over cropland and grassland ecosystems in North China Chen, Dongmei Feng, Yao 2019
M.Sc. A high spatial resolution satellite remote sensing time series analysis of Cape Bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut (2004-2018) Treitz, Paul Freemantle, Valerie 2019
M.Sc. INVESTIGATING SUBSURFACE FLOW DELIVERY TO A SMALL HIGH ARCTIC RIVER Lamoureux, Scott and Lafreniére, Melissa Gillman, Matthew 2019
M.Sc. Predicting Carbon Accumulation in Temperate Forests of Ontario Using a LiDAR-Initialized Growth-and-Yield Model Scott, Neal, and Treitz, Paul Paulina Marczak 2019

Fine-Scale Ground Surface Vertical Displacement and Soil Water Processes in the Canadian High Arctic

Lamoureux, Scott McFadden, Sarah 2019
M.A. Decolonizing Public Places and Public Memory: Kingston Ontario Godlewska, Anne Nelson, Elizabeth 2019
Ph.D. Social Control and Public Water in Cochabamba, Bolivia McDonald, David Razavi, Nasya 2019
Ph.D. Liberal Order and Climate Control: Ontario Parks as Environmental Settler Colonialism Godlewska, Anne Rose, Johnathan 2019
Ph.D. "Ma vie est vraiment différente de ce que je pensais": A life-story analysis of geographies and gendered subjectivities of Francophone mothers in Kingston Godlewska, Anne Simard-Gagnon, Laurence 2019
M.Sc. An Evaluation of Spatial Lyme Disease Risk at Regional and Health Unit Scales Using Remotely Sensed Surface Temperature, GIS-Based Habitat Suitability Data and Population Modelling Chen, Dongmei Woodstock, Katherine 2019
M.A. Change on the Sacred Hill and Plains: Haudenosaunee Perspectives of Camp Mohawk and the Thunderwater Movement in Tyendinaga Territory, Ontario (1917-1918) Lovell, W. George Barberstock, Ryan 2018

Geography, Geographers, and the Geographies of Antiracism

Kobayashi, Audrey Choi, Andrea 2018

Forests, Beetles, and Climates in British Columbia's Central Interior: Historical Geographies of Paradigm Change in Forest Science and Management, 1945 - Present

Cameron, Laura Jean and Mabee, Warren Earley, Sinead 2018

Walking Toward Respect: Historical Geographies of Nature and Possibility in UNESCO MAB'S Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve

Cameron, Laura Jean Grossutti, Christine 2018
PhD "Are You High?": Emotional geographies of everyday life with diabetes Davidson, Joyce Hanks, Gentry 2018

A Dream Denied: The Fight Against the Mass Eviction of Families in Chicago and Jacksonville, USA

Kobayashi, Audrey Lewis, Nemoy 2018
Ph.D. ¡Somos La Puya! (We Are La Puya!): Community Resistance to Canadian Mining Company Operations in Guatemala Lovell, W. George Pedersen, Alexandra 2018
M.Sc. Multi-Year (2007-2017) Mercury (Hg) Concentration and Fluxes From Small High Arctic Rivers Impacted by Landscape Disturbance Lamoureux, Scott Pope, Michael 2018
M.A. Can Rural Communities Support Aging Populations?  A Case Study in South Frontenace Township, Ontario, Canada Rosenberg, Mark Raymer, Nicole 2018

Exposing the Colonial Mind: Epistemologies of Ignorance and Education in Ontario, Canada

Godlewska, Anne Schaefli, Laura 2018
Ph.D. Modelling Forest Inventory and Biophysical Variables for an Uneven-Aged Forest Using Multi-Source Remotely-Sensed Data Treitz, Paul Shang, Chen 2018

A Framework with Improved Spatial Optimization Algorithms to Support China’s “Multiple-plan Integration” Planning at the County Level

Chen, Dongmei Song, Mingjie 2018
M.A. Access and Wait Times: A Geographic Exploration of Diagnostic Imaging in Ontario Rosenberg, Mark Talan, Breah 2018
M.Sc. Investigating dissolved organic matter cycling in High Arctic ponds and soils Lafrenière, Melissa Thiel, Gillian 2018
MSc Best case utilization of residual forest biomass streams in the pulp and paper industry Mabee, Warren Webb, Emma 2018
Ph.D. Field Experiments: Critical Historical Geographies of Canada's Central Experimental Farm, 1886-1938 Cameron, Laura Jean Anderson, Peter 2017

