Financial Matters: Queen's University and Other Fellowships Awards

Queen's University Fellowships

Value $10,000. A first-class degree is necessary to be considered for these fellowships. Made on recommendation of the School to those who have been accepted before (approximately) March 1st.

Queen's Graduate Awards

Value varies. Incoming and continuing students. The basic criterion is academic excellence. Available to students in amounts dependent on grades and other awards received.

Senator Frank Carrel Fellowship

Value $10,000. Canadian students who are residents of Quebec made on recommendation of the School who have been accepted before (approximately) March 1st.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Fellowships

Value $15,000 per year. External fellowship. OGS application process and forms.

SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarships

Value $17,500 per year. External fellowship. SSHRC application process and forms.

Queen's provides an automatic one-time top-up of $5000 (Master's)  to all incoming federal SSHRCCIHR and NSERC award winners.