Geography Graduate Students

Geography Ph.D. Candidates

Photo Name Details
Sanjo Abolarin Abolarin, Sanjo (he/him) Email:
Research Key Words: Renewable Energy; Climate Change; African Studies; Mining; Migration
Supervisor: Dr. Kesha Fevrier
Photo of Julianah Adediji Adediji, Julianah

Research Key Words: carbon and nitrogen cycling; organic matter sequestration; forest ecosystem; plant/soil interaction; spectroscopic studies
Supervisor: Dr. Neal Scott

Photo of Williams Agyemang-Duah Agyemang-Duah, Williams Email:
Research Key Words: Informal Caregiving; Health; Healthcare; Family Caregivers; Older People
Supervisor: Dr. Mark W. Rosenberg
Masoud Babadi Ataabadi Babadi Ataabadi, Masoud Email:
Research Key Words: Remote Sensing; GIS; Machine Learning; Change Detection; Image Processing
Supervisor: Dr. Dongmei Chen
Rachel Barber Barber, Rachel

Research Key Words: Left-Behind Places; Shrinking Cities; Economic Decline; Age-Friendly Communities; Demographic Change
Supervisor:  Dr. Maxwell Hartt
Research Website:

Photo of Ryan Barberstock Barberstock, Ryan Email:
Research Key Words: Indigenous, First Nations, Economic Development, Cultural Resurgence, Historical
Supervisor:  Dr. Laura Jean Cameron
Photo of Sue Bazely Bazely, Susan Email:
Research Key Words: cultural landscapes; heritage practice; geographical representation
Supervisor:  Dr. Joan M. Schwartz
Photo of Bhavya Bogra Bogra, Bhavya Email:
Research Key Words: Urban Planning and Governance; Sustainable Development; Climate Action Planning; Future cities;
Supervisor:   Dr. Ajay Agarwal
Photo of Kim Buitenhuis Buitenhuis, Kim Email:
Research Key Words: settler ignorance; decolonization; education
Supervisor: Dr. Anne Godlewska
Photo of Wai Yin Cheung Cheung, Wai Yin Email:
Research Key Words: Glaciology; Remote Sensing; Photogrammetry; GPR; Cryosphere;
Supervisor: Dr. Laura Thomson
Photo of Shannon Clarke Clarke, Shannon Email:
Research Key Words: (neo)colonialism; migration; Caribbean; gender; nationalism
Supervisor: Dr. Beverley Mullings
Photo of Susan Collis Collis, Susan Email:
Research Key Words:
Supervisor: Dr. Beverley Mullings
George Kofi Danso Danso, George Kofi (he/him) Email:
Research Key Words: Migration, Racialized geographies, Global Higher Education  International students Mobility, Socio-economic Policies
Supervisor: Dr. Kesha Fevrier

Nahuel Deltrozzo Deltrozzo, Nahuel Email:
Research Key Words: Biogeography; Landscape Ecology; Remote Sensing; Vegetation Dynamics
Supervisor: Dr. Ryan Danby
Janine Dodge Dodge, Janine Email:
Research Key Words: Play; Social Connectedness; Healthy Ageing; Age-Friendly Communities; Brazil
Supervisor: Dr. Maxwell Hartt
Photo of Kasmine Forbes Forbes, Kasmine Email:
Research Key Words: Food Sovereignty; Food Security; Diverse Economies; Gender; Social Reproduction; Caribbean Development; Neoliberalism; Feminist Political Economy; Diaspora
Supervisor: Dr. Beverley Mullings
Photo of Melissa Forcione Forcione, Melissa Email:
Research Key Words: Indigenous-settler relations; decolonization; education; settler colonialism
Supervisor: Dr. Anne Godlewska
Christina Goldhar Goldhar, Christina (she/her) Email:
Research Key Words: housing insecurity and homelessness; Northern and Indigenous geographies; gender; crisis; settler colonialism
Supervisor: Dr. Julia Christensen

Photo of Erika Hille Hille, Erika Email:
Research Key Words: geochemistry; hydrology; permafrost; climate change; arctic
Supervisor: Scott Lamoureux