“A New Way Forward”: Reconciliation through Indigenous Social Innovation

Rosenberg, Mark Barberstock, Shyra 2017

Landscape variability of vegetation change across the forest to tundra transition of central Canada

Treitz, Paul and Danby, Ryan Bonney, Mitchell 2017

“Ancient Spirit, Modern Mind”: Documenting Huu-ay-aht First Nations' Journey to the Maa-Nulth Treaty Through Community-Based Archival Research

Castleden, Heather Calabretta, Marc 2017

A critical geography of physical activity: Investigating the role of gender in gym environments

Rosenberg, Mark and Davidson, Joyce Coen, Stephanie 2017

Landscape-scale variability in the composition, growth and pattern of alpine treeline vegetation

Danby, Ryan Dearborn, Katherine 2017

Creoles of Louisiana’s Southwest: Race, place, and belonging

Kobayashi, Audrey Giancarlo, Alexandra 2017
Ph.D. Fine-Scale Mechanisms Influencing Germination Success, Seedling Growth and Survival in an Alpine Forest-Tundra Ecotone Danby, Ryan Kambo, Dasvinder 2017

Remote Sensing of the Canadian Arctic: Modelling Biophysical Variables

Treitz, Paul Liu, Nanfeng 2017

Towards improved life cycle assessment of environmental systems: geographical perspectives on multi-scale challenges in the context of bioenergy feedstock production

Mabee, Warren Manion, Nathan 2017
Ph.D. The New Local Governance of Immigration in Canada: Local Immigration Partnerships and their role in Immigrant Settlement and Integration in Small- and Medium-sized Ontarian Cities Kobayashi, Audrey and Murakami Wood, David Pero, Rebecca 2017

Subsurface water flow pathways in the Canadian High Arctic

Lamoureux, Scott Peters, Jessica 2017
M.Sc. Arctic Char Otolith Records of Recent Limnological Change in High Arctic Lakes Lamoureux, Scott and Kyser, Kurt Roberts, Kaitlyn 2017

Public Project, Private Developer: Understanding the Impact of Local Policy Frameworks on the Public-Private Housing Redevelopment of Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario

Donald, Betsy and Letourneau, Marcus Robinson, Trevor 2017

Long-term (2003 - 2016) dissolved inorganic nitrogen fluxes from paired High Arctic catchments

Lamoureux, Scott Schevers, Amanda 2017

Learning New Relationships: Settler Responsibilities, HUU-AY-AHT First Nations' Self-Government, and Implementing the MAA-NULTH Treaty

Castleden, Heather Sloan Morgan, Vanessa 2017

Health inequalities of older people in China

Rosenberg, Mark Yang, Mengqi 2017
M.Sc. Impacts of Enhanced Temperature and Snow Deposition on Senescence Date, Vegetation Cover, and CO2 Exchange in a Canadian High Arctic Mesic Ecosystem Scott, Neal Arruda, Sean 2016
M.Sc. Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Carbon Dioxide Exchange for a Wet Sedge Plant Community, Melville Island, NU Scott, Neal and Treitz, Paul Blaser, Amy 2016
M.A. Autonomy for Whom? Towards Understanding Socio-Spatial Implications of Emerging Autonomous Vehicle Murakami-Wood, David and Mullings, Beverley Day, Jennifer 2016
M.Sc. Remote Sensing of Vegetation Change Across a Latitudinal Gradient in the Canadian Arctic Treitz, Paul Edwards, Rebecca 2016
Ph.D. The Financialization of Food:  An Inquiry into the 2008-2011 Food Price Spikes Donald, Betsy Field, Sean 2016
Ph.D. Retro-Neoliberalism: Elite Counter-Protest in Latin America, 1940-1975 Lovell, W. George Henderson, Victoria 2016
M.Sc. Long-Term Hydroclimatic Change and Interannual Variability in Water Sources, Apex River (Iqaluit), Baffin Island, Nunavut Lafrenière, Melissa and Lamoureux, Scott Kjikjerkovska, Elizabeta 2016
M.Sc. Anticipating Climate-Induced Changes to Forest Cover in Ontario and the Implications for Future Bioenergy Development Mabee, Warren Malo, Lauren 2016
Ph.D. Landscape Patterns of Permafrost Disturbance and Degradation in the Canadian High Arctic Lamoureux, Scott and Treitz, Paul Rudy, Ashley 2016
M.A. An Examination of Current Approaches to Integrative indigenous and Western Knowledge System Implementation in Water Research and Management: A Case Study Encompassing the Colonized Geographies of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States Castleden, Heather Stefanelli, Robert 2016
Ph.D. Healthy Immigrants?  Healthy Workers? High-Skilled Immigrants Working in Low-Skilled Jobs in Ottawa, Canada Rosenberg, Mark Subedi, Rajendra 2016
M.Sc. Applying Life Cycle Assessment and Modelling to Analyze the Environmental Sustainability of Public Transit Modes for the City of Toronto Mabee, Warren Taylor, Ashton 2016
Ph.D. Conflict Geographies of Water Pollution in Thrace Region of Turkey Kobayashi, Audrey Acara, Eda 2015

