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Queen’s Geography is ranked among the world’s top geography programs. We offer BA and BSc degree options. Each option provides students with a well-rounded education that is highly valued today, as our students tackle real-world issues concerning the challenges of climate change, human migration patterns, land use, human health, and the environment.

With a diverse array of course offerings, students are able to focus many of their courses in areas of interest to them. Undergraduates have the opportunity to learn in the classroom, lab, and in the field, as many courses run field trips and encourage students to undertake research and writing projects that engage them in the exploration of real problems. There are research employment opportunities for the most talented and dedicated undergraduates.

In Geography and Planning you'll have the chance to...

...tackle real-world problems

Ashley Mallia
“For my GPHY401 Honours Project I reached out to campuses across Canada to research the potential of waste-water testing concerning COVID-19 and other diseases on university campuses. The work that we do in the classroom focuses on current real-world challenges, and throughout the program, we continuously discuss and research real issues happening around the globe — and how we can help make a difference.”

Ashley Mallia, Undergraduate Student



...through exciting experiential learning opportunities

Sophie Whitehead
“This summer I received funding through the Queen’s University NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) program, allowing me to begin an undergraduate thesis project under the supervision of Dr. Melissa Lafrenière. Using water samples collected from Cape Bounty Arctic Watershed Observatory on Melville Island, Nunavut, this project focuses on aquatic systems affected by permafrost disturbances related to climate change. Working in the Facility for Biogeochemical Research on Environmental Change and the Cryosphere (FaBRECC) lab has provided me with the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology and equipment to conduct hands-on research.”

Sophie Whitehead, Undergraduate Student



...with renowned and collaborative faculty

Beatrix Kwan

“It was an unforgettable experience working on the Wastewater Surveillance on Canadian Campuses research project with Dr. Carolyn Prouse. I was involved in creating a public-facing web map, as well as conducting and organizing surveys for different institutional stakeholders. This opportunity allowed me to apply my learning of GIS and attain transferable skills that I can use anywhere!”

Beatrix Kwan, Undergraduate Student



...in a diverse and supportive community.

Sandra Yaacoub“I was drawn to the GIS certificate and the Physical Geography program because it allowed me to use my artistic side in visualizing geospatial data while also being very technical. The undergraduate summer research experiences I gained working for faculty in this department have also motivated me to continue with graduate studies. I'm excited to be able to build on the knowledge I gained as an undergraduate by using geospatial data to help improve our understanding of disturbed boreal forest environments. The interdisciplinarity of faculty within the Department of Geography and Planning has truly enriched my learning experience in a way I don't think many other departments can. I'm happy to continue being part of this diverse community as a graduate student.”

Sandra Yaacoub, PhD Candidate


Dr. Ian Strachan

Associate Head, Geography Undergraduate Programs
Email: ian.strachan@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6033
Office: Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D126

Sharon Mohammed

Undergraduate Program Assistant 
Phone: 613-533-6030

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