Photo of Kimberly Hill-Tout Hill-Tout, Kimberly Email:
Research Key Words: Food Sovereignty; Climate Crisis; Community Resilience; Indigenous Studies
Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Prouse
Saba Hosseini Tabesh Hosseini Tabesh, Saba Email:
Research Key Words: Remote sensing and spatial analysis; modeling; Atmospheric sciences; Hydrology
Supervisor: Dr. Dongmei Chen
Photo of Hannah Hunter Hunter, Hannah Email:
Research Key Words: liminal animals; cities; soundscapes; ecofeminism
Supervisor: Dr. Laura Jean Cameron
Photo of Martina Jakubchik-Paloheimo Jakubchik-Paloheimo, Martina Email:
Research Key Words: decolonization; indigenous epistemologies; traditional knowledge; planetary health; political ecology
Supervisor: Dr. Heather Castleden

Photo of Jodi John John, Jodi Email:
Research Key Words: Indigenous Health, Community Wellbeing, Healthcare Systems
Supervisor: Dr. Heather Castleden
Photo of Kristen Jones Jones, Kristen Email:
Research Key Words: GIS, Cultural Heritage, Data Management, Photogrammetry, Surveying
Supervisor: Dr. George Bevan
Photo of Nichol Kaiser Kaiser, Nichol (Niki) (she/her) Email:
Research Key Words: urban indigeneity, inclusion, indigenous identities, indigenous education, special education
Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Kobayashi
Photo of Hilal Kara Kara, Hilal Email:
Research Key Words: gender and human mobility; geography of displacement and resettlement; feminist urban geographies
Supervisor: Dr. Beverley Mullings
Vanessa Koetz Koetz, Vanessa (she/her) Email:
Research Key Words: Biosurveillance; Big Data; Capitalism; Technology; Smart cities
Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Prouse

Photo of Oscar Kuffour Kuffour, Oscar Email:
Photo of Rachel Kuzmich Kuzmich, Rachel Email:
Research Key Words:  remote sensing, airborne laser scanning, forest, songbird, conservation
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Treitz
Photo of Alexander Makin Makin, Alexander Email:
Research Key Words: renewable energy, community-based participatory research (CBPR), Pact for a Green New Deal (PGND), Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative (IODI), Indigenous-Settler reconciliation
Supervisor: Dr. Heather Castleden
Photo of Charlene Monaco Monaco, Charlene Email:
Research Key Words: energy; indigenous; hydropower; resources; environment
Supervisor: Dr. Warren Mabee
Dairon Luis Morejon Perez Morejon Perez, Dairon Luis (he/him) Email:
Research Key Words: diaspora, urban geographies, placemaking
Supervisor: Dr. Beverley Mullings
Photo of Madeline Myers Myers, Madeline Email:
Research Key Words: glaciology, climate
Supervisor: Dr. Laura Thomson
Photo of Kirsten Noltie Noltie, Kirsten Email:
Research Key Words: Lyme Disease, Ticks, Climate Change, Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing
Supervisor: Dr. Dongmei Chen
Photo of Tinyan Otuomagie Otuomagie, Tinyan Email:
Research Key Words: Gender; Entrepreneurship; Urban; Class; Financial;
Supervisor: Dr. Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin and Dr. Dan Cohen

Alexandra Overvelde Overvelde, Alexandra Email:
Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Collins
Photo of Channon Oyeniran Oyeniran, Channon (she/her) Email:
Research Key Words: digital diaspora, community, placemaking, black feminism, migration
Supervisor: Dr. Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin

Photo of Mary Smida Smida, Mary Email:
Research Key Words: Regional Development; Economic Sustainability; Northern Communities;
Supervisor: Dr. Maxwell Hartt
Margot Smith Smith, Margot Email:
Research Key Words: geomicrobiology, astrobiology
Supervisor: Dr. Chris Omelon
Photo of Balie Walker Walker, Balie Research Key Words: Sustainability; Renewable Energy; Natural Resources; Energy Related Emissions; Climate Change;
Supervisor:   Dr. Warren Mabee
Photo of Yifeng Wang Wang, Yifeng Email:
Research Key Words: Permafrost, Peatland, Climate Change, Arctic, Labrador
Supervisor: Dr. Robert Way
Photo of Sandra Yaacoub< Yaacoub, Sandra Email:
Research Key Words: Remote Sensing; Forestry; Ecology; Boreal; Arctic;
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Treitz and Dr. Ryan Danby
Photo of Hong Yao Yao, Hong Email:
Personal Profile (pdf, 204 kB)
Photo of Priscilla Yohuno Yohuno, Priscilla Toloo Email:
Research Key Words: renewable energy; community participatory research; mining; environmental justice; corporate accountability
Supervisor: Dr. Heather Castleden
James Zhao Zhao, James Email:
Research Key Words: Micrometeology, Boreal, Arctic Ecosystem, Surface-atmosphere interaction
Supervisor: Dr. Ian Strachan