Mixing health and geography: A study of risks associated with cardiovascular disease for the Punjabi Sikh population in the Regional Municipality of Peel

Rosenberg, Mark Bains, Gurveer 2015
M.Sc. Thermal Evidence for Surface and Subsurface Water Contributions to Baseflow in a High Arctic River Lamoureux, Scott Bolduc, Christopher 2015
M.Sc. The use of NDVI and Tree Ring-widths to Evaluate Changes in Vegetation Production in a Mountainous Boreal Landscape Danby, Ryan Brehaut, Lucas 2015
M.Sc. Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Net Carbon Exchange in the Polar Semi-Desert Vegetation Type on Melville Island, Nunavut Scott, Neal and Treitz, Paul Buckely, Emma 2015
Ph.D. Planting Stories, Feeding Communities: Knowledge, Indigenous Peoples and Film Lovell, W. George Chaput, Paul 2015
M.Sc. Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Lyme Disease Risk Due to Climate Change in Southern Ontario from 2001 to 2014 Chen, Dongmei Cheng, Angela P.Y. 2015
M.A. Ensalada Mixta: Geographical Explorations of Food and Cuba McDonald, David Davidson, Melanie Josee 2015
Ph.D. Carceral Acoustemologies: Sonic Enactments of Space and Power in Prisons Davidson, Joyce and Cameron, Laura Jean Hemsworth, Katie 2015
Ph.D. Caring Places for Dementia: Examining the Continuum of Care in Rural and Small Town Ontario Rosenberg, Mark Herron, Rachel 2015

(Neo)Liberal Scripts: Settler Colonialism and the British Columbia School Curriculum

Godlewska, Anne Lamb, Christopher 2015
M.A. What is wrong with this picture? Indigenous artists contest the "place" of Indigenous people in Canada Kobayashi, Audrey Loh, Paula 2015
M.A. Employment Associated with Renewable and Sustainable Energy Development in the Kingston Region Mabee, Warren MacCallum, A. Megan 2015
Ph.D. Legitimating Displacement:  Exploring the Blame-game of Gentrification Discourse Godlewska, Anne Massey, Jennifer 2015
M.A. Accessing English Language Education in Urban Immigrant Gateways: The Case of Ottawa Donald, Betsy Prabhu, Alyson 2015
M.A. Migrant Workers and the Canadian Live-in Caregiver Program: The Impact on Multigenerational Family Kobayashi, Audrey Salvador, Roselyn 2015
Ph.D. Estimating Forest Structure from LIDAR and High Spatial Resolution Imagery for the Prediction of Succession and Species Composition Treitz, Paul and Scott, Neal Van Ewijk, Karin Y. 2015
M.A. Villagisation for our Time: Neoliberal Governmentality and the Experiences of Villagised Burundian Returnees Mullings, Beverley Weima, Yolanda 2015
M.A. (Re)assembling "Japantown": A Critical Toponymy of Planning and Resistance in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Kobayashi, Audrey and Masuda, Jeff Wideman, Trevor 2015
Ph.D. Old Age, Place and Care: The Experiences of Aging in Place in Beijing, China Rosenberg, Mark Yu, Jie 2015