Geography M.Sc. Candidates

Photo Name Details
Photo of Leah Brown Brown, Leah Email:
Research Key Words: micrometeorology, agriculture, nitrous oxide, eddy covariance, fertilizer inhibitors
Supervisor: Dr. Ian Strachan
Photo of Zainab Gharib Gharib, Zainab Email:
Research Key Words: historic aerial imagery; stereoscopy; deep learning-based super-resolution; GIS; landscape change
Supervisor: Dr. George Bevan
Sofia Guest Guest, Sofia Email:
Research Key Words: Glaciology, Isotopes, Arctic, Climate Change, Firn
Supervisor: Dr. Laura Thomson and Dr. Alison Criscitiello
Photo of Emma Lanciault Lanciault, Emma Email:
Research Key Words: Soil Carbon; Agriculture; Sustainability; CO2 Emissions; Carbon Sink
Supervisor: Dr. Neal Scott and Dr. Geoff Hall
Photo of Véronique Landriault Landriault, Véronique Email:
Research Key Words: Permafrost; Arctic; Water quality; Aquatic communities; Climate change;
Supervisor: Dr. Melissa Lafreniere and Dr. Christopher Omelon
Photo of Emily McKnight McKnight, Emily (she/her) Email:
Research Key Words: biogeography; landscape ecology
Supervisor: Dr. Ryan Danby
Photo of Lee Nguyen Nguyen, Lee Email:
Research Key Words: Permafrost; Biogeochemistry; Hydrological processes; Climate change;
Supervisor: Dr. Melissa Lafreniere
Samuel Poirier Poirier, Samuel Email:
Research Key Words: Hydrology, Arctic, Permafrost, Climate Change, Biogeochemistry
Supervisor: Dr. Melissa Lafrenière
Photo of Carley Ross Ross, Carley Email:
Research Key Words: Arctic Environments, Soils, Climate Change
Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Omelon
Clara Schryer Schryer, Clara (she/her) Email:
Research Key Words: Biogeochemistry, Carbon Cycling, Hydrology, Greenhouse Gases, Permafrost
Supervisor: Dr. Melissa Lafrenière, Dr. Neal Scott
Venkata Prateeksha Vadali Vadali, Venkata Prateeksha (she/her) Email:
Research Key Words: carbon exchange, peatlands, land cover changes
Supervisor: Dr. Ian Strachan
Photo of Danika Watson Watson, Danika Email:
Research Key Words: Arctic Climate Change; Permafrost; Biogeochemical Cycles; Soil; NMR Spectroscopy;
Supervisor: Dr. Neal Scott
Jingheng Yan Yan, Jingheng

Research Key Words: GIS; Urban Planning; Remote Sensing; COVID
Supervisor: Dr. Dongmei Chen

Photo of Jiahang Yin Yin, Jiahang Email:
Research Key Words: GIS; Remote Sensing; Disease Spread Modeling; Cities, Health;
Supervisor: Dr. Dongmei Chen
Photo of Sophia Zajaczkiwsky Zajaczkiwsky, Sophia Email:
Research Key Words: GIS; Remote Sensing; Climate Change; Vegetation
Supervisor: Dr. Laura Thomson
Photo of Samiha Zaman Zaman, Samiha (she/her) Email:
Research Key Words: carbon management; ecology; carbon sequestration; sustainability
Supervisor:   Dr. Warren Mabee

Geography M.A. Candidates

Photo Name Details
Photo of Aaron Iqbal Iqbal, Aaron Email:
Research Key Words: Surveillance; Smart Cities; Neoliberalism;
Supervisor: Dr. Dan Cohen
Photo of Xinyue Li Li, Xinyue (she/her/hers) Email:
Research Key Words: living alone, health, health care access, immigrants, older adults
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Rosenberg
Photo of Samantha Mishos Mishos, Samantha Email:
Research Key Words: environmental justice, health equity, impact assessment policy, political ecology, Indigenous rights
Supervisor: Dr. Heather Castleden